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  1. E

    Hello! (1st time in Bali - music, food, language enthusiast)

    Hi everyone! Just introducing myself as I'm due to arrive in Indonesia on 28th August and am enrolled to study Gamelan for a year at ISI Denpasar on the Darmasiswa scholarship programme, so I imagine I'll be dropping by here fairly often over coming months. I'm very excited (and a little...
  2. balinews

    China to build railway linking Denpasar to Singaraja

    Coordinating Maritime Affairs Minister Luhut Pandjaitan announced on Thursday that Indonesia had offered a railway project in Bali to Chinese investors. “We offered some projects, including railway development in Bali,” Luhut was quoted as saying by Antara while on a visit to Beijing. Luhut...
  3. Faris Fals

    Support needed for HomeCooking-Warung

    Hello to you all, My wife and I just opened a HomeCooking Warung near Renon (DPS), We would be happy if somebody from this forum would drop by at 'Warung Sembunyi' (google maps/instagram) We have unique daily meals, Karaoke on Sundays or any day with pre-order, Es Campur, Milkshakes, Hot...
  4. balinews

    Public drinking fountains closed down in Denpasar after 13 year old electrocuted

    Bali’s capital city Denpasar has shut down seven public water fountains after a 13-year-old was electrocuted while drinking from one on April 13, 2017. Following the death of Rendi Rizaldi, 13, after he was shocked when taking a drink at a fountain in Puputan, the city has switched off all of...
  5. balinews

    Online lender launches in Bali

    After only two years on the scene, UangTeman, Indonesia's first online lending service, which allows Indonesians in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Solo, Magelang, Surabaya, Semarang and now Bali greater access to quick and transparent loans, has become a lucrative business UangTeman chief...
  6. K

    Looking for Denpasar office space

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a dedicated office space (not just a desk, but an actual room) in the Denpasar region (preferably west) in an office building with an office IMB. As cheap as possible. The only one I found so far is in the ibis styles, however they don't have any available...
  7. balinews

    Australian bar owner in Bali court on drug charge

    A British former war correspondent and an Australian man have faced court in Indonesia on charges of possessing hashish. David Fox, an ex-Reuters reporter, and Giuseppe Serafino, a bar owner, were arrested in Bali on 8 October. The pair could face up to 12 years in prison if convicted of...
  8. jiker69

    How to get around while looking

    No sure if this is the right place to post this but here goes. After reading many posts here, it is best to look around at the different areas before settling on one to live for a month or more. Could someone give suggests for that mode of transportation. I really don't want to drive a car but I...
  9. balinews

    BNN says more then 60,000 drug users in Bali

    The National Narcotics Agency (BNN) says its data reveal that 2 percent of the population in Bali, a total of more than 61,000 people, are drug users. Most of them are between 21 to 40 years old, with the rest belonging to non-productive age groups. Bali Governor Made Mangku Pastika admits...
  10. balinews

    Pilot who missed runway at Bali airport was under the influence

    Today apparently has been a real tell-all for the director of Indonesia’s National Narcotics Agency (BNN). After confirming on Thursday from Denpasar that two WNA pilots working for Indonesian airline Susi Air tested positive for heroin use, Commissioner General Budi Waseso had another big...
  11. T

    PS4 Playstation games in Bali

    Has any one purchase the 'legitimate' playstation games that many of the DVD stores sell in Bali? Do they work as normal or do you need to modify your playstation to be able to play them? Thanks
  12. davita

    Anyone seen memory bedtoppers in Bali/Jakarta.

    I'm looking for a quality memory king-size mattress-topper but cannot find. Almost brought from Costco in Vancouver but really heavy to tranship. Any outlets in Bali or Jakarta as I'd like to feel the quality first.
  13. T

    Bali Police: Bomb like material found in Ubud, step up Christmas security.

    Bali police announced they had found a low level explosive device in Ubud on Tuesday morning (20 Dec 2016). The bomb squad (Gegana) successfully disposed of the device. The device which contained gunpowder, nails and what appears to be a solar powered detonator was discovered by a local...
  14. K

    Mental Health Wuestion

    Can/ Do a person with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, reside in Bali? How would they be treated if they suffered a psychotic episode or became unstable. Would they be welcome at clinic/ hospital for treatment? or would they be locked up somewhere horrible. Would they be allowed to fly...
  15. J

    Turkish bread baking here in Bali

    We are baking authentic turkish bread here in Bali +62 858 47137369 and delivering to Kuta, Seminyak, Changu, Legian, Denpasar and Sanur. Pitta bread and pizza base also available. We are on Facebook as Turkish Bread Factory Bali and based in Renon. Admin please delete if not allowed. Thank you...
  16. L

    Letter box

    Does anyone know where a can buy a letter box. Ace keep saying not in stock for the past 6 months and i look in many places, mitra, depo bangunan but nothing. Must be some places where they make them. Thanks
  17. Markit

    Is Saying "The Japanese are Weird" Racist?

    This is the latest in a long line of things that make me wonder if the Japanese are really from this planet:
  18. G

    How to become protestant before getting married ? Church needed in Legian ?

    Hi everyone, I have no religion that I practice but I am Muslim born I would say and want to marry my Protestant Indonesian girlfriend. I will be the one to convert to protestant, and need to find a church that would help me on the process of convertion get the paper to attest that I am...
  19. balinews

    Australian teenager detained by Bali police for possession of white powder

    A Perth teenager allegedly found with a white powder at a Bali nightclub will remain "locked up" as he and the suspicious substance undergo testing, police have said. Jamie Murphy, 18, was arrested at Bali's popular Kuta nightclub precinct early today, after a security search at Skygarden...
  20. M

    Accountant Lovina or Denpasar

    Hi all, Would anyone be recommend and provide the name and details of a accountant in either the Lovina/Singaraja or Denpasar area. Would prefer the Lovina/Singaraja area but understand that most accountants are based around Denpasar. I'm overseas at the moment and was hoping to get an...