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  1. Fred2


    I know Surabaya went to digital channels last week, so new antennas and set top boxes are the go. Not sure if that helps
  2. Fred2

    Swimming Pool

    I have quotes for around 2.6 juta/ all in. Want to use solar to power the pump, anyone tried solar power?
  3. Fred2

    Swimming Pool

    Can anyone please tell what they paid for there pool and what it cost to run?
  4. Fred2

    Merry Christmas Everyone

    Have a lovely day
  5. Fred2

    House loan for mixed marriage couple

    You need your wife to start looking in the local papers, Rumah123, Facebook, there is always bargains to be found. Vendor finance is easy, pay a deposit and the house/land is put in to your name, when you finish paying you get the certificate. If I was you and FIFO I would just rent, monthly...
  6. Fred2

    House loan for mixed marriage couple

    You will not get a loan from Australia and if your wife is not working you will not get a loan from Indonesia as your wages are not used. Vendor finance is the best, we have purchased two houses and land this way. Just pay monthly, set price, get your wife to look around.
  7. Fred2

    A good reliable tax accountant (personal and business)

    Sorry I don't know any accountants, You set up a PT PMA which requires 10billion invested and must employ staff which would do your tax. Indonesian dose not want small foreign owned companies that's left to UD,CV and PT for large companies. Check with the agent that set up the company he should...
  8. Fred2

    Suzuki APV wanted

    Forget the Nmax buy the Xmax 250cc
  9. Fred2

    New member trying to get a villa built in Bali.

    I checked in surabaya and you need a big pour, they run 24/7 on the big sites here
  10. Fred2

    New member trying to get a villa built in Bali.

    That was a good post back then 2011, so hands up who has used a concrete truck on any build in the last 10 years?
  11. Fred2

    Please help ...

    Before you buy look into “ The Kuta Town House” I am sure they will tell you not to buy.
  12. Fred2

    Importing goods

    Just find the nearest Trakindo(CAT) buy a good torque wrench you can't go wrong.
  13. Fred2

    New phone here or Australia

    I moved to Carrum Downs, I know what Melbourne is like, The wife has good Tafe courses here, lots of training available too.
  14. Fred2

    New phone here or Australia

    "The kids and my wife are excited for the move, so we will see how it goes." A month in Melbourne will knock that out of them.
  15. Fred2

    Importing goods

    No need I already have them
  16. Fred2

    Importing goods

    Great idea buy Indonesian.
  17. Fred2

    DIY Solar Water Heater (not electric)

    I have Beasley solar hot water and its not connected to power, never had a problem.
  18. Fred2

    Do l open an Indo bank account

    Open account and use wise to transfer money.
  19. Fred2

    First Melbourne Bali flight in two years

    I have booked for 23 April and will stay 4 night at the Granda inna. The exchange rate must go up soon, I have been getting Rp10,475 with wise so the street rate should match that. After being away for two years so much has changed, ATM card has to have a chip so that won't work, have to get my...