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  1. Rangi

    Are we already too late?

    I love Bali: Forklifts and fallacies: Are we already too late? | The Jakarta Post I hope we are not to late . . .
  2. matsaleh

    Paradise lost as once beautiful Bali buckles under forklifts and fallacies

    A scathing but accurate expose by Deborah Cassrells of The Australian newspaper. Here's some highlights: The full article is below, but may not be accessible due to subscription restrictions. Cookies must be enabled. | The Australian
  3. P

    What type of visa for 1 year stay?

    After reading many threads on this theme, I am still a bit confused. I just need to know what typ of visa is the most easily to get for 1 year stay and should I arrange it through an agent ? I am in Bali now and have just 30d VOA. I don't want to work here or to do any local business or...
  4. balinews

    Bali's struggling travel agencies

    The rapid development of tourism in Bali is not in line with overall conditions in the travel industry, which has seen business slow due to the increasing number of illegal travel agents and online reservations. Data from the provincial Tourism Agency showed that the number of travel agents...
  5. K

    Temple donation

    Can anyone tell me how I make a reasonably large donation to a temple (in order to fulfil a spiritual promise)? I want it to go to the right authorities. Keera
  6. spicyayam

    Adat in Bali article by Susi Johnston
  7. J

    Student Scholarship

    Hello, I am an Australian who has recently been to Bali with my partner for the first time. As with most Aussies, it certainly won't be the last time ! During our two week stay we befriended a local family in North Bali, and upon our return have decided that we (myself, partner, and a...
  8. D

    Banjar Fees, advice please

    Hello everyone, Im new to this forum and would kindly ask you for some advice. I have recently moved in my house (Banjar Dawas in Canggu) and today received a letter from the Banjar (ADAT) about a fee levied. It is set to 2% of the land value. Now, since I have made some experiences on Bali...
  9. J

    Indonesian anger and threats of violence

    I have a very unpleasant encounter with my former landlord on the weekend who threatened to kill me (twice) and destroy any of my business on the island. I was really shocked but had been warned about this. A friend - a guest from Australia - was returning some dirty bed sheets (about 5...
  10. matsaleh

    Why doing business in Bali is no holiday

    Interesting article from Melbourne based The Age. Comments from the business owners will ring true for many members who have businesses in Bali. Read more: Why doing business in Bali is no holiday
  11. S

    WA FIFO workers living in Bali

    Hi all, I'm trying to get in contact with FIFO workers from Western Australia who have decided to spend their down time in Bali for whatever reason - cost of living in WA, the lifestyle over here etc.. I'm a journalist for The West Australian and I'm doing a piece on the reasons why people...
  12. C

    Video: Behold developers destroying Bali unlawfully, unchallenged & unabated ..

    Better make that, unchallenged by officialdom. My amateur video - HERE - shows the start of the building of a new Harris Hotel in Seminyak, Bali, despite the fact that building permits have been rejected, and that formal complaints and protests of all neighbours, including myself, (from whom...
  13. balinews

    Indonesia's foreign tourism woes

    “The tourist industry is sleeping.” This comment by Asnawi Bahar, chairman of the Association of the Indonesia Tour and Travel Agencies (Asita), says it all. Last year, 7.7 million tourists visited Indonesia, a 9 percent increase over the previous year. But while officials hailed the figure as...
  14. SteveandCarolin

    'You know what men are like'

    Indonesia's powerful religious affairs minister has declared that mini-skirts are pornographic and would be banned under the country’s tough new anti-porn laws. Minister Suryadharma Ali has been appointed to run Indonesia’s new anti-porn task force, announced by president Susilo Bambang...
  15. balinews

    Police shoot five suspected terrorists in Bali

    INDONESIAN counter-terrorism forces have shot dead five suspected militants believed to have been planning a series of attacks in Bali. Heavily armed officers from Indonesia's crack anti-terror unit Detachment 88 stormed two separate addresses, in Denpasar and in Sanur, on Sunday night where...
  16. JohnnyCool

    Total Eclipse of the Moon

    Total Lunar Eclipse Dec 10 This eclipse is a relatively short one, with totality lasting 51 minutes but will be visible from Bali (weather permitting). The Moon will enter Earth's partial shadow (penumbra) at 7.34 pm (the Moon 16 degrees above the horizon), and enter the main shadow (umbra) at...
  17. balibule

    If it is true that Bali is running out of water ...

    ... then why is the local government watering the plants and trees in the middle of the day with their water trucks along the Bypass? Beats me.
  18. A

    Vacation in Bali

    I am planning to spend my one month vacation in Bali, and I wanna know if where can I find affordable hotels, or apartment to stay there. I thought of maybe extend my stay there if ever it goes well and still have money on my pocket. :icon_biggrin: Any suggestion please?
  19. matsaleh

    Indonesia passes on trial of Bali bomber

    From The Sydney Morning Herald this morning : Indonesia passes on trial of Bali bomber
  20. ronb

    Australia Network, Can Murdoch get his hands on it?

    I like Australia network, so a news story today grabbed my attention. Australia NEtwork is described on wikipedia as So in connection with this latest tender process, the Sydney Morning Herals reports today The full story is at Sky TV | Rupert Murdoch | Government intervenes in overseas...