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  1. N

    Nanny/ Pembantu in Sanur Area

    We are looking for some information in regards to hiring a nanny to help mostly with the baby aged 1 and the two other kids aged 5 and 6. I am still recovering from 4 out of 5 failed spinal surgeries and not fully up to being able to look after kids on my own. Would appreciate personal...
  2. J

    Those that cheat

    Yes I am mid life talking about e-cigs etc and now a different topic. Since I was about 14 I started to go grey and never dyed my hair, a family thing of being cursed with white hair in very early years. I could get in night clubs at 15 no problem and my friends would get rejected. Now being...
  3. S

    Registering a car in my name without a KITAS - possible?

    I'm planning to buy a second-hand car, but I'm living in Bali on a SosBud visa (not a KITAS). Is it possible to register the car in my name without a KITAS? If so, are there any threads in this forum on how to do so? (I did an "advanced search" but didn't find anything.) Many thanks!
  4. S

    Jakarta to Bali...

    Rental cars, preferably 4wd type, but not absolutely much these cost out of Jakarta and can you do one way stuff, like drop off at that port on the east coast to Bali ? transport easily arranged from that port on the Bali west coast...down to canggu ok ? So many...
  5. S

    Local teacher wages.

    How much would it cost to employ a local fulltime as a language teacher ? Monthly wage type situation for example. Just thinking with 4 of us, it might be easier all around, to just hire someone on a monthly wage and they come to our place each day for x hours and do what they have to do...
  6. S

    Just what we 'need'

    As is the U.S. isn't screwed up enough, comes news of this: Instant Alcohol: Powdered alcohol gets thumbs-up from U.S. regulators |
  7. marklindsay

    How long is piece of string query, average building costs per sq metre, single storey

    Yes, a really "dumb" question, but, hey, I'm game. Any input re recent costs per sq metre for a very simple Bali style build Square Wantilan type structure, Coconut wood columns, bamboo joist and rafters and a trad red terracotta round roof tile roof 10x10metre square 40 degree pitch ...
  8. S

    Water festival or such in Bali ?

    Does Bali have a water festival at all like we have here each year. Coincides with the end of the hottest time of year, 43 couple days ago...and the start of the wet the country goes wild with also happens to be the Thai New year...but thats secondary to massive water...
  9. S

    Can anybody recommend an orthodontist in Bali?

    Need braces for my daughter. Thanks.
  10. L

    Bed bugs

    Hi all, it's been a long time since my last post and I hope this finds you all well. I only wish it were a more pleasant topic but it's about BED BUGS...I've got them! I'm not sure where they came from - I guess I'm a prime candidate as I stay in a lot of hotels both in Bali/Indo & abroad...
  11. lewiswebber

    Asking for participation and feedback

    Hi guys, We’ve just launched our site last month, What2do.Asia - explore and discover places, events and deals in Asia. It’s a site for local residents, expats community and traveler, to get information about places, events, deals and guides around Asia. And not only hotels and restaurants...
  12. E

    Longterm Rental

    Looking for a long term rental for 2 people next mid September thru October around Seminyak. Please pass along any recommendations or ideas! Thank you!
  13. balinews

    Bali popular place to live for Aussie pensioners

    Richard Laidlaw, 69, an ex-journalist from Queensland, is one of the grey Australians who has renounced what he calls his “restrictive and rule-bound” homeland for the island paradise of Bali. Like many others, he finds Indonesia to be a cheaper and more laidback place to retire. “It is...
  14. balibule

    How do I get rid of ...

    Dogs. They come and shit in our gang every early morning. I would throw stones at them but I would have to sit on the street and wait till they show up as there's a wall between us. I could put poison but they are dogs from our neighbour(s)hood and probably not a good way to make friends...
  15. marklindsay

    Home contents container shipping from Sydney to Ubud?

    Can someone please outline the process and pitfalls of bringing used household items/ personal effects/ library etc from Sydney to Ubud.? Is there a reliable shipper ex Sydney? What documentation is required for Indonesian Customs? What form does this need to take? Is there a company in Bali...
  16. spicyayam

    Tile cutter

    When we have done some renovation projects in the past, the builders have always used an angle grinder to cut the tiles, which is very noisy and dusty. On some renovation tv shows I have seen builders using a tile cutter which looks like something like this: Anyone seen them in Bali?
  17. davita

    will the Russia/Ukraine issue cause us trouble in Paradise.

    Today's acquisition of Crimea by the Russian Federation is surely of concern to people in the EU, and will surely have some repercussions for us in Indonesia. My first point would concern any military purchases (I read that RI are buying fighter jets) and Garuda's planned direct flight...
  18. Markit

    Bread Maker Advise Please

    Am thinking about importing one of those small bread making machines from Europe and I would appreciate any information as to how well or not they work here, access to good flour and grains, voltage problems, etc. Basically if you use one what is your experience with them. Cheers Markit
  19. H

    New hospitality business backer

    Two Australian Expats already living and working here in Bali, with new unique and exciting dining concept in Seminyak requires financial backer to the maximum value of $200000AUD. Business plan, ability to run and all systems will be ready to go. If there's someone ready to invest or wants to...