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  1. spicyayam

    Why are Indonesian's salaries so low?

    An interesting perspective on quora: This goes back to when Indonesian was occupied by VOC or the Netherlands. At the time, the dutch need cheap laborers to work on the plantations and trading route. So they need to pay these people (slavery is sub-optimal since you degrade the dignity of...
  2. balinews

    Boat explosion leaves two dead

    Karangasem Police confirmed that two people had died from injuries caused by an explosion on a speed boat departing from Padangbai Port in Karangasem, Bali, on Thursday. “The second boat passenger confirmed dead is Kathrin Zefferer, 28, from Austria,” Karangasem Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr...
  3. davita


    Well....it's over and UK has voted to leave EU. Overnight the UKP has dropped from US$1.49 to 1.34. the lowest since 1985. The rate for IDR is hovering around 18,000...lucky I sold most of my sterling a couple of weeks ago at 20,000. Expats on UK pensions in sterling, like myself, will have...
  4. balinews

    Dutch national facing drug charges

    The heir to the Netherlands' largest supermarket chain is facing drug charges in Bali. Djai Heijn was charged by authorities in January with trying to traffick marijuana into Indonesia after customs agents intercepted a package mailed to him from Spain. The package contained 224 grams of...
  5. geedee


    Thinking of spending a couple of days in Sidemen on my upcoming visit. Will visit Kintamani and Lake Batur on a day trip while staying there Any comments please on Sidemen.
  6. geedee

    Glen Hulley - projectkarma

    Below is a facebook post by Glen Hulley This guy does very good work and i thought it would be a good idea to post here. He needs help (see below) Anyone wanting to give back to Bali and help the innocent children details below Its only money and as i have heard before the expat community is...
  7. Markit

    Balintines Day Experience - Lovely

    The missus went of this afternoon to see a girlfriend and I was relaxing with a cold one and a good book - very Sundayish when the dog goes off and I hear female squeals coming from the gate. Upon examining the disturbance imagine my delight to see not one but two long black, slim, brown skinned...
  8. Markit

    Motorcycle Madness No. 3 Java/Malang/Bromo/Jogja/Madura/Surabaya - home again.

    Next week a mate and I are planning on doing some motorbike touring over Bangmewangme up the southern route to Malang where we plan to stay and visit Bromo (I got this volcano thing) and the mountain resort of Tretes because the mate reckons there's some seriously beautiful women up there. Me I...
  9. P

    What is it with cheese on/with cakes here??

    Last week, Ketut gave me about 6-7 Lady Finger bananas. I love their taste but they ended up in the fridge and that was it. Today we looked in the fridge together and she picked up the pack of darkened bananas and looked at me as if to say 'These are a gone-er'. I said 'Make a banana cake'...
  10. Apocalypse69

    Tips for driving in Bali

    How do you guys (and girls) stop yourself from getting stressed while driving over here? I’m mostly referring to Monday night when the Balinese closed most of the streets with temples in, causing havoc around here. I guess a notice on the streets to be closed a few days before is a little too...
  11. Markit

    Live Forever with a Bike!

    Have decided that I like it here so much I wanna live forever and to do that all you gotta do is give up beer, chasing women and start riding a bike. I figure one out of three should give me another few years so I wanted to ask if there's anyone here got a half way decent mountain(ish) bike...
  12. davita

    MH17 disaster over Ukraine.

    I'm starting this thread so anyone who is interested can post here without confusing the other thread which talks about MH370 going missing. There is no connection to Bali except that out of the 298 that died on that fateful day, one year ago, maybe some were expats... Malaysia Airlines'...
  13. I

    Childrens passports

    Are there benefits for children of mixed legal marriages in having 2 passports? Children born after August 6 2009 are automatically entitled to Indonesian citizenship & entitled to dual citizenship until 18 according to the law. Our son holds an Australian passport which contains the affidavit...
  14. Rangi

    Immigration conduct raid on alleged illegal foreign workers in Sanur

    Immigration conduct raid on alleged illegal foreign workers in Sanur | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily Must of been a pretty healthy operation with 10 workers under her. Must of got to cocky.
  15. Smoke

    Indonesia to Withdraw Local Language Plan for Foreign Workers-Sources

    Indonesia to Withdraw Local Language Plan for Foreign Workers-Sources - The Jakarta Globe I guess a huge relief for many
  16. S

    Happy End?

    To all of you old-timer, newcomer, longterm-residents, always-came-back-tourists.... I'm keen to know : do you think that this country heading into the right direction? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Bureaucracy getting more efficient? (too many government staff pretending to work...
  17. marklindsay

    On a lighter and decorative note. A supplier of Javanse/Dutch oil lamps?

    Does anyone know where I can locate a supplier/manufacturer of repro Javanese/Dutch oil lamps? Beloved of interior decorators etc They also come as wall mounted units . Someone must know where they are stripping them up for the "antique" trade? Thanks
  18. G

    Here's one for the Dutch Biker!

    Interesting to see Dutch individuals will go where their government fears to tread! BBC News - Dutch bikers join fight against Islamic State in Iraq
  19. D

    PIN numbers for credit cards

    Hello to all. I just recently read a posting on Bali Discovery stating that effective January 1, 2015, all credit cards used in Indonesia must have a 6 digit PIN number attached to them. Most of mine, just have a 4 digit PIN. I'm concerned because I plan to be in Bali December and January...
  20. B

    Five Advices To Buy A Property In Bali

    1- Using a trustworthy agent to negotiate on your behalf can save you money. In Bali we can found very good agents and brokers available who fully understand legal structures employed by foreigners to secure the use of land on the island of Gods. To check the realtor’s expertise, it’s...