1. M

    Starting a 100% Foreign owned PMA

    Hello, we are looking to start up a 100% foreign owned PMA for a new business. This business will be a small scale guesthouse with 10 rooms. We would like to invest 100.000 US$ for this. We read it's getting more complicated to achieve this with only this small investment, that you...
  2. balinews

    Australians making big investments in Bali

    An unnamed investor from Australia is planning to invest Rp 10 billion ($763,000) to open a restaurant in Bali following a foreigner-friendly revision of Indonesia's negative investment list, according to the Investment Coordinating Board, or BKPM. The list — which is known by its Indonesian...
  3. B

    Bali Land Prices Skyrocket

    Bolstered by the country’s solid macroeconomic fundamentals, Indonesian property demand will continue to growth. From a national perspective, the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) just announced a highest record for the investment realization in Quarter II of 2014 (April – June)...
  4. B

    Need an industrial unit or land zoned for industrial use

    Hi all, Need advice, We are looking to bring a waste collection and MRF facility to Bali. We are looking for a large industrial unit approx 10000sqft or around 5 acres of land. I know industrial units are not the norm in Bali but we can work with a site. The site needs to have...
  5. P

    Pondok Wisata in a foreigner's name

    Hi all, I have recently heard (from a reliable source) that the Pondok Wisata license can be registered in a foreigner's name. All along i thought it can only be in a local's name. I know that every district/area is different but this is being done in Ubud area. Anyone heard of this...
  6. J

    Contract lawyers in Bali

    Hi, I would be looking for a lawyer in Bali, to set up a partnership agreement between myself and two friends, and also to assist in the formation of a PMA. Is there some sort of local regulation board for lawyers that could help me find a suitable one? Would anyone have any recommendations?
  7. J

    Help answers needed about PMA formation

    basic questions on forming PMA for the purpose of staying in indo long term with family (not married to indo or anything like that and have three children- US citizens): ok PMA formation is around US$3k- one time cost registered address etc US$800 or so per year KITAS for family of 5 is...
  8. balinews

    Bali puts a hold on new hotel developments

    The Bali provincial administration has issued a moratorium on new hotel developments in the island’s three main tourist areas. Officials want to see tourism development spread beyond the three areas — Denpasar, Bali’s capital, and the Badung and Gianyar districts — and bring financial...
  9. balinews

    Indian company GVK signs agreement to build new airport in north Bali

    Infrastructure developer GVK Power and Infrastructure Ltd (GVKPIL), on Tuesday signed two agreements with the Government of Indonesia to develop greenfield international airports in North Bali and Yogyakarta, Java. The agreements were signed in the presence of H Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono...