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  1. Markit

    The Real Risks - Terror Makes Us Stupid!

    Don't usually cut and paste but thought everyone should see this: Scientists note that fear of terrorism makes people stupid. As I've repeatedly noted, FBI agents and CIA intelligence officials, constitutional law expert professor Jonathan Turley, Time Magazine, and the Washington Post...
  2. hermit

    Who will tame the oligarchs?

    This is a very interesting analysis of the problems of today's Indonesia,from the excellent Inside Indonesia online magazine. Who will tame the oligarchs? - Inside Indonesia - a quarterly magazine on Indonesia and its people, culture, politics, economy and environment
  3. Markit

    Indonesian Corruption flies to Singapore

    Interesting article: Indonesian politicians on the lam: The Singapore slink | The Economist There is a long, very long way to go...
  4. D

    My Dog, Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya-Bali

    Based on my own Dog journey from Java to Bali. I have many request to help my friends dog, across the sea.a Since then it become my new business. just PM me for assistance !
  5. ronb

    IN counter-terrorism terms, Indonesian jails are a mess

    This story is covered by a number of news sources. I like Greg Sheridan's take on it. It begins: Full artlicle at The battle against terror is not over | The Australian
  6. Fred2


    What have you had to pay for, under the counter so that you can have something done. Not what you have pay to get out of something(paying the police because you have done something wrong, your the one causing the corruption). I had a lawyer ask 7mill to sign a legal letter. no way The...
  7. J

    IMB Permit Costs

    Hello Everyone, We are in the process for applying for an IMB on a 200m2 building on a property in Canggu (property size = 831m2). We have an 18 year rent agreement with the property owner who is Balinese. This is what we are trying to find out, hopefully someone can help. 1. Is there a...
  8. D

    Polisi Polisi Polisi everywhere (is it just me?)!

    I've been living in Bali off-and-on for the past year. I just got back three weeks ago, and man, is it just me, or are the polisi everywhere? Just on Monday, I got chased and pulled over for "running a red," which if it happened, was yellow at best. Didn't have my license as I never...
  9. K

    How much to pay the police?

    Well today a friend of mine wanted to go on the back of my scooter but didn't have a helmet (yeah I know it's dangerous and not something I do myself). At one point we got stopped by the police, he showed me the fine in a book which was 250.000. And I said well I don't have that much on me...
  10. matsaleh

    Article: Retired Generals Using Islamic Groups in Attempt to Topple President

    From Jakarta Globe, 22 March 2011: Retired Generals Using Islamic Groups in Attempt to Topple President: Report | The Jakarta Globe The comments at the side grabbed my attention. This one in particular:
  11. cabaicabai

    Wikileaks reveals Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono backs Kopassus murderers

    There was an interesting article published in the Bali Times downplaying the importance of WiliLeaks here WikiLeaks are Wearisome; They Are Not a Casus Belli. Hector thinks WikiLeaks is "all a bit of a joke" that has no value beyond titillation. Just a few weeks later WikiLeaks reveals that...
  12. S

    7 years for 3.84g of coke!

    AN Australian man caught with almost four grams of cocaine in Bali is expected to appeal after being sentenced to seven years in jail. Angus McCaskill, 57, was charged with possession after he was arrested last June at a supermarket in Tuban, near Bali's international airport, with five...
  13. ali alavi

    Corruption in Bali?

    Hi guys, I'm still working on the restaurant project and hopefully I'll pay a visit this March (fingers crossed). However I was browsing the net trying to put my hand on additional information regarding life in general in the island when I came across a website blasting away about Bali. Until...
  14. H

    Questions about requesting IMB PMA and Melati hotel licence

    Hi everybody, Still busy with my plans, and i want to start a new post, my old post is here: I'll explain my situation: I want to build a small resort in the Sanur area. I rented a piece of land with a...
  15. balinews

    Jailed tax official caught on camera at tennis game in Bali

    The appearance of Indonesia's most notorious corrupt tax official, Gayus Tambunan, in an ill-fitting wig at a Bali tennis tournament has illustrated, in absurd relief, the entrenched culture of graft in the country. Gayus is a middle-ranking tax official who, despite a modest monthly salary...
  16. spicyayam

    Abolishing fiscal tax

    I read Vyt's blog every week and I think he has a great point about the fiscal tax that everyone has to pay when they leave Indonesia if they aren't registered for paying tax. The government announced that they are doing away with the system. ie. you don't have to pay the fiscal if you are...
  17. H

    RE:- Acquiring a NPWP

    Now my Balinese lady friend who does not have a job and wants to go to Australia to visit her daughter and grand kids,needs a NPWP so as not to pay that ridiculous departure tax. Now she informs me that for her to get this tax file number she would have to pay each month Rp80000 once she has...
  18. K

    What are the worst things about living in Bali?

    Ok I know this might sound silly, but I know people move/ retire in Bali because they love it, I am curious to know what things people find hard or don't like? I figure one might be the change in diet/ foods available for some? What are others?
  19. T

    House Swap Anyone?

    Hi All My wife and I are thinking of retiring to Bali in the next couple of years and would like to come and live there for a month to see what it is like actually living there; as opposed to holidaying (which we've done often). I know a month isn't ideal to really get the taste but it's all...
  20. balinews

    Playboy Indonesia editor on the run from police

    Prosecutors on Thursday issued an arrest warrant for Erwin Arnada, editor of the Indonesian version of Playboy magazine, after he failed to show up to begin serving his two-year prison term before the deadline passed. “Erwin has fled justice. My men have been instructed to search for him at...