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  1. scout

    Looking for a place in Ubud

    Hi many bedrooms do you need??? Do you want to pay all bills. Or include in the overall price???? Pool??? All of these depend on the price......
  2. scout

    Welshman locked up in Jakarta jail on immigration violation

    Brave whatever....maybe you are the clown....
  3. scout

    Organic Gardeners or Workshops

    Hars organic garden just north of Ubud on Siri Dara st......he will come and help you plant and organise what u need....getting the correct contact Info will post....
  4. scout

    Welshman locked up in Jakarta jail on immigration violation

    Visited.uhmm but have you actually stayed call another human being a clown, irrespective of what he may have done, is IMHO tidak bagus...
  5. scout

    Mulch for the garden

    As a permaculturist and horticulturist....don't let Your staff sweep up the fallen leaves and plant rubbish (except for the frangipani leaves - destroy in a plastic bag left in the sun).... I leave said leaves etc in situ, Balinese hate this, so heap them up add cow poo, rice husks etc...
  6. scout

    Kiwi on drug charges still awaiting day in court

    Is anyone here in Bali allowed to visit this woman, with food and basic personal essentials, if so how do,we find out the proper procedure?
  7. scout

    Bringing a dog to Bali

    my beautiful bali dog, was a throw away, and rescued by an animal shelter, now loved and happily living with me....
  8. scout

    Hi Everyone, new to forum. Need lots of advice about Moving to Bali Please.....

    I would leave the kids with MIL, come over for 2 weeks, check out the schools, look around at where you think you might want to live, perhaps meet up with some of the younger members on this forum, who have children, and find out how they are coping......the issues of living here, especially...
  9. scout

    Need an industrial unit or land zoned for industrial use

    Fantastic!!!!!!! I will talk to some people I know.....
  10. scout

    Laundry tub, why so hard?

    Strangling, no.idea, not straddling...the mind does boggle somewhat
  11. scout

    Laundry tub, why so hard?

    Great idea Markit, I tried that once, it too deep, needs to be half the depth IMO, get a sore back strangling all those skivvies
  12. scout

    ...a luvvly JoeWriteson 2014 Calendar for gatis ...bugger all

    English - for nought - free gratis - share it with whom ever you like
  13. scout

    Help needed and not sure where to post this

    You are a total jerk and not at all sherry, not at your level my dear... Moet perhaps...messing with your quote, who would bother ... And English, bad English IMHO of course .....
  14. scout

    Help needed and not sure where to post this

    Do you actually know what compassion means mr writer, give us a few words in proper English so that we can all understand. BTW I am sure no idea is thrilled with your apology....
  15. scout

    Help needed and not sure where to post this

    Sure it wasn't a piraña??? Lots of us are attached to our dogs, and it is especially devastating when they are poisoned and die in front of us, unfortunately a frequent event here in have some compassion!!!
  16. scout

    Rental of new two bedroom villa with pool

    Sally1... U will need to make a list of questions to ask the owner/leaser... What does the total include, electricity, gas, wifi, gardener, cleaning serving, pool maintenance, water supply....check that property walls inside and outside, visually and by touch, are they damp, if so you will have...
  17. scout

    Ozy Age Pension

    I was out of Australia off and on for approx 3 yrs when I applied....I was told that because I had lived most of my life in Australia, I was eligible...I also explained that I would be living most of my time in Bali, this was not an issue. And as I said previously once you have been absent for...
  18. scout

    Ozy Age Pension

    Peter Link....I am on this pension...I applied when I was back in Australia last year....briefly, they look at how long you have lived there against the time you have been absent, I was approved and able to leave shortly after, didn't have to stay 24 months as Normy mentioned..You get the full...