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  1. Billt4SF

    Almost Gone!

    Right. I would love to visit Scotland, but I see it more in terms of a week or two than a month or three. We are looking ahead to imagine a place to stay for a year or so in Europe, from where we could travel around the Continent (and the UK). So far in western Europe we are considering...
  2. Billt4SF

    Almost Gone!

    Sure. Any particular details you might suggest? I think of Scotland as a great place to visit - in the summer. Neat cities (well, at least Edinburgh), and great hiking. For living, like for a few months or years, we think we're looking for something less than $100/night for an extended period...
  3. Billt4SF

    Almost Gone!

    Yes, we did. Indonesia diving is the BEST. We're going to go back the the USA (various places) for 6+ months, and the new adventure is slated to be South Africa. We're more than a little concerned about the situation there, and we're monitoring it. If SA doesn't work out, maybe eastern Europe...
  4. Billt4SF

    Almost Gone!

    Almost gone...after about two years we're down to our last two+ weeks in Bali. We are going "around the world slowly" -- one region at a time - and Bali was our first stop. It's been a great place for us to come after diving Raja Ampat and Komodo (and Bali). Such peaceful rice fields! FIRST -...
  5. Billt4SF

    Best VPN for watching tv

    I also use Nord successfully for Netflix and the like. I have something called YonderTV which works great for watching US sports, but I'm not sure if it would be any help with Australian sports. - Bill
  6. Billt4SF

    Renew an (expired) California Driver's license?

    Renew an (expired) California Driver's license? Oh gosh...well, here I am...getting ready to go on a driving trip in South Africa in a month. At least I noticed it! So does anyone have experience in these matters? I am 67. Thought I would check in here before I proceed. I have seen online...
  7. Billt4SF

    Retirement visa renewal

    yes, we have an agent and he told us it costs about $800+ and he needs the passport for two months. I am just checking to see what others pay for a RENEWAL and how long the passport has to be given over for. - Bill
  8. Billt4SF

    Retirement visa renewal

    Hello Bali people, We have had a retirement visa for a number of months and we will need to renew it before March 18, 2018. What is the going rate (if there is such a thing) for renewal of such a visa, and how long do you need to surrender your passport for? It's multiple-entry (which we...
  9. Billt4SF

    Calling Ubud expats!

    We have been in Ubud for the better part of the last year and love it except we don't have many friends here. Where do you guys hang out? We're a friendly bunch, the wife and I, and although we are Americans, please don't hold that against us! We're retired and active for our ages, we like to...
  10. Billt4SF

    An unusual experience even for Bali

    Not exactly on point, but I read recently that rats have spines that an bend both ways, hence it is easy for them to come up a sewer line and through the business end of a toilet. - Bill
  11. Billt4SF

    worrying times around mt agung

    " reports that experts who are watching developments at volcanic Mount Agung in Bali are predicting, in the event of an actual eruption, that the volcanic burst will explode to the north in the direction of Kubu Village or to the west towards Selat Village, depending on the...
  12. Billt4SF

    PNG Visa in Bali?

    We have a friend just arrived that is heading to PNG for diving and she wants to get a PNG Via before going. Does anyone have any suggestions? I suppose this is the PNG Embassy in Denpassar?
  13. Billt4SF

    worrying times around mt agung

    We live in Ubud and have felt nothing. - Bill
  14. Billt4SF

    Volcano preparation tips

    How long can these ash clouds rain down stuff on us? - Bill
  15. Billt4SF

    worrying times around mt agung

    yes. yes. I am also in Ubud but have not felt anything. - Bill
  16. Billt4SF

    worrying times around mt agung

    The Krakatoa event was I think the largest recorded volcanic eruption in history, maybe the largest explosion on the planet in recorded history. It was followed by a huge tidal wave and the ash affected sunrises and sunsets worldwide for years...maybe a decade IIRC. It totally destroyed the...