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  1. balinews

    Paul Hoffman gets 20 month prison sentence for robberies

    An American man has been sentenced to 20 months jail time for robbing several convenience stores in Bali. Paul Anthony Hoffman’s sentence was handed down on Wednesday in Denpasar District Court. “The defendant was proven convincingly and legally guilty of theft by violence or by threat of...
  2. Billt4SF

    Do morons make you nervous?

    Anyone else nervous? Recent political events in the US, and the speed at which they were promulgated, and especially the questionable sanity -- dare I say outright crazed approach -- of those at VERY high levels of government, make me a bit nervous that a long term living situation for...
  3. jiker69

    New Member

    Hello everyone, Like the Title says, I'm new to this Forum. I'm an American citizen who will be retiring next year (2017). I plan on visiting Bali in the off season to see if it "works" for me, I have high hopes I can blend in. I appreciate all the help here on the Forum. Thank you for...
  4. begonia

    What to do with all batteries

    Any of you knows where I could bring the old batteries? Terimakasi
  5. L

    Looking for a native English speaker

    Hi, we are a French family looking for a native English speaker (young female) to train our 8 year old boy with conversational sessions in our place, twice a week. Our son went to International schools so far. His level of English is good. However now that he is going to the French school we...
  6. geedee

    Indonesian airlines cleared for US flights

    Lots more American tourists possibly. Indonesian carriers cleared for US flights after nine-year ban - BBC News
  7. Billt4SF

    2-prong electrical receptacles

    We have been here a month now and we have realized that the 2-prong electrical plugs and outlets (receptacles) are just not doing the job. They seem to make an electrical connection fine, but a very poor mechanical one. The least bit of jostling (such as moving the lamp on the table to...
  8. spicyayam

    Clinton Cash

  9. balinews

    American woman drugged in Bali bar

    An American woman living in Bali has warned women to watch their drinks after being slipped what she believes was a monster Rohypnol dose in a bar at the island paradise. Mara Wolford said she went to the bar for a drink on July 4 with two friends and ordered mojitos. "I leave the drink...
  10. davita

    Brexit's over and UK has voted to leave EU. Overnight the UKP has dropped from US$1.49 to 1.34. the lowest since 1985. The rate for IDR is hovering around 18,000...lucky I sold most of my sterling a couple of weeks ago at 20,000. Expats on UK pensions in sterling, like myself, will have...
  11. spicyayam

    What's it going to take

    ...for Americans to give up their guns. Or at least a ban from people with obvious mental issues from buying them.
  12. geedee

    Beyond Bali

    I will be coming for a visit possibly mid August. Probably spend about 10 days in Bali I also will go somewhere else in Indonesia Don't want Jakarta Bandung Jorga as Ive been and Lombok doesn't appeal I know you guys are not travel agents but you probably have the experience so am open to...
  13. spicyayam

    HOC Season 4

    I just finished watching season 4 of House of Cards. The first 3 seasons are pretty much based on the British season. Americans tend to keep a series going until the storyline becomes ridiculous and the audience loses interest. I read one review of the series and they said the storyline was too...
  14. geedee

    New Aussie media story today

    Its on again Surely all these stories must start to have an effect however small. Terror attack warning for Indonesia and TV National 9 news (wife loves subtitles)
  15. balinews

    Bali losing its charm

    Turn the clock back 25 years and it was a real cultural adventure. There were no high class restaurants to speak of. Accommodation was incredibly cheap and the price of going out was very modest by our domestic standards. The charm of the Bali experience was to some extent wrapped up in...
  16. davita

    Australian chiropracter jailed

    A third Australian chiropractor has been arrested in Indonesia for allegedly working illegally, as officials enact a sweeping investigation on foreigners involved in health practices. Third Aust chiropractor nabbed in Jakarta | SBS News The RI government is really cracking down on those who...
  17. P

    Just 'how many' are on the waiting list?

    27,000 Noma Sydney pop-up restaurant open: Thousands still trying to get a booking Crazy stuff indeed.
  18. geedee

    Happy Australia Day

    G'Day Happy Australia day to you all especially the expats from Australia. Australian of the year is ex army chief David Morrison Great choice a champion of women's equality in the armed forces. He is already talking about Australia being a republic. A lots has changed in my 29 years here in...
  19. spicyayam

    Who do you think will win the 2016 US presidential election?

    Trump as a president is a scary thought. The other candidates aren't much better. I was watching them speak and all they talk about is how they are ranking in the polls, with a final "I will make America great again". Bernie Sanders is the only one I heard talking about anything of substance...
  20. balinews

    Woman dies after receiving chiropractic treatment from American practitioner

    Health authorities in Indonesia have closed down a popular chiropractic chain after the death of a young patient and the disappearance overseas of the American practitioner who treated her. The case is captivating Jakarta, where alternative medicine is big business. The Chiropractic First...