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    approved visa agents

    Yes that is why I asked , I was aware that only some agents are able to procure retirement visas. They are known as appointed/approved agents. I have been told to be careful who you use as you cannot change their sponsorship. If you leave them you have to start again from scratch. I am aware...
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    approved visa agents

    Thanks Spicyayam, thats brilliant.
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    approved visa agents

    Is there a list of appointed sponsors for retirement visas in Bali?
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    Money Transfer

    I have used Transferwise 21 times in past 12 months to send money from an Australian bank account to people in Indonesia. Payments are made to recipients accounts usually 2 or 3 business days. . I haven't recently compared their fees with other organisations. About 6 months ago they introduced...
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    Samsung mobile phone repairer

    Thanks Johnny, I go back to oz the end of December, hopefully I can have it fixed there.
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    Samsung mobile phone repairer

    Yes made the trip this morning. They could not fix it. Think they were telling me the motherboard or whatever needed replacing. However the board made in Indonesia was different to my phone which was bought in Australia and could not be used. I know my phone is a genuine article. Does this mean...
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    Samsung mobile phone repairer

    Thanks for the address .
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    Samsung mobile phone repairer

    My Samsung galaxy s4 wont show charging light or start up. Anyone know of places who may be able to fix this problem. I am in Sanur.
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    Receive money from myself

    Many people using the tourist or social visa are able to open bank accounts when an Indonesian citizen introduces them to their bank.
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    Bali Fast Boat Safety?

    Yes Davita, I did it in May. Never again . Although only 25 minute flight. Still had to get to domestic from Sanur. Only 1 desk for Wings check-in. Eventually left 1 hour late . About 50 minutes from airport to Banksul harbour , finally to gili air. Returned fast boat to Serangan then driven to...
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    Paul Hoffman's trial begins

    I recall from old posts he was a Harley rider. Also not aware of the X numbered dwellings on Danau Poso, and their purpose. When explained to him said he was against prostitution. He gave me advice on a wedding I was to attend in Lombok. We were to meet at ducks nutz on my next visit for a few...
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    Boat to Gili

    Fast boat Bangsal to Air cost 85000 in February. Think took 10 to 15 mins. I was told slow boats only leave when full and think they put you out on the beach. Horse and cart ripoff at 100000. (No Markit they don't swim across.)
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    Electric disabled scooter

    They are used regularly on Danau Tamblingan (main street) in Sanur . Don't know if they are hired or owned or brought in with them.
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    Retirement Visa from Australia to Bali

    @ dav733. Dave as soon as you cease working you are of an eligible age to apply for oz age pension. Go to your nearest centrelink office and complete the application, or apply by phone, or via the internet. You can earn $164 a fortnight without affecting your pension.
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    Power of attorney / Will.

    I think any lawyer in Bali would do a new will for you. Not sure how you can use a power of attorney without physically showing the original. Any dealings with oz banks from Bali can be a hassle. Phone ids, answers to secret questions, etc. Good luck.
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    Why startups fail in Indonesia

    Fred2. You would die of hunger and thirst trying to find chicken schnitzel and a beer for $10.50 in Perth Aust. RSL club cheapest meal was $12, 2 years ago and a small beer about $5. Meeting friends for pub lunch next Tuesday. Will post minimum costs then.
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    Cookie policy - note to admin

    I only had the cookie policy 'balloon' appear once. I must have clicked the 'tick'. I did wade through the privacy statements. Perhaps I agreed to something in that. Anyway its never reappeared.