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  1. C

    Help with Visa for my Girlfriend

    I'am 25 live in Australia and my girlfriend is 17, lives in Jakarta she has all required documents, ID card, passport, birth cert., etc 1. I'am unsure if I should ask my sister/mother to sponsor her or be the sponsor myself? (as age gap and they might worry she will not return) 2...
  2. D


    Does anybody on this forum has experiences good or bad with transferring money using "TransferWise"? Any info appreciated. Regards Dick
  3. T

    Cheapest way to transfer money from Australia to Indonesia

    Hi, I am getting married next year in Bali and those things are not cheap. By the past I used to utilise kangaroo service to transfer significant amounts of money from my Westpac Australia account to my BNI account to pay rents etc however I have found that they seem to have problems lately...
  4. balinews

    39 Chinese con men arrested in Bali

    Police have arrested 39 suspects as part of a crackdown jointly launched by authorities in Taiwan, mainland China and Indonesia on a cross-border fraud ring based on Bali Island. These suspects, including five Chinese nationals, were sent back to Taiwan aboard two flights late Sunday...
  5. balinews

    Politician arrested in Bali on corruption charges

    A politician from President Joko Widodo’s party became the first sitting legislator to be arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commission less than a year since the current batch of members of the House of Representatives were sworn into office. Adriansyah, 60, a member of House Commission...
  6. marklindsay

    ANZ bank, is it easy to open an Indo acc, if an Oz ANZ customer

    Has anyone any info about opening a Balinese ANZ account as an Australian ANZ customer , without a Kitas?
  7. balinews

    Police undercover Malaysian ATM skimming ring

    Police in Indonesia have traced to Malaysia an ATM hacking spree in which scores of customers at Bank Mandiri have had funds siphoned from their accounts, in a scam similar to one targeting BCA customers earlier this year. “At present there are around 100 customers we know of who have lost...
  8. davita

    will the Russia/Ukraine issue cause us trouble in Paradise.

    Today's acquisition of Crimea by the Russian Federation is surely of concern to people in the EU, and will surely have some repercussions for us in Indonesia. My first point would concern any military purchases (I read that RI are buying fighter jets) and Garuda's planned direct flight...
  9. S

    Where can I cash advance Rp 10 million, besides the BCA Card Centre?

    We don't have a local bank account and have been driving from our house in Canggu to the BCA Card Centre in Kuta to get cash advances on our Visa. (We're on a Sosbud visa and have tried to open an account at several local banks. No dice.) The appeal of the BCA Card Centre is we can get a cash...
  10. R

    Selling property

    We are about to sell some land (in Lombok) and wanting to know how to go about it. It's nominee owned so presumably both us and the nominee sign. But do we need to open a bank account in Indonesia, and if so how difficult is this? Or what are the alternatives. I believe we pay 5% tax but the...