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  1. jiker69

    New Member

    Hello everyone, Like the Title says, I'm new to this Forum. I'm an American citizen who will be retiring next year (2017). I plan on visiting Bali in the off season to see if it "works" for me, I have high hopes I can blend in. I appreciate all the help here on the Forum. Thank you for...
  2. K

    Mental Health Wuestion

    Can/ Do a person with a diagnosis of Schizophrenia, reside in Bali? How would they be treated if they suffered a psychotic episode or became unstable. Would they be welcome at clinic/ hospital for treatment? or would they be locked up somewhere horrible. Would they be allowed to fly...
  3. balinews

    Singaporean arrested for bringing drugs to Bali

    Ngurah Rai International Airport customs and excise personnel have arrested a Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew member on allegations of smuggling drugs into Bali. The suspect, identified as Goh Tiam Ann Desmond, a 42-year-old Singaporean citizen, was arrested upon arrival on Singapore...
  4. balinews

    No outbreak of zika virus in Bali according to health ministry

    Health Ministry has denied the information about the spread of Zika virus in Bali following the appeal of Australia through website http: // as at June 17, 2016 informing that Zika virus is currently spread in Indonesia, especially Bali. Official at the Ministry Oscar...
  5. spicyayam

    Australian arrested for property fraud

    Translated from Google: Bali Police to arrest an Australian citizen named Erik Bevan Gillett. Erik known as wanted for fraud and embezzlement in Bali. Erik was hauled officer after being a fugitive since December 18, 2014, after the file will be transferred to the prosecutor. "The suspect...
  6. N

    For those on a spouse sponsored KITAP or KITAS

    I have a question for those on a spouse sponsored KITAP/KITAS - what happens if your spouse dies before you? I know this is a morbid question, but what happens in such a situation? Does the visa become invalid? Can another family member sponsor you for KITAP? Can your child who has Indonesian...
  7. K

    Tourist visa instead of free entry

    Hi guys, I was wondering if it is possible to get a tourist visa when landing in Bali if you are a citizen from a country that is eligible for the free entry. And does this tourist visa still require a visit to denpasar to be extended or will it automatically be valid for 2 months...
  8. P

    Buying land husband balinese

    Hi everyone I have been reading along and decided to join as I haven't seen my question answered with the westerner being the wife (me) and husband Balinese and buying land. I think if I read correctly there is a difference between the wife being Indonesian and husband not when buying as married...
  9. geedee

    Enter with British passport (dual citizen)

    Coming on holiday January. 1.Can I leave and enter Australia with Australian passport and enter and leave Bali with British passport as there is no VOA charge. 2. Do we need to use different queue as wife Indonesian passport son Australian mine British Thanks
  10. balinews

    Police investigate gay wedding in Bali

    Police are investigating a recent gay wedding celebration in a hotel in Ubud, Bali, although the couple has already left the island for the US. "They left Bali on Saturday. The men are a US citizen and an Indonesian citizen who were married in the US. They came here to celebrate their...
  11. davita

    Siloam Hospital

    I know I've posted before about how I liked Siloam Hospital but recent events have contradicted that opinion. My wife's chiropracter wanted her to have some x-rays taken so she went to Siloam this morning. As she is Indonesian she was given a price of Rp 1,100,000 for the x-rays but, on...
  12. spicyayam

    Indonesia scraps plans for high speed railway

    Seems like another lost opportunity. Scrapping Indonesia's Bullet Train Leaves Top Investors Confused | Jakarta Globe
  13. davita

    Mixed marriage property case

    I read that Perca Indonesia (an Association of Indonesians of mixed citizen marriage) was in the Constitutional Court yesterday defending their assertion that not permitting them to own property, because of their marriage to a foreigner without a pre-nup, was unconstitutional. So far haven't...
  14. B

    Motorbike License.

    I have done a search however can only find post's that are a few years old now. If you have an international bike license, do you still require to get some form of local one? If so what is the cost and how long are they valid for?
  15. Markit

    Healthcare in Bali/Oz

    I was recently told that there is a reciprocal agreement between Oz and the UK (EU?) that guarantees free medical assistance to each others citizens in the event of illness or accident. Does anyone know if this is the case and if so where I could get more info?
  16. I

    Childrens passports

    Are there benefits for children of mixed legal marriages in having 2 passports? Children born after August 6 2009 are automatically entitled to Indonesian citizenship & entitled to dual citizenship until 18 according to the law. Our son holds an Australian passport which contains the affidavit...
  17. balinews

    Australia to register complaint over treatment of death row inmates

    The Australian government is lodging an official complaint with Indonesia about the treatment of death-row citizens Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Photographs emerged on Thursday of a senior Indonesian police official posing with the two men aboard the plane that flew them to Cilacap the...
  18. Rangi

    5-years sought for Russian accused of shoplifting

    5-years sought for Russian accused of shoplifting | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily Hopefully now the Russians will Boycott Bali too.
  19. Smoke

    Is a "nominee agreement" the best way ?

    copied this from a comment of a FB group Writer has lived in Bali for a long long time She has fought tooth and nail for her house, and been ( and still is) having an ordel It's not OK to use ANYONE as a nominee. A nominee would have NO rights of ownership over the land . . . and as a...
  20. Rangi

    Jakarta drug bust largest in Indonesian history

    Jakarta drug bust largest in Indonesian history | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily There will be a lot of angry Drug Fiens out there