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  1. A

    Brief intro and Beer question

    Hi New to the forum I’ve been living in Bali a while now currently in my second year in a rented cottage at Legian. I get back to Australia every 2-3 months for a couple of weeks working some of the festivals – Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Canberra etc. Spend a bit of time in north Bali...
  2. bunyip

    Anyone Ever rented a Bemo without driver for a week or so? ;)

    Hi people! Do you think it is possible to rent a Suzuki or whatever Bemo and go for a tour in that? Going back to Flores in February on a Mission and Treasure Hunt!! My Lady has an injured Shoulder and Carpel Tunnel of right hand so doing lots of riding is not going to be possible for her...
  3. F

    Best time of the year to visit Bali?

    Hi everyone. Planning to go visit Bali this December with the whole family. We are going a Bali holiday and our main concern now is if December is best for us or too crowded or bad timing? It's for 2 weeks visit, and if you have suggestion for any family-friendly activity or place too, is...
  4. balinews

    New premium rum launched in Bali

    Distilled from pure Indonesian sugar cane in Java, Nusa Cana is a new premium rum brand launched in Bali between former Diageo executives, Marc Rodrigues, Joe Milner and Andy Gaunt in conjunction with Hong Kong-based mixologist, Sam Jeveons. Loosely translated as ‘island cane’, Nusa Cana is a...
  5. balinews

    Australians making big investments in Bali

    An unnamed investor from Australia is planning to invest Rp 10 billion ($763,000) to open a restaurant in Bali following a foreigner-friendly revision of Indonesia's negative investment list, according to the Investment Coordinating Board, or BKPM. The list — which is known by its Indonesian...
  6. balinews

    How cheap arak is made in Indonesia

    The mother of a young man who was poisoned after drinking a methanol-laced cocktail has shared a video of the rusty tins and garbage bins used by bootleggers to produce the deadly mix. Liam Davies, from Perth, started having violent seizures in the back of a car after drinking what he thought...
  7. I

    Pamp Suisse and Perth Mint Gold Bars For Sale

    One Pamp Suisse 1 oz .9999 and one Perth Mint 1 oz .9999 gold bar for sale. Serious buyers only. Prices non negotiable. Comes with original packaging and receipt of purchase. Testing allowed as long as it doesn't damage the bars. Price each: 1050$ 13,870,500 juta 929 euros 081511099636
  8. spicyayam

    Bali tourist arrivals by nationality
  9. geedee

    Glen Hulley - projectkarma

    Below is a facebook post by Glen Hulley This guy does very good work and i thought it would be a good idea to post here. He needs help (see below) Anyone wanting to give back to Bali and help the innocent children details below Its only money and as i have heard before the expat community is...
  10. balinews

    Bali's coldest beer

    The promise of the 'coldest Bintang in Bali' could be enough to fill Sheppy's on any given day, but it's the Collie couple's warm Aussie embrace of the Balinese culture in that busy Legian Street that keeps tourists flocking back. On a weekend in February, when the monsoon season sees...
  11. balinews

    Bali losing its charm

    Turn the clock back 25 years and it was a real cultural adventure. There were no high class restaurants to speak of. Accommodation was incredibly cheap and the price of going out was very modest by our domestic standards. The charm of the Bali experience was to some extent wrapped up in...
  12. Markit

    Bowie's Ashes?

    The papers are all reporting that David Bowie was cremated and his ashes scattered here in Bali. Anyone know where?
  13. P

    Just 'how many' are on the waiting list?

    27,000 Noma Sydney pop-up restaurant open: Thousands still trying to get a booking Crazy stuff indeed.
  14. geedee

    Happy Australia Day

    G'Day Happy Australia day to you all especially the expats from Australia. Australian of the year is ex army chief David Morrison Great choice a champion of women's equality in the armed forces. He is already talking about Australia being a republic. A lots has changed in my 29 years here in...
  15. spicyayam

    Indonesian reactions to Jakarta terrorists

    I guess ISIS wasn't expecting this kind of reaction to the recent attack in Jakarta: Five Things That Prove the Terror Attack in Indonesia is a Failure - Indonesiana - hermansaksono
  16. no.idea

    Things I know NOT to do in Bali.

    Now I am aware that running a bar in Bali is pretty well a way to lose money. However I have a rental house in a small road in Sanur. This road has 5 bars and the bars are popular for various different reasons. The house I have is on 7 are of land and is on the west side of the road. This is...
  17. geedee

    Do the Balinese like westerners and other Indonesians

    1. Do the Balinese really like westerners or do they just smile and pretend? Do they have a deep down resentment? I think if I was Balinese I would be a bit annoyed that they had all the money ,the nice villas not to mention the yobbos that get drunk ,silly rude and abusive and others who tell...
  18. C

    starting a new business

    coming to bali to further explore our interest in starting a new business. is there a place where expats meet where I we can chat and make some contacts and ask some questions happy to shout a cuppa or bintang
  19. balinews

    Woman faces jail time over Bali land scam

    An Indonesian woman could land three and a half years behind bars if convicted in Bali over a land scam. The indictment read in court on Nov. 26 asserted that Reinta Sortaria Situmorang embezzled Rp 33 billion from British man John Nicholas Hyam, 54, that was meant to go towards the purchase...
  20. davita


    I just copy/pasted this rant from another forum....anyone know this bar....and may wish to refute? Barbs Sports Bar Sanur I just got charged 40,000 IDR for a small glass of ice, with a splash of cheap orange cordial (from a 2 litre bottle) and soda water. What a joke. My rant is over - I can...