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  1. Billt4SF

    What little thing irritates you the most?

    Since there is little traffic on this site at the moment, and it's been raining for the better part of three days, I thought I would waste your time by asking "What little thing irritates you the most in Bali?" For me, it's that the staff won't answer texts or WA messages. If I call and ask...
  2. I

    Which Hospital?

    Hi folks - I've got a pal staying with me. He seems to be suffering with a chest infection (he has had asthma for a number of years). he's due to fly to KL tomorrow then back to the UK on Thursday - I'm wondering if things take a turn for the worse which hospital we should head for? I'm based in...
  3. geedee

    Tap Water

    Is the water that comes from the taps treated? Where are the dams that supply the water? Where if any are the treatment plants? If so is that for all areas of Bali? Does it also have fluoride? Do you guys drink the tap water ? Given the amount of tourists and lack of rain this year is there ever...
  4. davita

    Australian chiropracter jailed

    A third Australian chiropractor has been arrested in Indonesia for allegedly working illegally, as officials enact a sweeping investigation on foreigners involved in health practices. Third Aust chiropractor nabbed in Jakarta | SBS News The RI government is really cracking down on those who...
  5. P

    Kidney Issue with a 'young' woman

    Over a month ago I let it slip my wife had a kidney issue. Half a dozen 'Drs' didn't pick up that her pain was kidney related. Finally she found someone who diagnosed her correctly. Since then, she has been wearing a bag on her right side to collect drainage. I know nothing more and am too...
  6. davita


    Following my own advice I'm starting a new thread rather than continuing the one about Dengue Fever. I went to Prima Medika today to have my Ultra Scan. They found what appears to be a gallbladder stone although the experts aren't sure. I'm a little frightened but the internest (same Doctor...
  7. P

    Blood Pressure (BP)

    I have taken mine 3 times today. Each one was OK, and progressively diminishing since first waking. I had been worried because of a recent medical examination but I am a lot more relaxed now. It also means my jantung is 'OK'. Just now, after having had white wine slowly for a few hours...
  8. davita

    Old -age and senility

    Many members have besmirched my posts by adding I'm an old fart and probably senile...most are funny, and intended so, therefore I laugh it off and enjoy the joke with others. However, by the very tone, (usually when the poster lacks communicative skills in the English language) malice is...
  9. davita

    Dengue fever

    Had a miserable night..shivering then sweating, headache, body ache, fatigued but cannot sleep. My wife thinks Dengue Fever so going for test later to Siloam. If confirmed...what happens next...any advice appreciated.
  10. Steve Rossell


    Bridging the gap from the Siloam thread I will do so by asking about O.S. prescribed drugs that might be bought in Bali. I have a need to re-supply myself with some prescription drugs in the next couple of months. Can anyone advise me as to a pharmacy might be able to assist me? I'm in Ubud...
  11. davita

    Siloam Hospital

    I know I've posted before about how I liked Siloam Hospital but recent events have contradicted that opinion. My wife's chiropracter wanted her to have some x-rays taken so she went to Siloam this morning. As she is Indonesian she was given a price of Rp 1,100,000 for the x-rays but, on...
  12. Markit

    Healthcare in Bali/Oz

    I was recently told that there is a reciprocal agreement between Oz and the UK (EU?) that guarantees free medical assistance to each others citizens in the event of illness or accident. Does anyone know if this is the case and if so where I could get more info?
  13. A

    Bulk foods nuts etc

    Where's the best place to buy bulk foods standard and organic. Thanks.
  14. O

    BPJS health insurance in Bali

    OK... Some good news .... Seems like all foreignes holding KITAs can apply for BPJS !! (health insurance) I thought that was just extension of that previous gov. health insurance (Jam Sostek or something like that) which was crap ... again better than nothing I guess .. But for this one...
  15. B

    How that Balinese can treat each other

    My Balinese wife sometimes tells me that Balinese themselves are not always nice to each other. She also tells that I never get to see much of that because of my bright skin. My wife was once bitten by a dog and went to the closest medical clinic to get the needed injections. This was in a...
  16. Rangi

    Indonesian President Joko Widodo rejects Bali Nine clemency

    Hopes dashed for Australia's Bali Nine | I read the other day how the firing squad works. There is 12 rifleman, 9 have blanks and 3 have live rounds. It is done at night time or at dawn and the bloke or girl who is being executed has a reflecter over the heart so they know where...
  17. P

    Dental Work for a Local Balinese person

    Just a quick question Does anyone know how much it would cost to have a tooth extraction for a Balinese local? A friend's pembantu has a sore tooth and he has said he will pay for the extraction It is the rear lower one or at least in that area She told him it will cost 2jt but I think...
  18. balinews

    Spider crawls into man's stomach on Bali holiday

    A poisonous spider was not the holiday souvenir that Dylan Thomas was hoping to bring back from his trip to Bali. Returning to his home in Bunbury, Western Australia, Mr Thomas, 21, he felt an unusual pain in his stomach, which had been caused by the spider that had made its way into his...
  19. Markit

    Interesting Tropical Diseases and "Conditions"

    I've been thinking about this for a while and hope others will contribute their personal experiences - laughing not allowed (but expected, anyway). This may be old hat to those (Ozis) that grew up in the tropics but as a northern hemisphere baby I've noticed some interesting conditions and...
  20. Markit

    Dead On Arrival - Bali/Indonesian Traffic

    A friend of mine, we'll call her Slicky, was involved in every drivers worst nightmare 2 weeks ago in Denpasar. I have her permission to report this. Slicky was just getting out of her nice white car parked on the left-hand side of the road. She says she only opened the driver's side door a...