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    Organic Gardeners or Workshops

    sanur workshop? Sanur has a gardening workshop or an organic market? Would love more details if its a workshop!
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    Organic Gardeners or Workshops

    I'm looking for a place to learn about organic gardening. I'd love to trade some labor to someone who can teach me what they know! I'm pretty sure I've found every permaculture workshop on the island, but work M-F so really want to find a way to do some gardening on weekends.
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    Surf Camps in Bali

    These are helpful!!! I'm definitely up for some private surf lessons here and there. I do have a young son though so I need someone to watch him while I'm catching waves so it would be great if there were other kids he could play with too. If anyone has private affordable instructors though...
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    Shared transportation in Bali

    I started this Facebook group called Bali Shared Rides for people who have transport or need transport and don't want to contribute to more traffic and pollution. Join if you want to post a ride! I would love people to contact me with any other solutions they know of!
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    Surf Camps in Bali

    Does anyone know of great surf camps that are family friendly and cheap? Ideally with some sort of childcare or something for non-surfing adult to do.
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    Where is a good place to celebrate Independence Day?

    Are there any festivities tomorrow, preferably near Seminyak?
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    Housesitting/Communal Living/work exchange

    I am ideally looking for a communal living situation for my son and I near Kerobokan. Does anyone know of such a situation? Or even an eco-stay place geared for tourists that might be open to longer term residents (for less money or some work exchange)? I'd also be interested in housesitting...
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    Carseat for child

    Would it make any sense to bring a carseat for my 4-year-old to Bali? We're moving next month. I'm hoping to get along without a car there. What have other people done with kids that age?
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    Child's U.S. Passport will expire in Bali

    I am moving to Bali with my 4-year-old. We are getting visas through my job. His Passport will expire, however, next April. Has anyone renewed a child's passport from Indonesia? Where do you have to go to do this? I know there is a form his father will have to submit (as he won't be there)...
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    Renting a room in Kerobokan

    I am moving to Kerobokan in July with my 4-year-old. I want to live very modestly as I'll be teaching and not have much money. Ideally, I'd love to rent one or two rooms in someone's home. However, we will have his father visiting on occasion so it would have to be enough room for 3 now and...