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  1. J

    Tabanan builder

    Hello everyone. Finally secured some land at Balian Beach. We are now trying to find a good builder who understands good quality work and charges a fair rate. Not an exorbitant rate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Gary
  2. spicyayam

    Article on Telkom injecting ads into website pages

    I think this has been discussed here before, but I think everyone needs to be aware of this:
  3. spicyayam

    Options for recovering money from a building project

    I think it is so common here. Builders quote (or underquote) and use up all of the money before the building is finished and then they are never to be found again. I thought I would make a post to explore what options (if any) people have to recover either their money or force the builder to...
  4. Markit

    Coconut Wood Floor Tips?

    I'm gonna put down a coconut wooden floor and wondered if anyone has experience with wood flooring here? I'm not gonna buy the store made stuff for an idiotic IDR 500k/sq meter but am using actual wood split into thinner (1cm +/-). Not kiln dried or any other thing - just split and sanded...
  5. klaatu

    getting a sosial budaya visa at Darwin

    a 3 month BANK STATEMENT is required for SOSBUD visa application now (at Darwin anyway)..also they provide you with a printed sponsorship form that you just fill in a few details and your sponsor signs, if she is with you obviously. 2 photos fill out the application form and come back in a...
  6. Markit

    Wooden Balcony Building Advice Please

    Hi all, I'm thinking about adding a larger (3 x 6m) wooden balcony to an existing concrete house and would like to enclose the lower part of the balcony as an extra room with windows and doors. Questions: 1) Obviously don't want water coming through into lower rooms - how to stop? 2)...
  7. marklindsay

    How much detail is required in drawings for an IMB?

    Hi How much data , part from a basic site plan , position and general dimensions are required for the lodging of an IMB? Are full architectural/builders plans needed? - showing all specs , all internal layout, building materials, roofing , door types etc etc? I'm hoping to put forward...
  8. marklindsay

    Ubud contractor/builder ? Info?

    Can anyone suggest a reliable, English speaking contractor working in the Ubud area? Thanks
  9. P

    White wash finishing works for doors & windows

    Hi everyone, We are about to begin installing and finishing or doors & windows for our house. Does anyone here knows any good team of workers for white wash finishings on wood? as well as installation of doors & windows? Will be great to get some recommendations if you previously have met...
  10. P

    Tukang Bangunan (needed) RANT ALERT

    Hi, I want to ask if anybody knows a Tukang Bangunan that is available for work? My mother had a house built in 1997, the floors are all wooden decking. The way he built the floor is, simple wooden decking above the original soil in which the land was bought, with the bearers being elevated by...
  11. H

    looking for a trustworthy builder and architect in bali

    hi there - I am thinking about renting some land ( 25 yrs) about 500 sq metres in bingin/bukit area and was wondering if someone could please help me: 1) recommend a good architect 2) a builder that I can trust 3) any pitfalls or bali scams i should be aware of This is my first time...
  12. marklindsay

    How long is piece of string query, average building costs per sq metre, single storey

    Yes, a really "dumb" question, but, hey, I'm game. Any input re recent costs per sq metre for a very simple Bali style build Square Wantilan type structure, Coconut wood columns, bamboo joist and rafters and a trad red terracotta round roof tile roof 10x10metre square 40 degree pitch ...
  13. DenpasarHouse

    Satellite Faceplate / Plug

    Hi Everyone, I'm having trouble getting information about the type of plugs that are used for satellite television in Bali/Indonesia. Unfortunately, none of our neighbours have a satellite connection and the architect and builders don't know either. Could someone confirm for me which type of...
  14. spicyayam

    Tile cutter

    When we have done some renovation projects in the past, the builders have always used an angle grinder to cut the tiles, which is very noisy and dusty. On some renovation tv shows I have seen builders using a tile cutter which looks like something like this: Anyone seen them in Bali?
  15. S

    IT...internet business type experts

    Any on here ? I am looking for some info from people that have experience in it...yes, can google it, but I prefer info from actual humans that know it and use it and such forth. I am a member of another forum that this would be more suited to, but banned from there for a couple of weeks...
  16. S


    Am thinking of putting in a pool , any advice much appreciated
  17. Markit

    You Building Types Out There

    Any of you big, hairy builders know where here on Bali I can get some High Alumina EPS insulating Firebrick Think pizza oven... about 50 - 100 each. Ta in advance and you get free pizza Markit
  18. H

    Laundry tub, why so hard?

    Hi all, following my earlier thread on the laundry operational costs....heres the much anticipated second installment. we still dont have the big dryer / big washer - was too hard to organise whilst not in Bali so i'll order and install all that when im back next week. so to start it with...
  19. hadodi

    How to find ground water

    Does anybody know 1) Diviner/Dowser 2) a company in Bali which is specialised in water drilling? We are in the driest area of Bali in about 200m above sea. Ahmed/Lipah.Thanks a lot
  20. DenpasarHouse

    Where to buy Builder's Plastic - Builder's Film?

    I'm hoping to put a plastic barrier between the ground floor cement slab and the earth below so as to stop rising damp but my builders don't know where to get any. I've read on the Internet that this isn't available in Bali, but I thought I try for myself as you never know your luck. I've...