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  1. geedee

    brilliant owner response on Tripadvisor

    THE PLACE IS THE CRAGS HOTEL IN SCOTLAND THE GUY HAS LOTS OF BRILLIANT RESPONSES Customer review DREADFUL” 1 of 5 bubbles Reviewed 16 July 2015 via mobile We had a voucher for this hotel,we could never get a booking for it despite several tries,we eventually got a booking for the 15th of...
  2. davita

    Inernet WiFi booster repeater.

    I saw this product is available in N, America and simply plugs into a power socket.....but they work off 120VAC. I have a fiber WiFi modem in an upstairs bedroom but the signal is a bit weak in a guest bedroom downstairs. Can anyone explain how they work and where available to buy in Bali...
  3. davita

    Any update to best TV service in Bali.

    We've had Telkom cable TV for about four years and it's been just OK. The picture went blank yesterday and no-one answers the phone. My wife will go to the office tomorrow but meanwhile I'd ask members for opinion on a better service (I live in Kerobokan). We get CBN fiber TV (Dens TV) included...
  4. H

    Resort For Sale, Bon Nyuh Bungalows.

    Regretfully we are placing our family resort up for sale. $550,000.00 Australian dollars. Currently Hak Milak with wonderful Nominee. Resort would suit many options eg. family, 2 family investment, yoga retreat. 17 Are of land (approximate ½ acre). IMB and Ponduk Wisata License...
  5. S

    Already Moved to Bali? What can I expect?

    Hi, I'm looking for some detailed insight into living/relocating to Bali (specifically Ubud or North Kuta). I want to know what to expect and what difficulties I might encounter in setting myself up in Bali (if I do indeed choose Bali to relocate to). I have lots of questions below and if anyone...
  6. S

    Buying Property in Bali

    Hey guys just wondering if you can help? My mother in law met a Balinese man about 8 months ago and moved in with him pretty much straight away. Which was fine, she paid the rent for a year in advance and obviously has to come back here when her visa runs out etc for a week or two. This time...
  7. no.idea

    Things I know NOT to do in Bali.

    Now I am aware that running a bar in Bali is pretty well a way to lose money. However I have a rental house in a small road in Sanur. This road has 5 bars and the bars are popular for various different reasons. The house I have is on 7 are of land and is on the west side of the road. This is...
  8. geedee

    Uber go-Jek and general

    I know a lot of members don't like the travel section but the airport - Candi Dasa got 48 replies so I'm not going to be deterred. I have used Uber on 6 occasions now and Go-jek 4 times. Uber, I just love it maximum fare so far has been 22k from Uma sapna Jl Drupadi to Krisna on Sunset rd the...
  9. orang gila

    Kerobokan - Villa for yearly contract

    Furnished 2 story villa, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom (full air con) large deck, large lounge, kitchen, dining area parking, phone, plunge pool, security window grills available now Rp. 65 million year (negotiable)
  10. balinews

    Bali property market remains strong

    Bali is eclipsing glamour destinations such as Ibiza and Mustique when it comes to real estate investment performance. With villas on the market for up to $US11.5 million ($16m), Semin*yak remains the most popular precinct on the so-called island of the gods, earning villa owners gross...
  11. N

    Hindu Practices

    I need some advice here,couple of years ago when renting a house in Bali there was one of those statue type structures in the front garden,the house was a nice place very private,had a nice big high gate entrance which enabled us to be closed off from the street as we wished,however one morning...
  12. G

    Senrtosa Residences Umalas

    New seniors gated community in Bali IN a first for Bali, a high-powered group of developers is building a gated estate aimed at the over 55s. Former Virgin Entertainment executive Ian Duffell has joined forces with Bali-based Australian property developer Saxon Looker's Sentosa Worldwide...
  13. S

    Moving to Bali for a year

    Hello all, First let me kick my first post of with a big thank you for answering many questions through various dates and posts. There is alot of misconception and direction.... its just great to hear from real stories. I suppose where i am at is I am looking to rent a villa for a year within...
  14. B

    A Stunning Villa For Rent In Kerobokan

    For rent (long-term): A fully furnished Villa in Kerobokan bali. Own by my uncle. Villa is about 1 years old. Land size about 600M2 and 400M2 for the building size. Location: In kerobokan area. Near jalan raya canggu. So it's close to canggu, kerobokan, umalas, and tanah lot. About the villa...
  15. L

    Hotel for sale in Lovina

    - 10 are of land, in the village of Anturan (Lovina) - 8 guest rooms, four of which are brand new - Two bedroom house for owners or to rent out - Pool, restaurant - Overlooking ricefield, upstairs rooms have mountain/sea views - Hotel/restaurant/bar/alcohol (bea cukai) licences - Listed on all...
  16. A

    Minimalist house Kerobokan Kaja for rent short or long term rental

    Hi.. I have a cute house for rent, can be short or long term rental. 2 bedroom, one room for storage, living and dinning room, kitchen set, kitchen, bath room cold water only for shower, garden, garage, facilities a/c, furniture and kitchen stuff, stove. Not far from Kerobokan center, canggu...
  17. DenpasarHouse

    Security for Bali Residents

    Here's an article I just found: Not sure I agree with everything in the article. Why doesn't anyone take my idea of living in a concrete bunker seriously? ;)
  18. Markit

    Check your Google Identity Cause the Immi Sure Do

    Another friend of mine is now playing hide and seek with Immi because he was working here before his work permit (applied for by his employer) was finalized. As my friend was working in pretty inaccessible places up a mountain he felt fairly safe from unexpected official intrusions...
  19. Pan

    Telkom speedy

    I have had problems with speedy for over a month. Calling 147 8times. Technicians coming to our place, changed cables and so on and so on. But still speedy (the green light PPP on the Router) comes on and off again. Has anybody similar experience? I am sick and tired to pay (not much, but) and...
  20. B

    Other housing/villa costs - electricity and banjar

    Hi everyone, I budgeting for a move to Bali and I'd like a rough idea of some of the extra costs associated with renting a house/villa for a longterm stay. I imagine that electricity and banjar fees are not included in the rental lease, so I'd love it if you could give me an indication of what...