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  1. hadodi

    Whats going on with tourists in Bali

    I am stunned! What stupid remarks on a serious matter.
  2. hadodi

    Governor Of Bali Formally Bans Tourists Hiring Mopeds Directly From Locals

    The Balinese who get a little money when renting their motorbike, will be certainly grateful, Mr. Governor
  3. hadodi

    Tourist ban on renting motorbikes

    I agree,Mr Governor, but you should first,start with the tenthousands of locals ignoring helmet and any traffic rules.
  4. hadodi

    The beaches in rainy season

    Unfortunately it’s true. No really efforts are made to solve this huge problem.
  5. hadodi

    Sex outside marriage

    The law is only for Indonesians. So, don’t get stressed
  6. hadodi

    Sex outside marriage

    The law is „only“ for Indonesian. So, don’t get stressed
  7. hadodi

    Adult toys through customs?

    I am shocked about the primitive and stupid posts
  8. hadodi

    The beaches in rainy season

    Factum is,,that Bali has a judge problem with rubbish. You can 100times clean your beach, but where does the rubbish go? Somewhere in land and there it will rot and destroy silently the nature.
  9. hadodi

    Consequences of a divorce in Indonesia

    If you are such negative thinker, don’t get married at all. I have been through thick and thin during our 20year marriage and never thought about stupid lawyer info, mastering all problems and so fulfilling our oath.
  10. hadodi

    Bali airport set to open for international travel

    Imam so sorry for xxxthousands of Balinese employees who have been jobless for many months! The politicians obviously don’t care
  11. hadodi

    George Floyd's Revenge?

    So, you think 9 or less minutes will kill you, but for Floyd it was o.k.?
  12. hadodi

    George Floyd's Revenge?

    I would suggest the following: IF I have time we will do a little play. I will knee on your neck, exactly as the killercop did, for 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 minutes.You tell me aftrwards - if you still can - how it felt.
  13. hadodi

    George Floyd's Revenge?

    Thank you for this clear statement and not wishi washi. The cop is a killer and should me sentenced life without parole
  14. hadodi

    George Floyd's Revenge?

    You mean you are happy to close your eyes and ears and put your head in the sand? I am ashamed of our history, killing millions of Jewish. And I would be ashamed if I were American who obviously learned nothing from their terrible past!
  15. hadodi

    George Floyd's Revenge?

    When I saw the video, this killer cop kneeing on Floyd‘s neck I was shocked and could not believe that this was a human being . No, this police officer is a cold blooded killer. If Floyd was a criminal it does not matter. He should have been arrested and got whatever the law says, but NOT being...
  16. hadodi

    Baldacci Books as new

    I have 21 Baldacci books for sale. If interested pls let me know
  17. hadodi

    Anyone following the Derek Chauvin trial?

    I have been following these awful stories over years! This bananarepublic is a disgust to human rights! I just can hope, but not very optimistic, that Biden will really do some effective. If this killer gets free there will be a lot of violence.
  18. hadodi

    Free speech and the internet

    How can it go,worse?!
  19. hadodi

    Free speech and the internet

    He is a threat to peace. Over years his disgusting posts were published without kicking him out. Late but finally they kicked this sick psycho out