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  1. geedee

    Air Asia stopping services

    Air Asia have just started sending out text and email messages about stopping direct flights from Sydney,Melbourne and Gold coast. This is effective from 1st September 16. This will affect a lot of people who have already booked especially for Australian school holidays at end of September...
  2. I

    Business Visa - out and back in a day?

    I've got a multi-entry business visa which is valid valid for a year. The restrictions are that I cant stay in Indonesia for longer than 60 days at a time. Previously when I've exited I've always been away for several days before returning. As I don't have any business trips in the short term...
  3. matsaleh

    60 day Visa Question - sammack, please post again.

    Apologies to sammack and to other members. I tried to merge the two threads you posted, sammack, and accidentally deleted them. Please post again. Mea culpa. :culpability:
  4. SusanSydney

    Indonesian airline safety - report on Australian TV

    ABC, Australia's national television station just aired a scary investigation into Indonesia's airline safety record. The program "Foreign Correspondent" discussed training, lack of safety checks and unsurprisingly the word "corruption" was even mentioned. A couple of experts who should...
  5. geedee

    Maiden name on passport

    Just realised that Ive booked my wife in her married name on the tickets and her passport is in her maiden name. I am going from Sydney to Bali on Air Asia (it was a great price for January) Her passport is Indonesian. I have tried to get Air Asia on the live chat but it constantly says too...
  6. davita


    I just copy/pasted this rant from another forum....anyone know this bar....and may wish to refute? Barbs Sports Bar Sanur I just got charged 40,000 IDR for a small glass of ice, with a splash of cheap orange cordial (from a 2 litre bottle) and soda water. What a joke. My rant is over - I can...
  7. M

    Air Asia?????

    Recently there was mention of several airlines with financial problems concerning adequate equities owned to qualify continuing to provide service in Indonesia. They were required to have their respective financial houses in order by 30 September 2015 or cease operations in RI. Among this group...
  8. davita

    Airlines may lose permits to fly

    As it may affect some members who plan to buy tickets to fly Air Asia, or some other minor domestic airlines, in the coming is a link to a report in yesterday's Jakarta Post Business....No grace period for ailing airlines | The Jakarta Post To summarize....airlines with negative...
  9. Smoke

    Jokowi orders AirAsia to pay flight 8501 families

    Jokowi orders AirAsia to pay flight 8501 families - The Malaysian Insider Seems Jokowi is doing it
  10. S

    Air Asia flight not licensed to fly on Sunday

    Indonesia officials: Airline wasn't licensed to fly Sunday route -
  11. S

    Poor Air Safety Record?
  12. Rangi

    Air Asia flight from Indonesia to Singapore vanishes

    Air Asia flight from Indonesia to Singapore vanishes | Terrible news.
  13. balinews

    Air Asia X to start Melbourne Bali Flights

    Indonesia AirAsia Extra (IAX) will launch flights between Melbourne and Bali (Denpasar) on 26 December 2014, subject to regulatory approval. The inaugural route for the low cost carrier goes on sale at 1 minute past midnight (Melbourne time) tonight (28 October) until 2 November 2014, or until...
  14. Smoke

    Air Asia -Bali to SG special

    Just recieved an email for Air Asia Schedule Buy : October 6, 2014 - October 12, 2014 Period : 1 April 2015 - October 24, 2015 Travel Notes- Advance booking required. - Fares are not available during embargo period. Denpasar to Singapore Rp 309.000 Denpasar to Australia Darwin Rp...
  15. balinews

    German man arrested for trafficking cocaine

    Indonesian customs said Saturday they have arrested a German man for allegedly trafficking cocaine onto the resort island of Bali. Hans Peter Naumann, 48, had flown from Bangkok to Bali on an Air Asia flight before he was caught around midday Friday, officials said. He could be charged...
  16. E

    Rupiah conversion inflight on AirAsia Ripoff? Or my Math is wrong?

    Recently on a flight to Bangkok I ordered two beers at the price of 90 Thai Baht each. I was shown this chart of the currencies available for exchange and their rate. I was going to pay in Rupiah but was quoted 140000?:icon_e_surprised: Lucky I had some other currency and I payed $6usd...
  17. J


    Ok done the googling and always coming up with expensive options so will ask here for advice on the current standing of this. What is the cheapest option (by plane, so no boats or hiking etc) to get a trip to Phuket and back from bali for a few days? Airasia used to do direct and I'm very...
  18. S

    Jakarta to Bali...

    Rental cars, preferably 4wd type, but not absolutely much these cost out of Jakarta and can you do one way stuff, like drop off at that port on the east coast to Bali ? transport easily arranged from that port on the Bali west coast...down to canggu ok ? So many...
  19. spicyayam

    Flying domestically with a 2 year old

    Kids usually can fly for free if under 2 years of age. Our son is just over 2 and was wondering if or how the airline verifies the age. I read that US airlines make you bring the kid's birth certificate. Anyone have experience with this with Indonesian airlines?
  20. Markit

    Travelling Bali to Myanmar (Burma)

    Anyone have any advice as to best and cheapest way to get from here to there and back again in about 2 or 3 weeks? Seems from my studies that it's here to Bangkok and then go to the Burmese consulate and get a visa then on from Bangers to Rangoon. Hoping there is an easier way to do it from...