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  1. F

    schools in bali

    Along with everyone else, we are looking to relocate to bali. hubby fi/fo worker. I have two children, one of which will be starting year 11 next year, I am getting a little disheartened by the school fees!!! does anyone have any info on the schools in the sanur area??? thank you
  2. scout

    For all of us who love bali, this is a wake up call

    Bali's Seven Deadly Sins Bali Tourism Officials List Seven Threats to the Future of the Island's Tourism Industry. (8/21/2010) The Bali Post reports that representatives of major tourism stakeholder organizations have listed seven "sicknesses" afflicting Bali tourism threatening the...
  3. K

    Questions about PMA

    Hi, i have a basic idea of how to go about applying for a PMA. From what i gather from other threads, the application fees varies. Can anyone here recommend me a reliable company that handles these applications without hiccups? I have contacted this company > wwwBaliConsultantcom and they are...
  4. N

    How much money you need to open a PMA, PT or CV

    Can anyone provide us with the correct info how the biz is set for the foreigners? I have heard that if you want to open a foreign company you MUST have no less than 6000$..some people say 100K.. Please lets clarify how much money you need to open a PMA, PT or CV. I am from russia, i am 23...
  5. L

    Check the access to your land and beware of passive/active ADAT

    Hi, We are a mixed couple and are having a bitter experience in a village here where we bought a land two years ago. We did process the IMB (building permit) including the signed agreement of the Kelian adat and Dinas+ the signature of the neighbors . Started the building of our dream and once...
  6. ronb

    Pork barrelling Golkar style

    In the news for the past few days has been this proposal to give each parliamentarian 15 billion to spend in their electorates. Indonesia Matters says: Neighboring Papua New Guinea has a similar approach to politics - I wonder who is copying who? Read the complete article here...
  7. S

    When is Lombok International opening?

    So, it seems that the opening keeps getting pushed back - does anyone know when the airport is planning on opening? I'm hoping to do a quick recce trip in late September and would like to fly into Lombok instead of Bali (just for a change!) Terima Kasih!
  8. J

    Package Stuck in Customs

    I have a UPS package stuck in customs & have no idea how to get it cleared. Customs is demanding an import license, which I don't have. The package is 3 iPads with declared value of $2000. The exact message is: <AN IMPORT LICENSE IS MISSING AND IS REQUIRED FOR CLEARANCE> Does anyone have...
  9. L

    What makes bali a paradise??

    I haven’t a clue. Enlighten the situation if you please. Since everyone keeps talking about this is a Paradise island I really would like to find out why and how this is a Paradise. Paradise it’s a BIG word and to tell you the truth Bali doesn’t get near to be a Paradise and most of the...
  10. spicyayam

    Emaar property still interested in Lombok project

    The Property report website reports that UAE based Emaar property is still interested in the 600 million dollar Lombok resort project. Emaar has submitted an expression of interest to the Bali Tourism Development Corp in accordance with the tender procedure recently launched by the government...
  11. JohnnyCool

    Why I hate Indonesian Bureaucracy

    I will try to be as level-headed as I can with this, although I'm seething with anger at the moment. Read on. My mother passed away in Australia last Sunday. I need to go there as soon as possible. I have a retirement Kitas and before leaving Indonesia, I have to get an "Exit Permit". My...
  12. T

    Suicides in Bali

    Not the most cheery of topics, but none the less it's something that has really caught my attention. Over the last month or so I've been reading rather a lot of Bali-based Indoneisan language newpapers and news websites. Normally I'm in Java, and normally I read the Indonesian language local...
  13. H

    Karaoke Bar - Help please!

    Hi everyone! I have lived in Bali for over a year now, together with my Balinese girlfriend. I have had my problems here, as certainly everybody does, but I could handle things until now. We live directly at the beach, in a village near Singaraja. There are quite a lot of so called Karaoke...
  14. N

    Moving to Bali - Can i bring my dog?

    Hello, My first post! I am moving to Bali early next year, and would like to bring our beloved labrador. Can anyone tell us if this is possible? & what the costs, and requirements are? She is a specially trained medical assistance dog, same training and as a guide dog, with public access in...
  15. S

    kitas, PT or CV company?

    Hi all there, I would like to come and live on Bali and was already 2 months to prospect. Will return now april 22nd for 6 months to finalize where best to live and what exactly to do. On the net there is a company" Bali Business Consultants & Bali Legal Services"...