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  1. J

    Tabanan builder

    Hello everyone. Finally secured some land at Balian Beach. We are now trying to find a good builder who understands good quality work and charges a fair rate. Not an exorbitant rate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Regards Gary
  2. Markit

    Bamboo is the Future of Easy Ownership in Bali

    When(not if) I build again here in Bali it will look like this: Exploring Bali's enchanting bamboo village - Images I will lease some land for 30 years, include the option and price of the re-lease for a further 30 years and the following 20 in with the contract. Have it notarized, translated...
  3. balinews

    Bali property market remains strong

    Bali is eclipsing glamour destinations such as Ibiza and Mustique when it comes to real estate investment performance. With villas on the market for up to $US11.5 million ($16m), Semin*yak remains the most popular precinct on the so-called island of the gods, earning villa owners gross...
  4. Rangi

    Anti-drug head plans to build crocodile-guarded prison

    Anti-drug head plans to build crocodile-guarded prison | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily
  5. D

    Building costs - access lane

    Hi - I'm building in Ubud and am a newbie to building and a definitely a newbie to building in Bali. I have an architect and a building contractor in mind, I'm still in the design stage but step one will be to build an access road. The access road is 40mx3m and I've been quoted 70M IDR, with...
  6. C

    building a house

    Does anyone know what's involved in building a house in Bali. I've secured some land. What approvals etc. Do I need
  7. marklindsay

    How much detail is required in drawings for an IMB?

    Hi How much data , part from a basic site plan , position and general dimensions are required for the lodging of an IMB? Are full architectural/builders plans needed? - showing all specs , all internal layout, building materials, roofing , door types etc etc? I'm hoping to put forward...
  8. B

    Can anybody recommend a architect in Negara?

    Can anybody recommend a architect in the Negera area or anywhere really in Bali that works for normal wages, some of these named companies i have contacted think we have money trees in the back yard with the quotes i have had for a 3 bed villa plan only, i have the workers and a picture of the...
  9. H

    looking for a trustworthy builder and architect in bali

    hi there - I am thinking about renting some land ( 25 yrs) about 500 sq metres in bingin/bukit area and was wondering if someone could please help me: 1) recommend a good architect 2) a builder that I can trust 3) any pitfalls or bali scams i should be aware of This is my first time...
  10. balinews

    Indonesian Brides Popular for Aussie Men

    IN 1998, as the riots that *toppled dictator Suharto raged through Indonesia, *Stuart Smith was holidaying on Bali. Strolling through Seminyak, the Melbourne man stopped at a gift shop where a girl called Made was working, earning money to send home to her family in a poor east Bali *village...
  11. marklindsay

    Realistic, competent, draftsman for a simple set of plans for IMB

    Has anyone a contact for a reasonably priced draftsman ? Recent experiences ? Already have a GP and 3D renders and now need to go to the next step. BEFORE I run the builder gauntlet Thanks
  12. DenpasarHouse

    Satellite Faceplate / Plug

    Hi Everyone, I'm having trouble getting information about the type of plugs that are used for satellite television in Bali/Indonesia. Unfortunately, none of our neighbours have a satellite connection and the architect and builders don't know either. Could someone confirm for me which type of...
  13. L

    Bali Airport

    Hi, do you know how much will cost to park the cat at the airport for 3 days? I can’t find any prices on internet.:icon_rolleyes: Thanks
  14. S

    Building on leased land

    Two questions Firstly:when writing a leasing agreement, how do you phrase the option to extend the lease once the original term has expired? Secondly: If the lease has expired, who owns the buildings?
  15. Markit

    Bali or Bust - Some Reasons Why it Does NOT Work

    Was sitting peacefully drinking my kopi watching the sun come up this morning through the coconut trees and the Heron's flying over the rice terraces towards the Hindu Temple in front of the surf break thinking what a lucky man I am. The second thought was why more people don't do the same...
  16. davita

    Prabowo Subianto interview

    The run-up to the next elections in the Republic of Indonesia has started. Although, as expats, I don’t believe it is correct for us to be involved, however, I'm interested and like to be informed. To achieve this I read everything I can about the contestants and find many biased opinion in the...
  17. joji gulapetis

    Will the Bali zoning laws ever have teeth?

    Just read this on the Bali Discovery site. "A Zone Defense Calls to Demolish Illegal Structures and Jail Those who Break Building Permit Regulations (11/3/2013) A member of a special legislative committee to examine problems and issues surrounding the issuance of Building Permits (IMB)...
  18. J

    Boutique Hotel for Sale in Canggu

    As we are relocation to India we have decided to sell our small 5/7 room hotel in Canggu. Property comes with full hotel branding and marketing material (and amazing staff too) and highly recommended on TripAdvisor etc. Considering moving to Bali, investing in a small property and generating...
  19. H

    whats up with Bali Deli?

    Hi, 2 weeks ago when in Bali Deli i noticed a few things... All pre-packaged imported meat non existent - all replaced with the local "mamas" stuff. Selection of carving meats the worst ive ever seen in the last 10 years Oranges and apples were the worst ive ever seen, withered and soft Fruit...
  20. T

    Moving To Bali

    Hi, I am moving to Bali in the next couple of weeks and looking for a long term rental. Either a 1 or 2 bedroom place with a small living area would be great. Preferably I would like to be situated in Legian / seminyak areas as it is close to work. If you have something available that...