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  1. V

    Poll - What is your MOST favorite thing to do in Bali?

    Hi Everyone, Simple question :) What is your MOST favorite thing to do in Bali? A. Culture Exploration B. Fun Activities C. Dining D. Spiritual Experience E. Party F. Chill Out G. Business H. Other ... Please state :lemo: Can state your nationality please if you don't mind :-) I am doing a...
  2. F

    Best time of the year to visit Bali?

    Hi everyone. Planning to go visit Bali this December with the whole family. We are going a Bali holiday and our main concern now is if December is best for us or too crowded or bad timing? It's for 2 weeks visit, and if you have suggestion for any family-friendly activity or place too, is...
  3. G

    Ideas for a bucks/stag trip?

    Arranging a bucks/stag trip for 5 nights from the 6th of October. There will be approximately 6-8 of us. Any advice anyone has for us re fun activities/nightlife etc would be very welcome. Lively group of early-mid 30's. We are staying in Seminyak.
  4. balinews

    Possible jail time for fixing projector

    As reported by, The Italian Job? , an Italian man filed suit against the Denpasar, Bali Immigration office claiming he was illegally detained and charged by officials on May 22, 2016 during an evening cruise in the Port of Benoa. During that cruise, 36-year-old Carmine...
  5. hadodi

    Corruption? Not everywhere!

    When it comes to corruption, Indonesia has not a very good record. Although there is a lot of corruption going on in this country there are quite some white sheep around. I told the story of honest and honorable immigration staff in Singaraja, Bali, few years ago. Recently, as a foreigner in...
  6. Markit

    Acenet anyone?

    Any info about this internet provider would be great. They are coming to do a site survey and since beggars can't, apparently, be choosers I'd love to know what may be coming at me. The run their service over an antennae so with lots of coconut trees around have not got high hopes. Starter...
  7. H

    Social Activities ?

    As we are thinking of coming to Bali for 6-8 years we were wondering about the social after you come down from the excitement of actually realizing the dream. Is there is a club or bunch of people that do regular scooter/bike runs around Bali or Island Hopping as we've read...
  8. E

    Accommodations In Ubud

    Hi all, I'm new to the group and will be visiting Ubud at the end of this month for about a week. I'm looking for a nice relaxing place to stay as I'm going there for some rest and relaxation and just chill out. But I would also like a place that has social activities so I can meet some...
  9. spicyayam

    Indihome 20MB connection and tv

    So we just got Indihome installed yesterday. It's the 20MB service. Comes together with phone line and a bunch of television channels. Only had to pay for a LAN cable to reach our television. We had to change our telephone number, but that was the only downside. Cost is just over 700K a month...
  10. Markit

    Combating Internet Trolls (in Bali)

    For all of those out there that are not so technically proficient or experienced. I publish this as a help and explanation and look forward to hearing what you think. If you wish to read the full article: How to Identify and Defeat an Internet Troll - The Peorian This brings me to the issue of...
  11. S

    Kids adventure camp 2016 in Bali FUN&TRAVEL

    Hello parents! My name is Elena. We have opened new kids' camp in Bali FUN&TRAVEL. During spring and summer holidays. We have created this camp because we want to offer children a big, exciting adventure in Bali. Therefore, our carefully scheduled program includes interesting excursions...
  12. Apocalypse69

    Child responsibility

    I have noticed in my daughters Montessori school that there are many mixed couples there. What I find odd (pisses me off) is that many of the kids don't speak English at all. The fathers cannot communicate with their children! I'm not a rocket scientist but there is something seriously...
  13. balinews

    Entrepreneurs swap office cubicles for beanbags in Bali

    IT HAS all the makings of an island holiday. Lush tropical surrounds, endless sun and a leisurely pace with which to collect your thoughts. Days here start like most do in Bali. Guests roll out of bed for a 10am start. But the Macbook mafia at members-only Tribewanted in Ubud didn’t come for...
  14. balinews

    Jakarta councilors study trip to Bali comes under fire

    City councilors from Jakarta have come under fire over the cost of their purported “study trip” to Bali, and their only response has been to complain that they don’t get enough money to buy souvenirs. A group of 32 councilors and eight of their staff left Jakarta on a three-day trip to Bali...
  15. N

    Some interesting stats

    Recently I have been doing some research into the number of foreign tourists who visit Bali each year,the most recent figures I found were for 2013, In 2013 they have the figures at 3.27 million,and they have it broken down what each person spends per trip and so on, Average length of...
  16. matsaleh

    Festival in Karangasem - July 31 to August 02

    From Bali News: The Aquarians Have Landed
  17. C

    Going to Bali for 3-6 months...what do I need to do/know?

    Hello there, I'm just starting to plan a trip to Bali for the spring of 2016 for 3-6 months. Any information would be appreciated as it's been awhile since I have packed up and left the comfort of home to travel for that length of time. I'm even open to the possibility of staying abroad for a...
  18. Rangi

    5 Jehovah’s witnesses deported

    5 Jehovah’s witnesses deported | Latest News From Bali | The Beat Daily
  19. balinews

    Australian journalist facing deportation for working on tourist visa

    An Australian journalist is facing possible deportation from Indonesia after being caught working on the Bali nine executions story while on a tourist visa. Daily Mail reporter Candace Sutton had been filing articles under an anonymous byline from Cilacap, a port town near the execution...
  20. Markit

    Internet Censorship Adieu, Hello Hola

    For all those wanting to get around unwanted internet censorship or just wanting to watch shows that are only shown in particular countries I have found a great new piece of software. You will need to use the Google Chrome webbrowser and download the FREE attachment Hola Better Internet...