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    local movers

    appreciate your recommendations
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    Jewelry Manufacturer

    I'd suggest starting by researching jewelry manufacturers in Bali or Indonesia online. Platforms like Alibaba or Etsy could be helpful for finding reliable manufacturers. Be sure to communicate your requirements clearly and consider visiting potential manufacturers in person to assess their...
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    Exploring Dining Options: Seeking Recommendations!

    thanks in advance for any input
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    Exploring Dining Options: Seeking Recommendations!

    Hey I'm currently on the lookout for some exceptional dining experiences and could use your expertise. Whether it's a cozy café tucked away in the city or a fancy restaurant boasting culinary delights, I'm open to all suggestions. What I value most is not just the taste of the food, but the...
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    Seeking Recommendations for a Luxurious Resort Experience

    Hey everyone, I'm planning a much-needed getaway and searching for the ultimate luxury resort experience. I want to indulge in abundant amenities, breathtaking views, and impeccable service. Can anyone recommend a resort that ticks all the boxes? Whether it's nestled in the serene mountains...
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    Exploring the Pros and Cons of Investing in Gold

    thank you so much for your suggestion
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    DIY Solar Water Heater (not electric)

    We have been using a Solar water heater for over 4 years now and we have observed that the water does not get as hot as it used to be at the beginning. Was wondering if there is any regular maintenance activity that can be done by ourselves before calling for professional help.
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    buy investment property in bali

    Research different areas in Bali, considering factors such as proximity to the beach and amenities. Engage a reputable local real estate agent to assist you in finding suitable properties. Set a budget, including additional costs like taxes and maintenance. Arrange property viewings with your...
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    IPTV please explain

    I used to watch Sly through cardsharing years ago, before and after the loss of HD and even SD channels. I'm interested in trying IPTV. It'll be mainly for football and sports. Movies/tv shows/documentaries etc aren't a priority as they can be found in high quality elsewhere. So my question is...
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    Jewelry Manufacturer

    You can try Dewi Jewelry, Putu Jewelry, Komang Jewelry, or Genta Jewelry for reliable gold-plated jewelry manufacturing in Bali or elsewhere in Indonesia.
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    Good notary

    Hello. I can't find the exact forum which I might be able to post this to so I thought this one was the closest match. Anyway, I need a few documents notarized by a notary public. They are photocopies of my graduation certificates and passports etc. Any ideas roughly how much it would cost to...
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    Exploring the Pros and Cons of Investing in Gold

    Looking forward to your responses! thanks in advance
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    Exploring the Pros and Cons of Investing in Gold

    Hey everyone, I've been considering diversifying my investment portfolio and have been researching the idea of investing in gold. I've heard mixed opinions about it, so I wanted to reach out to this community for some insights. On one hand, gold is often seen as a safe haven during economic...
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    Good notary

    I'd like to know who has the power of notary public in Los Angeles. Many people have asked this question, but I need help finding the correct answer. Please answer my question.
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    Building Inspector

    I have a question that I try to understand. I pulled a permit to renovate my basement to use as apartment. I gutted everything down to concrete. However, the permit has expired so today I went to pay for a new permit. The Building Inspector asked me what I have done so far. I said I have not got...
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    local movers

    I am looking for a moving service to Canada on the east coast. any suggestions?
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    Colorbond, steel roofs

    I had a leaking roof repaired a couple of weeks ago by what I thought was a reputable company. He has replaced a funny vally which he made up on site out of flat sheet. When they put the roof sheet back down they have put the screws thru the top end of the vally. He has told me that the screws...
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    Dream Interpretation?

    thank you so much for all your suggestions
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    Health Insurance

    hi just in the process of buying our first house and got everything sorted so far we think other than life and critical illness insurance covered. now as we are new to all this does anyone have any advice on what type to go for as in decreasing or level term also is the loan amount for the whole...