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  1. spicyayam

    Customs rant

    My mum sent my son a present for his birthday. Some Lego and some books. Got a letter in the mail from customs that you need an import licence for this. My wife called and confirmed that we can't pick up the package without an import licence. What's going on? We can't even pay the duty to pick...
  2. balinews

    Australian teenager detained by Bali police for possession of white powder

    A Perth teenager allegedly found with a white powder at a Bali nightclub will remain "locked up" as he and the suspicious substance undergo testing, police have said. Jamie Murphy, 18, was arrested at Bali's popular Kuta nightclub precinct early today, after a security search at Skygarden...
  3. S

    Importing fabric to Bali for manufacture plus swimwear manufacture

    Hi there This is my first post to the forum. I started a kids clothes range selling in Australia about a year ago with production in Bali. I was found a factory by an agent on my first visit to Bali. It's been a tough year - to say its been slow going getting a small amount of products...
  4. balinews

    Singaporean arrested for bringing drugs to Bali

    Ngurah Rai International Airport customs and excise personnel have arrested a Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew member on allegations of smuggling drugs into Bali. The suspect, identified as Goh Tiam Ann Desmond, a 42-year-old Singaporean citizen, was arrested upon arrival on Singapore...
  5. balinews

    Kiwi holiday maker facing drug charges in Bali

    A friend of the New Zealand woman allegedly caught carrying drugs into Bali says the trip was a catch-up with friends that turned bad. Myra Lynne Williams, a Kiwi who lives in Australia, was supposed to be holidaying with a group of friends on the Indonesian Island. She has been detained...
  6. balinews

    Amazon coming to Indonesia

    There are plenty of e-commerce companies trying to crack open the Indonesian market, like Tokopedia, Matahari Mall and Lazada. But none of them have quite managed to catch on the way e-commerce giant Amazon has hooked Americans onto their online shopping services. But now it looks like the...
  7. balinews

    Dutch national facing drug charges

    The heir to the Netherlands' largest supermarket chain is facing drug charges in Bali. Djai Heijn was charged by authorities in January with trying to traffick marijuana into Indonesia after customs agents intercepted a package mailed to him from Spain. The package contained 224 grams of...
  8. Billt4SF

    Bring through customs?

    We are planning to move to Bali for a year. We have a huge pile of stuff we would like to bring, and I just read that there is a limit of $250 (US) personal items. Since I was hoping to bring my stereo kit (we are allowed the weight in baggage) now I am wondering if they will let us through...
  9. Markit

    Best Buy Computer Kit in Asia

    Where's the best place (cheapest) to buy top of the line computer kit in Asia other than Hong Kong?
  10. Markit

    Import a TV into Bali

    Anyone tried to import a TV into Bali? I understand if it's new I'd have to pay a shedload of tax on it but what actually does that mean? If I buy it and play it for 2 weeks somewhere it's not "new" anymore is it? Would be interested in any experience you've had.
  11. balinews

    Police seize parcel containing drugs

    BALI police have seized a shipment of hallucinogenic drugs, concealed in a Vittoria Coffee bag, mailed from Australia. Denpasar Customs and Excise Office head Mohamad Saptari said 0.42 grams of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, was discovered on September 4 last year. The yellow crystals were...
  12. J

    Looking at retiring in Bali

    Hello everyone. My wife and I are considering on retiring in Bali in the near future, I am 53 and my wife 49. We are heading over for a holiday in April of 2106 to explore the island with a view to finding a nice area to retire. We are not after an area full of tourists but would like to find...
  13. M

    Duty-Free Household Goods With Retirement Visa?

    Does anyone truly know if approval of retirement visa permits retiree to bring household goods duty-free from his/her native domicile? Such a move would include perhaps a container full of household furniture, appliances etc. Is there a limitation or attendant limitations? Would really...
  14. D

    plaga wine in boxes

    does anyone know where can I get plaga wine in 3L boxes under 400k around kuta-kerobokan? thanks
  15. G

    Taking my Harley to Bali

    Me and the missus are moving to Bali soon(2 months)and I want to take my Harley so I can tour around a bit and have a good look around.We intend to go for 3-5 years to start with.We will be on retirement visas,and are both 62.We have very good local friends,as we have been going to Bali for 23...
  16. P

    $ limit sending money to bali

    Hi all I have about $40,000 aud to send to Bali. How much can I send at a time without having it flagged or paperwork needed over in Bali? I'm sure if I sent the whole chunk at once there would be questions and maybe "fees" that go with that.. Thinking of either western union or direct from my...
  17. balinews

    Volcanic erruption could last for 18 months

    If history's anything to go by, the smoking volcano that's stranding hundreds of Australians in Bali may be wreaking havoc for some time. The last time Mount Rinjani became active in 2009, it lasted 18 months. Moated by a lake in the highlands of Lombok, the volcano has been spewing ash...
  18. D

    Badan POM holding Food Import

    Hi Guys I've been importing a superfood powder for 3 years and never had issue getting it in as I've been doing relatively small amounts (around 10kg per package) but now apparently there are new regulations from the Badan POM and they will not give me the package. I offered them a 5 juta "tax"...
  19. davita

    Australian custome and immigration on strike

    For those members going to/fro Australia or expecting visitors, in the next few days, be aware that Customs Officers Union are calling on selected's a link to see how passengers will be affected.... Airport passenger delays expected as border protection staff go on strike Border...
  20. K

    Moving from Brisbane to Denpasar - Ideas on freight

    Hi, I am looking for some recommendations on any good companies that freight to Bali. We are relocating and we have about 50 kilos worth of boxes that we are taking with us but I am unsure on who to use. Can anyone recommend someone or maybe share their experiences of moving? Thanks!!