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  1. M

    Power of attorney / Will.

    Hi guy's, anyone had any experience of trying to do this here in Bali. Getting older so trying to put a few things in place. We all feel like we'll live forever but at the end of the day you never know what's round the corner. Just been trying to do the POA for accounts in Australia and it's a...
  2. C

    taking money out of Indonesia

    We are needing to get quite a bit of money to Thailand. Best options? If we go through the bank, we have to change from IDR to US$ and then to THB. Expensive. The limit of taking money out is only 100,000,000 each I believe and US$20,000 into Thailand. We have a contract for what the money...
  3. spicyayam

    Is it really necessary

    to start discussing this poor guys financial situation while he is in unconscious in hospital: Aussie bashed unconscious in Bali was broke and surviving on handouts -
  4. davita

    Panama Papers

    Whistleblowers have produced a document called 'The Panama Papers'. This shows how some famous leaders and celebrities in the world manage to squirrel ill-gotten money into secret off-shore accounts. Some of the names already noted are heroes and held in high regard! Early days yet but I...
  5. spicyayam

    Phantom credit card charges

    I have seen some facebook posts about people saying their credit cards have been charged without their knowledge and at least in one case they never even used it in Bali. People are now suggesting to put their cards in protective sleeves. Does this really do anything? This is what I found from...
  6. D


    Does anybody on this forum has experiences good or bad with transferring money using "TransferWise"? Any info appreciated. Regards Dick
  7. T

    Cheapest way to transfer money from Australia to Indonesia

    Hi, I am getting married next year in Bali and those things are not cheap. By the past I used to utilise kangaroo service to transfer significant amounts of money from my Westpac Australia account to my BNI account to pay rents etc however I have found that they seem to have problems lately...
  8. balinews

    39 Chinese con men arrested in Bali

    Police have arrested 39 suspects as part of a crackdown jointly launched by authorities in Taiwan, mainland China and Indonesia on a cross-border fraud ring based on Bali Island. These suspects, including five Chinese nationals, were sent back to Taiwan aboard two flights late Sunday...
  9. balinews

    Politician arrested in Bali on corruption charges

    A politician from President Joko Widodo’s party became the first sitting legislator to be arrested by the Corruption Eradication Commission less than a year since the current batch of members of the House of Representatives were sworn into office. Adriansyah, 60, a member of House Commission...
  10. T

    How far in advance to lease Villa

    Hi All We are planning on being in bali for 12 months from January next year. We are looking to lease a villa for 12 months around the seminyak, oberoi, petitenget, kerobokan, umalas, areas. I have been looking at some places online, but many agents have said it is too early for them to...
  11. M

    Confused By Administration Decisions?

    I yesterday posted an inquiry concerning East Timor (Leste). The post was buried. To my mind it should have appeared under "Whats New?", after all most members don't spend all their time in Bali and commonly need a re-entry trip for a visa run. Thus it hardly seems remote to have information...
  12. marklindsay

    ANZ bank, is it easy to open an Indo acc, if an Oz ANZ customer

    Has anyone any info about opening a Balinese ANZ account as an Australian ANZ customer , without a Kitas?
  13. davita

    Need computer help

    Hi guys As most will know from previous threads/posts my computer skill is I'm begging for advice. I have this newish all-in-one has Windows 8.1 and I still use AOL as my email and browser. I had Avast security on a previous laptop and added this Acer to that service...
  14. balinews

    Australia driver runs into three parked motorbikes

    Australian Andrew Marcus Quartes, while driving a red Jeep, hit three motorcycles that were parked in front of the Petitenget Restaurant on Jl. Petitenget in North Kuta, Badung, Bali, on Friday. Quartes, who comes from Sydney, is currently vacationing in Bali. The accident took place Friday...
  15. balinews

    Australia Plus - which providers will carry it

    Australia Plus new media services which will come into effect from Sunday September 29, 2014. With Australia Plus you can experience some of the best of Australian content, covering news and sport, business, lifestyle, education and English language learning. Available online and...
  16. Markit

    Visa Truth Not Tales, Please

    I would be very interested to hear any stories of people that have overstayed their visas - not by a couple of days but possibly months or years. We've all heard the horror stories "my friend new a guy that..." or "she said she'd heard about this girl..." but I have yet to hear from someone...
  17. balinews

    Police undercover Malaysian ATM skimming ring

    Police in Indonesia have traced to Malaysia an ATM hacking spree in which scores of customers at Bank Mandiri have had funds siphoned from their accounts, in a scam similar to one targeting BCA customers earlier this year. “At present there are around 100 customers we know of who have lost...
  18. balinews

    Dive boat captain in court on charges of negligence

    The trial of the captain of a boat carrying seven Japanese women during a scuba diving accident in mid-February began Tuesday in Bali, during which the defendant was indicted for negligence. The accident left two of the seven divers dead. The five others only suffered light injuries...
  19. davita

    will the Russia/Ukraine issue cause us trouble in Paradise.

    Today's acquisition of Crimea by the Russian Federation is surely of concern to people in the EU, and will surely have some repercussions for us in Indonesia. My first point would concern any military purchases (I read that RI are buying fighter jets) and Garuda's planned direct flight...
  20. B

    Paypal problems in Bali

    Joe i deal with them on a daily basis and i have for years and never had a problem ( touch wood ), but i have read that like your good self that a lot seem to have problems using it. Would you put the blame 100% at their feet or could certain banks be part of the problem not processing straight...