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  1. balinews

    New Bali airport ready to greet Obama

    The newly renovated Ngurah Rai International Airport is now ready to welcome thousands of delegates for the APEC Summit, including US President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin, who will be in Bali between Oct. 1-8. Alfasyah, communication and legal section head of PT Angkasa...
  2. balinews

    Indonesia has bigger problems than bikinis

    Indonesians are taking to the streets to demand the government heed their complaints. Are they livid about corruption? No. Fed up with poverty? Not really. Angry over political gridlock? Not so much. It’s those damn bikinis. In recent days, the nation with the world’s largest Muslim...
  3. F

    Shocking Arrest Underscores Endemic Corruption in Indonesia’s Energy Sector

    Indonesia: Arrest Underscores Endemic Corruption in Energy Sector | The same old story, a man considered smart and wise couldn't rejected the bribe, even saying its not corruption:hopelessness:
  4. DenpasarHouse

    Standard guarantee for new residential buildings in Indonesia

    Halo Everyone, I was hoping to get some advice about the standard guarantees given from builders/developers after completion of new houses. I'm just about to sign up to building a new house in Denpasar and they only guarantee the building for 1 month after completion. Basically, I don't...
  5. T

    Seeking reliable driver in Ubud

    I'm seeking a reliable safe English-speaking driver with car for occasional work around Ubud, including collecting me and my groceries from Delta Dewata and pickups from restaurants at night. If the price is reasonable, there could be frequent work. Any recommendations?
  6. P

    Pondok Wisata in a foreigner's name

    Hi all, I have recently heard (from a reliable source) that the Pondok Wisata license can be registered in a foreigner's name. All along i thought it can only be in a local's name. I know that every district/area is different but this is being done in Ubud area. Anyone heard of this...
  7. SHoggard

    Jakarta Passes Sweeping Waste Management Regulation

    A step in the right direction- this looks like a local Ordinance, rather than National Legislation - but with luck it sets a precedent for Bali: Jakarta Passes Sweeping Waste Management Regulation - The Jakarta Globe
  8. balinews

    Corruption at the Bali airport car park

    The Attorney General’s office is examining 23 witnesses for alleged corruption in the management of the Ngurah Rai Airport parking area, which is claimed to have cost the state Rp. 20 billion. Head of the Legal Information Center, Setia Untung Arimuladi said that investigators had seized 23...
  9. S

    Nothing like a good scolding to motivate the police

    It will probably go a long ways to stop corruption . . . I'm certain. Police chief scolds lazy officers | The Jakarta Post
  10. S

    New service at ngurah rai international airport needed

    It seems a little strange that the quoted official notes that there are people running around the airport impersonating officials, I wonder if it occurred to him to take steps to arrest the offenders. Of course in the case of the already apprehended official who is know to have requested a bribe...
  11. S

    Extortion Videos Hurt Bali's Image

    Fortunately or Unfortunately the news will eventually get out and tourists will draw their own conclusions. It is interesting that activities that have been occurring for years and apparent to anyone on the island now seems to be of concern. Where were all of the concerned government officials...
  12. Rangi

    Van Der Spek asked to give evidence

    Van Der Spek asked to give evidence | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily So that means they will give him immunity? Because he is just as guilty for giving the bribe as the people who are accepting it. If I was him I probably would not return to Bali.
  13. J

    Don't forget your helmet

    Thought you may all like this, not sure if it has already been posted in another thread: Polisi Korupsi di Bali / Corruption police in Bali. - YouTube I was told by a Balinese friend that the problem is now solved as there is a large poster at the location that warns everyone who receives or...
  14. S

    Dutch extortion video

    Tip of the iceberg Dutch Journalist Releases Second Bali Extortion Video | The Jakarta Globe
  15. Rangi

    Police chief promises punishment for bribe cop

    Police chief promises punishment for bribe cop | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily I wonder if this will change how the police operate here.
  16. balinews

    YouTube video shows police corruption in Bali

    A four and half-minute video showing a Bali police officer asking for money from a Dutch tourist following a minor traffic violation is currently circulating on YouTube, uploaded from an account called “gil4sekali”. Quite apart from asking for the money, the officer also invites the tourist...
  17. balinews

    Unmarried Couples Caught Having Sex Could Face Jail Time

    A draft of a criminal code (KUHP) revision proposed by the government for debate earlier this month punishes unmarried people caught having sex, a report said on Thursday. “It [singles engaging in premarital sex] is liable for up to five years in jail,” Wahiduddin Adams, the director general...
  18. S

    WHAT A SHOCK CORRUPTION FOUND IN INDONESIA . . . Hard to believe someone was looking!

    Even a 2 star general can apparently make enemies. Just think what trouble a bule who owns property or pisses someone off can get into! Djoko?s assets indicate massive graft at National Police | The Jakarta Post
  19. Rangi

    Corby in trouble again

    Corby in trouble again | The Beat Daily Bali Not doing herself any favors doing this.
  20. J

    A hard question to answer in public?

    Some people are not so lucky as to have children easily, So the question is: do any of you expats and family know where and how to adopt in Bali? I have to say that Java etc. is also good for me also, I love all peoples, and not racist. Thanks