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  1. S

    Cookie policy - note to admin

    Every time we log in now, we must accept the 'Cookie policy'. What is the point in asking the question? If you click the X, you don't get to log in. So why would I go to Balipod then refuse to accept the 'policy'? Get rid of it, it is just annoying. I am sure nobody is going to sue Balipod...
  2. spicyayam

    Telkom DNS woes - looking for a fix

    Overall I am happy with Indihome, but the last couple of days I have been getting lots of 'page not found' errors each time I click on a link. Refreshing the page usually works. I have my computer and modem set to use Google's DNS, but I suspect Telkom is controlling this. It is pretty...
  3. L

    Booking online

    hi do you know any reliable company other than Agoda and For the past 2 weeks i can't book any hotel using this 2 company i keep getting problems with their calendar for check in and check out looks like if not working properly Any of you experienced any problems thanks
  4. Markit

    Internet Censorship Adieu, Hello Hola

    For all those wanting to get around unwanted internet censorship or just wanting to watch shows that are only shown in particular countries I have found a great new piece of software. You will need to use the Google Chrome webbrowser and download the FREE attachment Hola Better Internet...
  5. davita

    Need computer help

    Hi guys As most will know from previous threads/posts my computer skill is I'm begging for advice. I have this newish all-in-one has Windows 8.1 and I still use AOL as my email and browser. I had Avast security on a previous laptop and added this Acer to that service...
  6. N

    How do I get rid of Internet Positif?

    Internet Positif is blocking random sites on my computer that aren't 'bad' sites, does anyone know how I can change the settings on my computer so I don't have these blocks? I use Telkom Speedy, I have a bunch of different DNS setting from Speedy and also Google, should I erase the Telkom Speedy...
  7. admin

    Google search function

    I have replaced the forum's default search with Google's site search. I think it should work better. The 'Advanced Search' still comes from the forum software. Let me know if you think it is better.
  8. spicyayam

    News report from 1981 about "the internet"

    A nice look back in time: News report from 1981 about the Internet. [VIDEO]
  9. Markit

    An Earth-shatteringly Important Problem!!

    Admin after spending several generations of my life unlearning how Americans (mis)spell nearly everything would it be possible to have you instigate an English, as opposed to American spellcheck on the forum? I have enough anger-management problems without the added cursing that happens on...
  10. Rangi

    Sex workers’ clients reach 80,000 across Bali

    Sex workers? clients reach 80,000 across Bali | The Jakarta Post
  11. balibule

    Ipad Update

    I have been trying since several weeks to update my Ipad. It's a 700mb update! I think I have missed some previous updates. The problem is, whenever I am halfway, the connection crashes and I have to start all over again. I remember there being a program that downloads and stores what has...
  12. fordprefect

    FF dominates browser mkt in Indo

    Mozilla building on Firefox's dominant share in Indonesia - - Computerworld Didn't realize this.
  13. H

    Info wanted about Lumbung (traditional ricehouse)

    Hi, Iám looking for some more info about Lumbungs. Lumbung are wooden traditional ricehouses from Lombok ( i think..) Iám going for a trip this weekend to go to the Gili islands to see the different types of Lumbungs they are using there. My question is: Does anybody knows the m2...