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  1. M

    Bali Real Estate Market?

    A couple of my expat neighbors have expressed an opinion that the real estate market was fairly flat through out the Island, and wondered how many others would agree? I guess this question was raised in my mind after recently visiting Ubud after being absent from that area for some time and...
  2. spicyayam

    A good example of why not to buy a condotel or any other kind of shared lease

    Nothing but problems with the managers of the property and almost nothing you can do about it.
  3. SHoggard

    Naughty Nuri's to open in Singapore

    Apparently Singapore 'lifestyle group Massive Collection' will be opening a branch of Naughty Nuri's in S'pore... but with a typical twist: According to a report in the Straits Times "The casual and sexy concept of Naughty Nuri's fits with the group's concept of bars and clubs".... "the menu is...
  4. balinews

    Jakarta property firm deceives thousands of buyers

    The Jakarta Police arrested recently a commissioner of PT Royal Premier Internasional, a Jakarta-based property marketing company, for allegedly embezzling the funds of thousands of prospective buyers and committing money laundering. The investigators noted that as many as 1,157 buyers, who...
  5. Z

    Current processing time for PT sponsored KITAS / VBS ?

    Hello there, The PT that is sponsoring me has started the process in mid-December. I am still waiting for the VBS (Telex visa). The agent told us that everything has been approved in Jakarta but getting the VBS takes now more time due to new government policy. Did anyone of you had...
  6. Smoke

    Possible Indo Corruption found Huge money siezed by RI goverment translated by google - Attorney General seized back three condotel units belonging to suspect corruption TransJakarta bus procurement and...
  7. balinews

    Outrage over lenient sentence for Bali rapist

    A court in Bali has drawn the wrath of child protection activists over its relatively lenient 18-month jail sentence for a rapist after he offered to marry the 14-year-old victim. Komang Aditya Pratama, 19, should have faced a minimum of three years in prison, and up to 15, under the charges...
  8. matsaleh

    Bali Increasingly Concerned that Bonanza of Holiday Visitors May Not Materialize

    With the amount of new hotels, villas and condotels being built all over the island, and with minimal improvements to the infrastructure to support the extra accommodation, it's not surprising visitors are looking elsewhere to holiday. I think Pak Wijaya is being overly optimistic when he...
  9. Rangi

    Bandung Nazi cafe causes concern

    Bandung Nazi cafe causes concern | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily
  10. S

    Aussie woman raped in bali speaks out

    Not a repost, and sorry it's not an article from the Wall Street Journal. But SOME members may find it relevant. Aussie woman raped in Bali speaks out
  11. S

    Dutch extortion video

    Tip of the iceberg Dutch Journalist Releases Second Bali Extortion Video | The Jakarta Globe
  12. balinews

    Bali still needs mass tourism says association

    Despite the increasing call — from within and outside the tourism industry — for a thorough review of the island’s decades-old mass-tourism model, one association is arguing that such a model is still needed by Bali. As a world renowned tourist destination, Bali needs to continue developing...
  13. S

    good condominium complex in Bali?

    Hi all, is it true that foreigners can legally own condo's in Bali? It sounds similar to Thailand where falangs/bules can a condo in a complex which is 51% owned by locals but cannot "own" or control houses or land without mucking around with long leases, companies or usufructs. If we can...
  14. S

    The "unaware" Defense

    It's increasingly more difficult to have little or any sympathy for people who are "aware" or "unaware" of their responsibilities as they travel abroad into other countries. The strict laws that are employed by the Indonesian government to protect it's people from the devastating effects of...
  15. hermit

    Anyone here has experience with leukemia treatment in Bali?

    Not a pleasant subject,but daily reality. A 17 year old boy in my village has come down with acute leukemia(blood cancer). He is now in a local hospital where his only treatment is bloodtransfusions of blood that is donated by his friends and family. He does not recieve any therapy(yet),as...
  16. S

    New Rules Requiring Reporting of Property and Luxury Goods Transactions

    From : Bali News: Taking Out the Wash New Rules Requiring Reporting of Property and Luxury Goods Transactions in Excess of US$55,500 Dollars May Complicate Life for Foreign Property Purchasers in Bali Commencing in March 2012 new regulations come into force, which could have...
  17. T

    66 disco/bungy

    Recently i popped in to look at the area of this Bali icon after t he closing night party. One of the staff started to chat to me explaining the future development of the :icon_e_sad: The whole area is huge and has a Balinese style to it that i suspect will be bulldozed as...
  18. I

    Finding Office space in Bali??

    Hi All, Does anyone know some good agents to help me find a good office in Bali? All areas in the south considered, would be great to find a per month office to but I know these are rare as its normally a year up front. If anyone has a room above a shop around Seminyak area they want to...
  19. Karim

    Desperatly looking for a family guest house !

    Hi everybody, Me, my wife, and our 2 lovely kids (1 & 5 years) will be in Bali for 1 year starting june. We are looking for a guesthouse, or hotel, confortable for kids. Or a condo, a house, but just for a short time, 1 or 1,5 monts during our 'hunt' to find the best house to rent for us for...
  20. pollyanna


    What do you do to reduce mosquitoes? Currently we're living in a homestay where there isn't much breeze and the mozzies are a problem. We are hoping they will be less of a problem when we move into our house where the breeze is almost constant but still I know we'll need to do something to...