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  1. spicyayam

    Can foreign acupuncturists work in Indonesia?

    Does anyone know if it is possible?
  2. balinews

    Indonesian home robbery ends in tragedy

    Six people, including a nine-year-old child, were found dead in Jakarta, after suffocating in a tiny bathroom where armed robbers had locked them the previous day. Petty crime is common in Jakarta, a teeming city of 10 million people, but violent crime including armed robbery is rare. Up...
  3. M

    Starting a 100% Foreign owned PMA

    Hello, we are looking to start up a 100% foreign owned PMA for a new business. This business will be a small scale guesthouse with 10 rooms. We would like to invest 100.000 US$ for this. We read it's getting more complicated to achieve this with only this small investment, that you...
  4. C

    taking money out of Indonesia

    We are needing to get quite a bit of money to Thailand. Best options? If we go through the bank, we have to change from IDR to US$ and then to THB. Expensive. The limit of taking money out is only 100,000,000 each I believe and US$20,000 into Thailand. We have a contract for what the money...
  5. balinews

    Protests rage in Jakarta

    One person was killed as Indonesian police fired tear gas and water cannon to disperse tens of thousands of protesters who rallied to demand the resignation of the Christian governor of Jakarta for allegedly insulting the Quran. At least seven people were injured in clashes between...
  6. balinews

    Singaporean arrested for bringing drugs to Bali

    Ngurah Rai International Airport customs and excise personnel have arrested a Singapore Airlines (SIA) cabin crew member on allegations of smuggling drugs into Bali. The suspect, identified as Goh Tiam Ann Desmond, a 42-year-old Singaporean citizen, was arrested upon arrival on Singapore...
  7. balinews

    Tax Amnesty Exceeds Expectations

    Taxpayers in Indonesia waited until the last minute - as taxpayers everywhere often do. But enough of them responded to a new tax amnesty over the last few days to help make it a relative success as the first phase of the scheme came to a close yesterday. As of 8pm in Jakarta, Indonesians...
  8. klaatu

    Public phones

    Does anyone know where there is a phone that I can use to make an international reverse charge call (bloody banks and their security codes) Denpasar/Kuta area hopefully? Post offices had them once or do they still? Thanks in advance
  9. begonia

    Anybody knows what happen with living in indonesian forum?

    I have been away for longer than two months and I just went to living indonesian forum and noted is has change totally, not only the format but as well the many of the posters usually posted there are they not anymore there. Anybody knows what happen with the forum? Terimakasi banyak
  10. balinews

    Amazon coming to Indonesia

    There are plenty of e-commerce companies trying to crack open the Indonesian market, like Tokopedia, Matahari Mall and Lazada. But none of them have quite managed to catch on the way e-commerce giant Amazon has hooked Americans onto their online shopping services. But now it looks like the...
  11. geedee


    Thinking of spending a couple of days in Sidemen on my upcoming visit. Will visit Kintamani and Lake Batur on a day trip while staying there Any comments please on Sidemen.
  12. spicyayam

    I was wondering when this might happen

  13. balinews

    Indonesian government set to woo foreign investment

    Facing an economic slowdown, the Indonesian government is set to revamp laws on foreign ownership in certain sectors, starting with tourism investments. To many foreigners, doing business in Indonesia has long been an attractive opportunity. The country is strengthening in terms of spending...
  14. P

    Beautiful Australia!

    2m long deadly Mulga Brown snake bites teenage son: Julie Bain’s harrowing account There are 2 stories in this link. Scroll down for the second one.
  15. balinews

    Indonesia's airline ranked lowest in the world

    Indonesia's accident-plagued aviation industry has more airlines with the lowest safety ranking than any other country in the world according to an annual survey. The plane safety rating website surveyed 407 of the world's major airlines, giving each a safety score out of...
  16. T

    Telkomsel bali recharge options

    I am able to purchase a telkomsel SIM card in Australia before heading to Bali to have something when I arrive. The service given me about $15 worth of credit as well. Wanted to know how and what options there are for recharging/ adding credit when over there? is it better to then go to a...
  17. P

    $ limit sending money to bali

    Hi all I have about $40,000 aud to send to Bali. How much can I send at a time without having it flagged or paperwork needed over in Bali? I'm sure if I sent the whole chunk at once there would be questions and maybe "fees" that go with that.. Thinking of either western union or direct from my...
  18. F

    Help With Indo Tax Question

    Hi, My husband is a freelance worker in Aus and gets paid by an Australian company. Will we need to pay income tax in Indonesia if we go there for an extended holiday even though he is getting paid in Australia to an Australian account and we are not permanently staying in Indo? Any advice...
  19. F

    FX Services

    Hey guys, New to the forum and signed up to help out. I work as a foreign exchange broker and was hoping to be able to help some of you guys out. We are based in Australia and have all licenses and regulated under all Australian laws and rules. Please contact if you want a better rate then...
  20. davita

    Paypal problem

    I know that some members here on balipod use paypal. Twice in the last few days I've received the following email. It is fancy and has a picture but just looking at the spelling (my emphasis), and the tone, I'm wondering if this is a scam or a virus connected email if I open the link. Anyone...