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  1. spicyayam

    We are bored

    This reminded me of all the people who said they were going to leave America if Trump won the election but then they never do.
  2. M

    Visa to Australia for Indonesian friend

    Hi there, I am in a debacle. We have a friend who is Indonesian who we have known for 10+ years. He is married and has three children. As he has always been very good to us when we have been in Bali and we consider him part of our family, we would love to have him come to Australia for a two...
  3. geedee

    brilliant owner response on Tripadvisor

    THE PLACE IS THE CRAGS HOTEL IN SCOTLAND THE GUY HAS LOTS OF BRILLIANT RESPONSES Customer review DREADFUL” 1 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 16 July 2015 via mobile We had a voucher for this hotel,we could never get a booking for it despite several tries,we eventually got a booking for the 15th of...
  4. davita

    news about post-nups

    Just read on another forum that the Constitutional Court today have overturned a part of the law and will permit post-nup agreements, therefore allowing mixed marriage WNI spouses to own hak milik property. This is hearsay so if anyone can find the readings from the court I'm sure it will be...
  5. L

    Looking for a native English speaker

    Hi, we are a French family looking for a native English speaker (young female) to train our 8 year old boy with conversational sessions in our place, twice a week. Our son went to International schools so far. His level of English is good. However now that he is going to the French school we...
  6. spicyayam

    Your thoughts

    We had a pembantu for around four years. She just left us recently. She had been with us since our son was born and was a huge help when our second child came along. She was a great worker and a nice person to have around. Things changed when she started dating one of our staff. He is about 10...
  7. Markit

    Gambling Anyone?

    Having been at several Hindu ceremonies where all and sundry (regardless of youth) were gambling away the family silver/gold/cows/land I just wondered what the actual laws here are governing the pass-time? It also seems to take place outside of any ceremony as I've seen guys (who almost anyone...
  8. Markit

    Pictorial Splendor

    For those tired of the usual hum-drum fantastic pictures of magnificent mountains or wonderful canyons here's something to show your children (when they're a bit bigger). nutscapes
  9. Z

    Repatriation - any tips on getting stuff home?

    Planing ahead on our eventual repatriation back to Melbourne Australia. We recently moved house and to our shock an horror managed to accumulate an extra three suitcases full of stuff. Surprising as we thought that one think we learnt living in Bali over the past two years was living...
  10. H

    Nanny/Babysitter needed in Ubud

    Hi There, Does anyone know of a good nanny/Babysitter/Daycare in Ubud please? I read that one can be hired starting at 1.5 million per month. Is that true? Thank you, Heather
  11. spicyayam

    Racism in Bali

    What do you think?
  12. M

    Missing Child

    Have you seen my son, Dylan Martin, 6 years old. Last seen November 15 2015. Please call me on 081246378002 if you know anything related to this
  13. spicyayam

    Longer and longer holidays

    I hope everyone had a relaxing day yesterday. I know we have many holidays in Bali for various ceremonies, which of course I don't have a problem with. But it does seem like a one day holiday becomes extended to days off before and after the ceremonies. For example at my son's school they...
  14. geedee

    Glen Hulley - projectkarma

    Below is a facebook post by Glen Hulley This guy does very good work and i thought it would be a good idea to post here. He needs help (see below) Anyone wanting to give back to Bali and help the innocent children details below Its only money and as i have heard before the expat community is...
  15. SHoggard

    Instant noodles and formula milk are 'making babies gay' says Mayor

    A city mayor in Indonesia has come under fire for suggesting instant noodles and formula milk are 'making babies gay'. Arief R Wismansyah made the bizarre claim during a pregnancy seminar in the city, located to the west of Jakarta, earlier this week. Instant noodles and formula milk are...
  16. Markit

    Female Genital Mutilation in Bali/Indonesia

    To my shame I was totally unaware of this barbaric practice in Indonesia so I'm posting this link to the article in the Jakpost and would kindly ask you all to read and spread it around and anyone that has the original link to the UNICEF study I would also be grateful to see it. FGM in...
  17. Rangi

    Bali police arrest Australian accused of sexually abusing four girls in Denpasar

    Bali police arrest Australian accused of sexually abusing four girls in Denpasar | World news | The Guardian
  18. S

    Kids adventure camp 2016 in Bali FUN&TRAVEL

    Hello parents! My name is Elena. We have opened new kids' camp in Bali FUN&TRAVEL. During spring and summer holidays. We have created this camp because we want to offer children a big, exciting adventure in Bali. Therefore, our carefully scheduled program includes interesting excursions...
  19. Apocalypse69

    Child responsibility

    I have noticed in my daughters Montessori school that there are many mixed couples there. What I find odd (pisses me off) is that many of the kids don't speak English at all. The fathers cannot communicate with their children! I'm not a rocket scientist but there is something seriously...
  20. tintin

    Twas the night before christmas

    First run by, Bali Discovery Tours | Bali Hotels – Bali Villas – Bali Tours – Bali Update – Bali News, in December of 2014, by popular demand we share it again for the current season's celebrants of the Yuletide season. TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS

 (Adapted by Richard...