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  1. Chris A

    Primary schools in Sanur area

    Interesting... "We're taking JEDI on because everyone else is" is a sheep like behavior in my opinion. Maybe as the program(s) is/are developed; for the sake of transparency, the Principal might consider polling the parents to vet the material / concepts. Your comment "He did not address what...
  2. Chris A

    Primary schools in Sanur area

    "I have asked BIS to clarify who is the source for this JEDI policy idea and an explanation why the long standing existing policies are no longer fit for purpose. No response yet." A new Head of Bali Island School started in June from what read in Indonesia Expat. The timing is a bit suspicious...
  3. Chris A

    Primary schools in Sanur area

    I wonder if the parents at BIS were asked if they were happy about paying to have their children indoctrinated or was it just assumed that adopting JEDI concepts/ principles was for the good of the children and to just STFU if you don't like it?
  4. Chris A

    xmas cards,

    Tokopedia seems to have a good selection. I just got back from Pepito in Lovina and they had some. The printing shops on the island are pretty good and could print some if you give them some ideas. They may also have some programs for doing it.
  5. Chris A

    Long-time lurker, first time poster

    As a one time lurker, but seldom poster, welcome! I'm up in Lovina and the offer to go out and get a drink if you're ever in the area goes as well.
  6. Chris A

    Fast Boat Service from the Gilis

    Okay, kind of what I figured. Some things never change....... Thanks for your reply and insight!
  7. Chris A

    Fast Boat Service from the Gilis Just curious, does anyone know what's driving this change? I went back and read the article twice, but did not see the reason for conducting the trial.
  8. Chris A

    Looking for Babysitter (Aka Baby Sister) - North Bali, Lovina Area

    Casting the net....Looking for a 2nd babysitter to work from noon till 9:00 PM caring for our very high energy 18 month old son 6 Days per week with the ability to travel occasionally both here and in SE Asia. For international travel we will help obtain a passport if needed. Sticking points to...
  9. Chris A

    Minimum listrik

    My guess is that the tipping point will be the use of aircon and how much. For the gear you mention, in my opinion the 1300 would be fine, but if you start adding AC loads, 2200 might be more appropriate.
  10. Chris A

    Driving in Bali

    I'm in the North and don't know of any in the South. I can ask around as that the driver network is pretty tight and most of these guys have been out of work like so many here.
  11. Chris A

    Driving in Bali

    Hire a driver - worth every rupiah for so many different reasons.
  12. Chris A

    Peduli Lindungi

    Just arrived in Jakarta the night before last coming from HKT via SIN. Arrived at 6:00 PM with a KLM flight arriving before us unfortunately and finally departed the airport at 10:45. I never did open the Peduli Lindungi app and to my knowledge no one there did, but I was ready to and in my...
  13. Chris A

    To set up a business in Bali

    Southeast Asia Business Advisors (SABA) - they set my PMA up. Great to work with.