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  1. spicyayam

    Different reactions to terror threats

    It is interesting the reaction in the Australian media when a terror attack is found in Australia itself. In Melbourne a planned attack was found yesterday and the police have "urged" people to go about their business. Seven arrested as police foil planned Christmas Day terror attack in...
  2. C

    Kintamani Tourist Tax

    Has anyone else fallen fowl of the Kintamani Tourist Tax? We went through there the other day and got stopped for 'tourist tax' 160,000!!! 6 of us in the car, made us pay for 5, I didn't have to pay as I was driving. Kitas holders with family. Even if you are just traveling through or not...
  3. begonia

    Anybody knows why part of the Ubud Market still broken, black and empthy?

    Any of you have any idea what is going on with the Ubud market? I have been away for almost four months and I am still shock to see the market is still the same and nobody repair it!! If I am not wrong probably has been already one year since got fire isn't it? how come they don't do anything...
  4. begonia

    Anybody knows what happen with living in indonesian forum?

    I have been away for longer than two months and I just went to living indonesian forum and noted is has change totally, not only the format but as well the many of the posters usually posted there are they not anymore there. Anybody knows what happen with the forum? Terimakasi banyak
  5. geedee

    Candi Dasa

    1. What is the best restaurant in Candi Dasa. 2. where can i get all my tattoos of various ex wife's removed in Bali
  6. davita

    Execution F*** Up

    Must be a first for the Jakarta Post to apologise to its readers for reporting ALL 14 convicts were executed in Nusakambangan...then retracted to only 4. "The Jakarta Post made a serious error of judgment on Thursday night when it decided to run on its front page a headline story for the...
  7. balinews

    Expats leaving Indonesia in droves

    Foreign workers are leaving Indonesia at an increasing rate due to the slump in commodity prices that has forced resource companies to slash jobs at a time when the government has also introduced tighter regulations on expatriates in Southeast Asia's biggest economy. The number of temporary...
  8. A

    Local Builder in the East Of Bali

    Hi we have land in Jasri and looking for local builder anyone know of a good one. Cheers
  9. M

    Nursing in Bali

    Hello! First let me introduce myself. My name is Marlene and I am a 23 year old registered nurse from Austria. Now I was wondering what paid job oppurtunitys I'd have in Bali? Where would I look and who should I talk to? Does anybody know any foreign nurses in bali? Does...
  10. davita

    Registration of visitors to Bali

    The following was published in BaliDiscovery 16/05/2016.... "Via public announcements in the Bali press, the Ngurah Rai Immigration Office has reminded all accommodation providers and private residence owners in Bali of their legal obligation to report the details and data of all guests...
  11. T

    Security Camera/ CCTV purchase and installation

    Hi All Big thanks to everyone that has replied to our posts, it has really helped us settle in well over the last few months. Wanted to ask if anyone has recommendations for where to purchase a decent CCTV camera system and have it installed? We are in the upper Umulas area (near Bali...
  12. M

    Rating the Regencies of Bali

    Those of us among the expat community find a particular place that we decide for whatever reason appeals to us more than others. Why is that? Certainly we all have our preferences and we all have different priorities. Let us suggest a poll and select based upon our individual preferences. If...
  13. M

    Missing Child

    Have you seen my son, Dylan Martin, 6 years old. Last seen November 15 2015. Please call me on 081246378002 if you know anything related to this
  14. balibule

    Bitcoin's nightmare scenario has come to pass

    Over the last year and a half a number of prominent voices in the Bitcoin community have been warning that the system needed to make fundamental changes to its core software code to avoid being overwhelmed by the continued growth of Bitcoin transactions. More on Bitcoin's nightmare scenario...
  15. geedee

    Glen Hulley - projectkarma

    Below is a facebook post by Glen Hulley This guy does very good work and i thought it would be a good idea to post here. He needs help (see below) Anyone wanting to give back to Bali and help the innocent children details below Its only money and as i have heard before the expat community is...
  16. Fred2

    I Pad

    I use to log on all the time but lately it comes up with V Bulletin and when I click on full site, come up "not found" when I try and log in, it just goes back to the same page. any advice apart from using the main computer?????
  17. P

    New Gourmet Meat outlet in Sanur

    Porkies Gourmet Meats - the only pork meat processing Company in Indonesia with a traceable supply chain that is linked to a Community Partnership Program. Our Vision is to develop the Porkies Brand and Bali as the regional supply hub of natural pork products that are traceable and meet export...
  18. P

    Universal Society of Hinduism criticises Lorna Jane over ‘wellness lounge’ at Sydney

    Universal Society of Hinduism criticises Lorna Jane over ‘wellness lounge’ at Sydney Airport "While the number of Australians identifying as religious has decreased rapidly in recent years, Hinduism is the fastest growing religion in Australia, according to the Australian Bureau of...
  19. balinews

    Tourism businesses shouldn't be concerned about upcoming AEC

    Karang Bali Asli Tur president director Putu Winastra suggested that tourism business owners in Bali should not be concerned with the fast approaching ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), since many human resources in Bali had already been certified. “We need to protect ourselves, so that no...
  20. spicyayam

    Why startups fail in Indonesia

    A good read for anyone contemplating starting a business here :