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    Freya needs a home urgently

    What I meant is, the title of the thread includes the word 'urgently'. The OP refuses the offer of a forum member to take the dog. Not because the OP has investigated the new place or meet the owner, he just rejected because he felt offended. I don't think, that Bali is the place where you have...
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    Freya needs a home urgently

    I'm speechless by this level of arrogance, poor dog!
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    Indonesian tax law - pay twice

    Davita thanks for clarification of the real situation. Have a nice day.
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    Indonesian tax law - pay twice

    davita Yes, I'm maybe worrying myself too much... its a Swiss characteristic, but isn't it now usual, that daily life things are connected to the existence of a NPWP number ? Like, open a bank account, get a plate for your motorcycle and so on ? So finally you end up with a NPWP and then...
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    Indonesian tax law - pay twice

    Update on this because of the new automatic exchange of information. Penandatanganan Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement | Kementerian Keuangan RI | Ministry of Finance of Republic of Indonesia I know, it depends on your home country and if it has a double taxation agreement, but I...
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    Alternate to Bali

    Nope, working....
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    Alternate to Bali

    Davita, take instead of 'Liberland' just 'Switzerland'. The usual answer is: 'Oh, Sweden, I like very much too...' Then there is always silence... but on my side....
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    Alternate to Bali

    Yes, its the first 'internet state' off the (digital) world. If you are healty, means virus-free then you can join. All you need is a speedy internet access.... Have fun in your new internet life. Teabag
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    visa free policy Indonesia

    Hi Sherm not a news about the policy, but I can confirm, that its not yet applied in Jakarta. Or at least not by the imigration officer who was at the desk when my dougther was there. She was comming on July 23 from Switzerland via Singapore to Jakarta and was at the border sent back to the...
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    Claim photograph rights in private event

    DMCA ??? SEO ??? I just know RunDMC.... was a band back in the 80's Teabag
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    Hi Everyone, new to forum. Need lots of advice about Moving to Bali Please.....

    Thanks Thumps for the update. Have read all the 8 pages now and was quite amused. Especially our lovely Markit was in top form with his comments. Yes Markit, you made my day. Hope you make it one day to Bali, to live your dream or nightmare. It depends on what you make out of your daily life...
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    Bali Nine Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran to be executed together

    They all knew it in advance, if you are gonna make drug deals in Indonesia, the death penalty may apply. It is even written at the airport on a big sign. So they took the risk and they lost. Action and reaction, where is the problem ? Regards Teabag
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    I Need Motivation from You Have Been Sucess - I have a Dream Need to Come True

    And to make a lot of money, you need only one thing.... a lot of money, simpel too
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    GPS device -- where to get one

    I'm just back from Bali and I used my iPhone with the 'Google Maps' application. Worked wonderful, if you have enough data available on you SIM-Card. Cheers
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    Visa on Arrival price increase to $35

    Geting into a marriage to save money.... ha ha ha, you made my day !!!! :icon_e_biggrin:
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    Bali Pod meet up

    hope its between mid july and mid august, so I'll join too. Will have vacation in Bali for abt. a month.
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    Video streaming website Vimeo banned in Indonesia

    Markit Do you mean Switzerland ? Ok, we're not that big I guess...
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    Where to live in the very last 2 months of your life ?

    Joe interesting point... LOGISTICS... did not think about, that the last days on the clock are maybee not so planable like the rest of the life. Well see.
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    Where to live in the very last 2 months of your life ?

    Hi folks Assuming, that you do not leave the island by accident and that you’re not eaten by a lion (with four legs), where will you spend the very last 2 month of your life? Sure Bali is a wonderful place to stay and live, but when life becomes more and more a burden, when you’re not able...
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    Deaf male

    Songgon Lea, The above statement is compeletely WRONG !!! The brain doe's not drop in the young age, cause the brain is already there since men were born. They key is, the older a male gets, the higher the brain walks !!!! Cheers