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  1. Rangi

    Huge spike in Omricon cases

    This is terrifying.
  2. Rangi

    First Melbourne Bali flight in two years

    This is horrible news.
  3. Rangi

    Omricon in Bali

    Omicron is terrifying.
  4. Rangi

    Booster Time!

    I have had 0 vaccine shots and certainly wont be getting any booster shots.
  5. Rangi

    Australia becoming more strict with traveling overseas

    Yes it is a shame. But I have to be honest, this last year and a half in Bali have been great. I will be happy for the people back in work, but personally Bali has been a much nicer place lately in my opinion.
  6. Rangi

    Australia becoming more strict with traveling overseas

    I would be hating it if I was stuck in Australia. So glad I have been in Bali during the pandemic. I will be sad when tourists can come back again.
  7. Rangi

    Just when things were starting to get better

    Personally since last March last year I have been loving it. Less crowds around. The roads are quieter and to top it all off, covid19 prices everywhere. This has been wonderful. I get it has made life difficult for a lot of people, but for me personally this has been a wonderful time.
  8. Rangi

    Bali beer and bar thread

    I have been going to a great bar called LXXY, they have the best deal on the island. 50k for 4 hours unlimited drinking. Beer, vodka, whisky. 5 p.m until 9 p.m. Great deal. See you there.
  9. Rangi

    No confirmed cases of Wuhan Corona virus in Indonesia

    The coronavirus is definitely in Indonesia.
  10. Rangi

    Your thoughts

    My thoughts are is how Feckin pathetic. To think that 2 people are happy in a relationship, but can not be together because they were born in to different religions is so feckin stupid. Shame on her family for ruining her chance to be happy. How incredibly selfish. I could keep ranting on...
  11. Rangi

    A Bali Xmas.

  12. Rangi

    UFC on Fox sports schedule

    I have noticed they generally only play the PPV's live but generally do have replays of the free events. I know they are all free on Fox Sports but there are events that are pay per view in other counties, for example UFC 198 coming up. You can search online, type "fox sports Indonesia...
  13. Rangi

    Fevers and general sickness lately

    I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary down here on the darkside.