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  1. T

    CBN Internet- experiences/ recommendations?

    Hi All Does anyone currently (or previously) use CBN for their internet? Currently we have IndiHome on a 20MB connection, but will be moving to new villa next month and thinking of changing. IndiHome is okay, but we don't make use of the home phone or TV much so looking for alternative...
  2. J


    Hi all. Happy New Year to everyone. Has anyone played Bali Handara Golf course? Also does anyone know what it costs to join as a full member?
  3. Billt4SF

    Agents cannot help you with a visa?

    Anyone know if this is legit? I was counting on the help of an agent, because I will shortly return from outlying islands to Bali with an almost-expired 211 (Sosial) visa which needs renewing in a hurry. I contacted the agent Yani but she hasn't responded to me yet! Thanks, Bill Breaking...
  4. klaatu

    Public phones

    Does anyone know where there is a phone that I can use to make an international reverse charge call (bloody banks and their security codes) Denpasar/Kuta area hopefully? Post offices had them once or do they still? Thanks in advance
  5. balinews

    New premium rum launched in Bali

    Distilled from pure Indonesian sugar cane in Java, Nusa Cana is a new premium rum brand launched in Bali between former Diageo executives, Marc Rodrigues, Joe Milner and Andy Gaunt in conjunction with Hong Kong-based mixologist, Sam Jeveons. Loosely translated as ‘island cane’, Nusa Cana is a...
  6. B


    Hello there, can anyone help me locate a dishwasher outlet? I need a small unit? Dimension 500 wide x 800 high x 600 deep maximum. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Beautiful Bali Villas
  7. balinews

    One expat's cost of living in Bali

    People have been asking me what it costs to live in Bali, so I put together this post to breakdown the numbers for inquiring minds that want to know. Keep in mind, I didn't go there to travel, I went there for three main reasons: 1. To live like a local. A local expat I guess? 2. To...
  8. S

    Short Stay (30 Day) Visa: only pay in US dollar cash?

    Hi, is it true that you can only pay for your Visa on Arrival (30 day short stay) in US dollars cash? Can I pay by Australian debit card? Is it still the rules that you need a return ticket booked in order to get the visa?
  9. B

    Just another one moving

    Hi All Well this is my first post. We are another family of expats on the move to Bali. Unlike many of the threads I have read we aren't coming over here with the intention/plan/idea of starting a business. Nor will we be selling anything to move here. We also won't be working here. Or...
  10. S

    Already Moved to Bali? What can I expect?

    Hi, I'm looking for some detailed insight into living/relocating to Bali (specifically Ubud or North Kuta). I want to know what to expect and what difficulties I might encounter in setting myself up in Bali (if I do indeed choose Bali to relocate to). I have lots of questions below and if anyone...
  11. I

    Which Hospital?

    Hi folks - I've got a pal staying with me. He seems to be suffering with a chest infection (he has had asthma for a number of years). he's due to fly to KL tomorrow then back to the UK on Thursday - I'm wondering if things take a turn for the worse which hospital we should head for? I'm based in...
  12. Rangi

    BI warns Bali retailers over “candy currency”

    BI warns Bali retailers over “candy currencyâ€￾ - The Jakarta Post
  13. geedee

    Cheapest airfares for 30 years

    Should be good for Bali also considering the free VOA now for Australians and about half the world. Time for you Markit to leave the jungle for a holiday to civilisation Airfares sink to 30 year low say Flight Centre and to fall more
  14. Markit

    Acenet anyone?

    Any info about this internet provider would be great. They are coming to do a site survey and since beggars can't, apparently, be choosers I'd love to know what may be coming at me. The run their service over an antennae so with lots of coconut trees around have not got high hopes. Starter...
  15. geedee

    Glen Hulley - projectkarma

    Below is a facebook post by Glen Hulley This guy does very good work and i thought it would be a good idea to post here. He needs help (see below) Anyone wanting to give back to Bali and help the innocent children details below Its only money and as i have heard before the expat community is...
  16. spicyayam

    Thieving staff

    If you have a business how do you control staff from stealing from you? I am not talking about stealing everything in your cash register but small amounts over a period of time. For example you ask them to buy 10 loaves of bread and they only buy 5 and pocket the difference. Or a customer buys...
  17. N

    For those on a spouse sponsored KITAP or KITAS

    I have a question for those on a spouse sponsored KITAP/KITAS - what happens if your spouse dies before you? I know this is a morbid question, but what happens in such a situation? Does the visa become invalid? Can another family member sponsor you for KITAP? Can your child who has Indonesian...
  18. balinews

    Police seize parcel containing drugs

    BALI police have seized a shipment of hallucinogenic drugs, concealed in a Vittoria Coffee bag, mailed from Australia. Denpasar Customs and Excise Office head Mohamad Saptari said 0.42 grams of N,N-Dimethyltryptamine, or DMT, was discovered on September 4 last year. The yellow crystals were...
  19. K

    VITAS singapore (how long does it take)?

    Hi guys, I need to book a trip to singapore for my VITAS and I'm not sure how long I need. The company that I use for my KITAS tells me I should get an agent in Singapore so it only takes 1 day. If I do it myself it would take about 4 days. Is this true or can I just go to the embassy...
  20. P

    Agent required to assist with BPOM Certification

    Can anyone recommend a reputable Agent who can assist in securing BPOM Certification. It appears that its either too difficult or the Agents I have contacted are simply incompetent.