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  1. balinews

    Australian teenager detained by Bali police for possession of white powder

    A Perth teenager allegedly found with a white powder at a Bali nightclub will remain "locked up" as he and the suspicious substance undergo testing, police have said. Jamie Murphy, 18, was arrested at Bali's popular Kuta nightclub precinct early today, after a security search at Skygarden...
  2. davita

    Brexit's over and UK has voted to leave EU. Overnight the UKP has dropped from US$1.49 to 1.34. the lowest since 1985. The rate for IDR is hovering around 18,000...lucky I sold most of my sterling a couple of weeks ago at 20,000. Expats on UK pensions in sterling, like myself, will have...
  3. spicyayam

    What's it going to take

    ...for Americans to give up their guns. Or at least a ban from people with obvious mental issues from buying them.
  4. Mark

    Blackbox cameras

    It's really amazing to hear some of the stories surrounding motor vehicle accidents involving foreigners and Indonesians (or even Indonesians and other Indonesians when there is a bule in one of the vehicles). From what I understand the foreigner is nearly uniformly held to be at fault, and the...
  5. spicyayam

    Fevers and general sickness lately

    It seems like either us or one of kids are sick lately. Nothing major, but general fevers/infections etc. Fortunately, no dengue. They recover after a couple of days, but it means some sleepless nights. Everyone tells me that is just kids, but it seems like a lot of people in our surrounding...
  6. Markit

    Rice, Anyone?

    Not my usual controversial, boring or cutting-edge commentary but nevertheless massively important to those that can't stand the stodgy, sticky glued together, tasteless mess that the Balinese/Indonesians call rice. Take a cup (any size container) of the local rice - don't do nuthing to it but...
  7. balinews

    Aussie receives light sentence for fatal motorcycle accident

    Australian man Joshua Terelinck has been sentenced to a jail term of two months and 15 days for causing the death of an Indonesian man in a motorcycle accident in Bali this year. He will be released from Bali's Kerobokan jail on December 22 given the sentence was minus time already served in...
  8. Apocalypse69

    Supplement DHEA

    I had a recent complete lack of energy for anything. Climbing the stairs was tiring. Never had that before. Even the man's stuff. I Googled it and got a few possible answers. Amazon has a ton of good reviews of this product. Done 4 tablets daily for a week and I feel brilliant. I...
  9. P

    Blood Pressure (BP)

    I have taken mine 3 times today. Each one was OK, and progressively diminishing since first waking. I had been worried because of a recent medical examination but I am a lot more relaxed now. It also means my jantung is 'OK'. Just now, after having had white wine slowly for a few hours...
  10. davita

    Dengue fever

    Had a miserable night..shivering then sweating, headache, body ache, fatigued but cannot sleep. My wife thinks Dengue Fever so going for test later to Siloam. If confirmed...what happens next...any advice appreciated.
  11. F

    Any UCKERS players in the Kuta area?

    Ages ago I made an Uckers board, thinking I would teach the ladies of the house the game. To the uninitiated UCKERS is an adult form of LUDO but cheating is allowed. It adds a touch of excitement to the game. However I find myself confused over the end game after many years of not playing it. Is...
  12. balinews

    Australian man dies falling through glass door in Kuta hotel

    A YOUNG Australian man on holiday in Bali has died from what appears to be a tragic accident when he crashed through a glass door at his hotel room. Perth man Daniel Evans, 24, was taken to hospital early on Thursday morning with serious injuries and later died. Denpasar police chief, Anak...
  13. davita

    Mixed marriage property case

    I read that Perca Indonesia (an Association of Indonesians of mixed citizen marriage) was in the Constitutional Court yesterday defending their assertion that not permitting them to own property, because of their marriage to a foreigner without a pre-nup, was unconstitutional. So far haven't...
  14. Steve Rossell

    Bali '82.

    My first trip to Bali was 1982 and it nearly knocked me out from the moment the aircraft door opened. The humidity and the smell is something I've come to love but back then it was like a physical and sensory wall. I was one of the thousands of surfers in the early 80's that made the trek...
  15. balinews

    Police arrest foster mother of murdered 8 year old girl

    Bali Police detained on Sunday the foster mother of a murdered 8-year-old girl after declaring her a suspect for child neglect in a case that has gripped the nation since the victim’s disappearance in May. Investigators from the Denpasar Police department questioned Margaret Christine Megawe...
  16. davita

    Bali humor

    I confess I never thought Indonesians, in general, had a succinct sense of local TV and see they laugh as children do. Anyway, this morning I went to Siloam to have my annual medical check-up. The pretty nurse explained in good English '"Sir, this is the ECG part of the...
  17. spicyayam

    Wrongly accused?

    I have read a few articles in the JP about the JIS case, but this is the first I heard that one of the accused is a woman:
  18. DenpasarHouse

    Security for Bali Residents

    Here's an article I just found: Not sure I agree with everything in the article. Why doesn't anyone take my idea of living in a concrete bunker seriously? ;)
  19. balinews

    Australian man arrested for smoking a joint in Bali

    An Australian man has been apprehended by Indonesian police for allegedly smoking a joint on a Balinese beach. The man, a painter, with the initials NL, was allegedly caught by security from The Green Room, a villa in Canggu, smoking the marijuana by the Batu Bolong beach at 3am on Tuesday...
  20. balinews

    Australian man falls into Bali sewer

    A MELBOURNE grandfather who fell neck-deep into a sewer in Bali is battling a serious infection after his holiday turned into a nightmare. Adrian Kellerman, 69, is on an antibiotic drip at Peninsula Private Hospital to heal a deep wound on his right leg, which he received when he fell into a...