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  1. begonia

    Last Friday somebody stolen my bags in Ubud, 850 euros and Iphone gone

    Last Friday I was helping some friends to change some money, so I offered to change money first and after give it to them and they will give me the euros. So I changed 500 euros and after I met them on the tourist information, I given the money to them, 7.500.000 rp and they given me the euros...
  2. geedee

    Exchange AUD - Yen

    Is it possible to exchange Australian dollars to Yen in Bali. I'm going for a week to Japan in between my Bali trip and reckon I would get a better rate. If so where would be the best area to do this
  3. spicyayam

    Phantom credit card charges

    I have seen some facebook posts about people saying their credit cards have been charged without their knowledge and at least in one case they never even used it in Bali. People are now suggesting to put their cards in protective sleeves. Does this really do anything? This is what I found from...
  4. spicyayam

    HOC Season 4

    I just finished watching season 4 of House of Cards. The first 3 seasons are pretty much based on the British season. Americans tend to keep a series going until the storyline becomes ridiculous and the audience loses interest. I read one review of the series and they said the storyline was too...
  5. davita

    Old -age and senility

    Many members have besmirched my posts by adding I'm an old fart and probably senile...most are funny, and intended so, therefore I laugh it off and enjoy the joke with others. However, by the very tone, (usually when the poster lacks communicative skills in the English language) malice is...
  6. spicyayam

    Exact reason for ATM troubles

    Does anyone know the reason people are having trouble getting money out of an ATM in Bali? I have seen lots of theories to do with chips, problems with VISA, skimmers, Indonesian currency problems etc, etc, but I was wondering if anyone can shed any light on the actual problem.
  7. S

    Mobile wifi in Bali

    In Australia, I bought myself a wifi modem from Vodaphone. I have no idea how it works, but it does not require any software on my laptop other than standard wifi connectivity that is built in with the operating system. I switch it on, and connect to the Vodaphone wifi network wherever I may...
  8. ronb

    Nusa Penida to become a world financial center

    A quote from bali Discovery Nusa Penida only got its first ATMs recently, the Internet connectivity is poor, the standard of accommodation would hardly suit financial high-fliers, and access to Ngurah Rai airport is not overly convenient. What the hell is he thinking about? Why not think of...
  9. M

    Which provider most reliable for wireless broadband using pulsa card?

    I'm getting sketchy to zero internet speed with my Indostat ISP pulsa card. The mobile broadband modem that is supplied here at the place I'm staying is a 4G unit. It says I'm getting 4 bars which ought to be loading webpages at the very least...but it's been hell on a stick for a week. I'm...
  10. balinews

    Australian tourists arrested for hiring stripper

    Bali is renowned for its golden beaches and smiling locals, but a group of Melbourne men have been deeply traumatised by a violent encounter with corrupt police and private security guards on the tropical island that attracts thousands of Australians every week. The 16 men flew to Bali for...
  11. M

    Bolt vs smartfren

    Hello all, I was wondering if anyone can give me some advice. I will be in bali cpl of months or so and the wifi at the apt I'm staying just won't cut it. I thought biznet prepaid home package was a good deal. But it seems like they don't have coverage around the jail. So I was thinking...
  12. DenpasarHouse

    Security for Bali Residents

    Here's an article I just found: Not sure I agree with everything in the article. Why doesn't anyone take my idea of living in a concrete bunker seriously? ;)
  13. admin

    Buying fabric in Denpasar for export

    I just received this question by email. Maybe someone knows:
  14. B

    Another perk gone ?

    Immigration scraps departure and arrival cards | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily
  15. Rangi

    Lovers Beware: Dozens Detained for Doing ‘The Nasty Thing’ on Valentine’s Day

    Surabaya Satpol PP staff with an illicit haul of Valentine's Day condoms, chocolates and beer after conducting a raid on a mini market on Saturday Lovers Beware: Dozens Detained for Doing 'The Nasty Thing' on Valentine's Day - The Jakarta Globe Imagine if they did this in Bali.
  16. P

    Just Moved to Bali! 'Sup

    I'm living in Seminyak now and trying to get everything set up. I had a few questions and would highly appreciate some of your help with them: Where's the best supermarket? I plan on doing a lot of cooking. My room doesn't have a kitchen. I'm thinking about getting a portable stove so I can...
  17. Billt4SF

    How do you tell if you will be able to get reliable internet?

    We are considering moving to Bali. If we are interested in renting a place, how can we tell if there is good internet available there? In general, are we likely to be able to get internet only in the more densely populated areas? What if we wanted to stay in (for example) Candidasa, or Padung...
  18. Smoke

    Possible Indo Corruption found Huge money siezed by RI goverment translated by google - Attorney General seized back three condotel units belonging to suspect corruption TransJakarta bus procurement and...
  19. R

    Telkomsel Pulsa options

    My Telkomsel SIM card is going to expire before I return to Indonesia - is there any way to add Pulsa from abroad? Also, while in Bali - where is the best place to buy the actual Pulsa cards?
  20. balinews

    Jamie Oliver to launch new Italian restaurant in Bali

    Jamie Oliver is set to launch his Jamie’s Italian restaurant brand in yet another country, with a restaurant in Bali, Indonesia on the cards. The Jamie’s Italian group has partnered will Hotel Properties Limited (HPL) on the project, and building applications have already been submitted to...