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  1. T

    Mobile plans and credit topup

    I am with Telkomsel, but always find it very confusing when buying extra data on the phone when dealing the standard *363# routine. Apart from it all bing in Bahasa, the deals seem to be very different every time and include really strange extras. Other hard thing to know is how long the data...
  2. geedee

    Australia offers 36,000 jobs

    This is basically saying that Australia has offered 36,000 temporary seasonal jobs 3 or 4 months per year to Indonesia This is a good sign for relations Australia tawarkan 36.000 lowongan kerja untuk Indonesia - ANTARA News
  3. Apocalypse69

    Child responsibility

    I have noticed in my daughters Montessori school that there are many mixed couples there. What I find odd (pisses me off) is that many of the kids don't speak English at all. The fathers cannot communicate with their children! I'm not a rocket scientist but there is something seriously...
  4. G

    Bow Hunting

    At the risk of getting nasty comments from tree huggers, vegetarians etc. I would like to know if anyone else on this forum indulges in Bow Hunting (not on Bali)
  5. S

    Mobile wifi in Bali

    In Australia, I bought myself a wifi modem from Vodaphone. I have no idea how it works, but it does not require any software on my laptop other than standard wifi connectivity that is built in with the operating system. I switch it on, and connect to the Vodaphone wifi network wherever I may...
  6. balinews

    No KITAS for foreign workers

    President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo has ordered that the requirements for foreigners working in Indonesia to master Indonesian and to hold a Temporary Stay Permit (KITAS) be scrapped. Jokowi said in a recent Cabinet meeting that the two rules hampered the government’s efforts to create a conducive...
  7. davita

    Gov't lifts restrictions for Expats.

    I'm confused by the latest comments in the news that the RI Gov't will no longer require Expats to be qualified in bahasa Indonesia prior to being eligible for employment. My understanding is that requirement was only at the proposal level and not even a standard exam has yet been issued. Has...
  8. balinews

    Bookmate ebook reading service comes to Indonesia

    Bookmate, the leading social ebook reading service today announced its partnership with Indosat, one of Indonesia’s largest telecommunication networks and service providers to launch a mass market mobile reading service under the Bookmate-Cipika Books brand. The union expands Bookmate’s services...
  9. N

    Helping Hand

    Hi all,here`s something for those of us who don't speak Bahasa Indonesia, Worth checking it out, Install the latest version of Google Translate on your smart phone, Then for example when say looking at a menu that is completely written in Indonesian,Pop out your phone,open translate,set...
  10. davita

    Mixed marriage property case

    I read that Perca Indonesia (an Association of Indonesians of mixed citizen marriage) was in the Constitutional Court yesterday defending their assertion that not permitting them to own property, because of their marriage to a foreigner without a pre-nup, was unconstitutional. So far haven't...
  11. davita

    PM Cameron visits Indonesia

    Next week UK Prime Minister David Cameron will visit President Joko Widodo to discuss trade and how to deal with Muslim radicalisation....according to news. Apparently UK does more trade with Belgium than with Indonesia...maybe plan B is in action in case the referendum goes against staying in...
  12. balinews

    Singapore club banned from using Ku De Ta name

    THE days of swish club Ku De Ta operating under that name at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) SkyPark may be numbered. One of the biggest nightclub draws here, the 57th-floor bar on top of MBS has two weeks to undertake to the Court of Appeal that it will stop using the name. If not, the court will...
  13. SusanSydney

    Hal milik to hak Pakai

    Hi all, Have seen somewhere on here some info about both cost and time taken to change milik to Pakai But now I can't find it. I won't be buying/leasing until four years hence but am champing at the bit so research has become a substitute for action. Asking because when I use Google...
  14. Smoke

    Indonesia to Withdraw Local Language Plan for Foreign Workers-Sources

    Indonesia to Withdraw Local Language Plan for Foreign Workers-Sources - The Jakarta Globe I guess a huge relief for many
  15. balinews

    Government to raise requirements for foreign workers to increase jobs for locals

    Manpower Minister Hanif Dhakiri said the government will raise requirements on foreigners working in Indonesia in order ensure more jobs available to local workers. The Manpower Ministry is preparing a regulation that will, among other things, limit the type of jobs available to foreign...
  16. balinews

    Indonesia prepares language test for foreign workers

    Manpower Minister Muhammad Hanif Dhakiri is set to make proficiency in the Indonesian language a requirement for both existing expatriates in Indonesia and prospective foreign workers. Hanif said his ministry was planning to establish some kind of online Indonesian language proficiency test...
  17. spicyayam

    New work permit regulations for 2015

    Seems immigration are only making things more difficult for foreigners to work in Indonesia: 2015 New Work Permit Regulations in Indonesia
  18. C

    land lease

    Can anyone help me to find a standard land lease agreement, for land in Bali, that I can add my own details to. Thanks
  19. B

    How that Balinese can treat each other

    My Balinese wife sometimes tells me that Balinese themselves are not always nice to each other. She also tells that I never get to see much of that because of my bright skin. My wife was once bitten by a dog and went to the closest medical clinic to get the needed injections. This was in a...
  20. Smoke

    Merry Christmas

    For all the Expats out there... Merry Christmas