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  1. Billt4SF

    What little thing irritates you the most?

    Since there is little traffic on this site at the moment, and it's been raining for the better part of three days, I thought I would waste your time by asking "What little thing irritates you the most in Bali?" For me, it's that the staff won't answer texts or WA messages. If I call and ask...
  2. Billt4SF

    Do morons make you nervous?

    Anyone else nervous? Recent political events in the US, and the speed at which they were promulgated, and especially the questionable sanity -- dare I say outright crazed approach -- of those at VERY high levels of government, make me a bit nervous that a long term living situation for...
  3. Billt4SF

    Overstay multiple times?

    Due to the fact that we go to Raja Ampa (Sorong) and other destinations for diving, it looks like we have to pan to overstay our visas, me for four days, my wife for ten days. She already overstayed once for two days. We'll be coming back from Singapore. Will they let us back in? Our...
  4. S

    Cookie policy - note to admin

    Every time we log in now, we must accept the 'Cookie policy'. What is the point in asking the question? If you click the X, you don't get to log in. So why would I go to Balipod then refuse to accept the 'policy'? Get rid of it, it is just annoying. I am sure nobody is going to sue Balipod...
  5. S

    Why Aussies love to go to Bali

    My daughters birthday tomorrow and my wife has a day off so I thought I might book a room in Southport for one night and take the girls to Seaworld. If I want anything half decent, I'll have to pay at least $500, just for the room. $500 for a very ordinary room with a couple of beds and no...
  6. davita

    Bill Cosby is blind

    This is no joke. Bill Cosby's lawyers say he cannot stand trial for drug-raping all those women because he's now blind.....Bill Cosby's lawyers say he is too blind to defend himself in court - AOL News He's 79...same age as myself, If anyone sees this grey-haired but handsome man...
  7. davita

    Forum hacked?

    I clicked on this forum this morning and was directed to advert selling ipods, ipads, iphones etc...happened a few times. Anybody else get this or only me? Edit: This was the page I was redirected after clicking this forum which is a 'Favorite".
  8. Billt4SF

    Got a Visa! Need another visa!!

    Hello Bali expats: We will be in North America during September, returning 23 Sept. Upon return, Generally we intend to stay in Bali up to next August but likely we'll go somewhere out of Indo during that time. I (Bill) will stay in Indonesia for at least 3 months, but much of this time...
  9. geedee

    Indonesian airlines cleared for US flights

    Lots more American tourists possibly. Indonesian carriers cleared for US flights after nine-year ban - BBC News
  10. Billt4SF

    2-prong electrical receptacles

    We have been here a month now and we have realized that the 2-prong electrical plugs and outlets (receptacles) are just not doing the job. They seem to make an electrical connection fine, but a very poor mechanical one. The least bit of jostling (such as moving the lamp on the table to...
  11. spicyayam

    What's it going to take

    ...for Americans to give up their guns. Or at least a ban from people with obvious mental issues from buying them.
  12. K

    Does any one know which is the cheapeast wholesale source site in China?

    Does any one know which is the cheapeast wholesale source site in China? I want to source from China, I know, but the price is usually not real price, the real price is higher than the listed. Any one having good suggestion?
  13. Billt4SF

    Bring through customs?

    We are planning to move to Bali for a year. We have a huge pile of stuff we would like to bring, and I just read that there is a limit of $250 (US) personal items. Since I was hoping to bring my stereo kit (we are allowed the weight in baggage) now I am wondering if they will let us through...
  14. geedee

    Exchange AUD - Yen

    Is it possible to exchange Australian dollars to Yen in Bali. I'm going for a week to Japan in between my Bali trip and reckon I would get a better rate. If so where would be the best area to do this
  15. Markit

    Legal Nominee Agreements Anyone?

    Over the years I've had to listen time and again to some supercilious asshole know-it-alls (other than me) telling us all how generally stupid, illegal and unenforceable the favored "nominee" land purchase agreement is. I would love to hear their explanation of this case...
  16. Billt4SF

    IndoSAT for US sports?

    Hello there Bali-people! My wife and I will be moving to a villa in Ubud for a year starting in July and with the start of the baseball season in the US I was wondering if any of you know if it is possible to get any US sports (specifically the San Francisco Giants) in any manner, way, or...
  17. Billt4SF

    Trip to the Moon

    A friend mentioned to me that when he was in Bali, he saw quite a few signs offering a "Trip to the Moon" which he took to mean an offer of recreational drugs, perhaps psilocybin mushrooms. Does anyone know what is supposed to be offered? - Bill
  18. P

    Just 'how many' are on the waiting list?

    27,000 Noma Sydney pop-up restaurant open: Thousands still trying to get a booking Crazy stuff indeed.
  19. spicyayam

    Who do you think will win the 2016 US presidential election?

    Trump as a president is a scary thought. The other candidates aren't much better. I was watching them speak and all they talk about is how they are ranking in the polls, with a final "I will make America great again". Bernie Sanders is the only one I heard talking about anything of substance...
  20. P

    Agent required to assist with BPOM Certification

    Can anyone recommend a reputable Agent who can assist in securing BPOM Certification. It appears that its either too difficult or the Agents I have contacted are simply incompetent.