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  1. villabalipassion

    Land purchase/lease in Bali - issues to consider

    By LAW foreigners can NOT OWN land on private name. Leasehold safest way. - > a lot do contracts through "nominee". Guess 95% goes well but try read some of the problems can rise whee through pressure or blackmailing foreigner just need sell cheap or even loose all investment
  2. villabalipassion

    Burglary in umalas

    its really getting more and more crazy not that long ago police was very proud having arrested 2-3 guys and recuperated some phones and laptops but last week in Tegal Cupek I in middle of night with people in the villa !!! > security might be good BUT it is also known security and/or staff...
  3. villabalipassion

    Land purchase/lease in Bali - issues to consider

    JUST CAN 100% AGREE WITH EACH OF THE 18 points ..... looks like so many foreigners "complain" about corruption and bureaucracy but are the first to try to avoid the "legal prescriptions" by insisting on freehold .... I did leasehold land 25 years + inside contract a pre-agreed 25 years...
  4. villabalipassion

    Bali Airport

    YES, possible ! - YES POSSIBLE - when come out just turn right and have a ca 150/200m walk .....
  5. villabalipassion

    DIRECT OWNER > my 2+1 bedroom villa for rent

    ***Villa Bali-Passion*** location: jalan Tegal Cupek II > end jalan Bumbak / Umalas - 400m from Bali Buddha / Moka Cafe / Plumbers Arms > my Modern Tropical Villa Style Villa 3 BR each with AC (36-27-8m2) - 2BA en-suite - half...
  6. villabalipassion

    Villa available for contract - Kerobokan

    Hi Peter, as I read the place is contracted please feel free checking my place closer to Umalas & Canggu ***Villa Bali-Passion*** > a 3 BR each with AC (36-27-8m2) - 2BA en-suite - sitting area / dining / kitchen in separate...
  7. villabalipassion

    Invitation for freelance Agent villas at Umalas

    please can you send more info to where exactly located in Umalas? I live end of jalan Bumbak Villa Puri Bali-Passion | Accommodation with private pool for a comfortable stay in Umalas, Bali. Daniel
  8. villabalipassion

    Bali-Passion Umalas - Kerobokan > 20 years lease or immediately leasehold ca 46 years

    BALI / INDONESIA - Kerobokan / Umalas In a still booming real estate market in the vacation rental sector UP FOR LEASE GREAT AS INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY TO CREATE YOUR OWN VACATION RENTAL BUSINESS ON BALI "BALI-PASSION" Umalas - Kerobokan my small compound of vacation rental units /...
  9. villabalipassion

    iPhone screen repacement

    Ajie very reliable person but not sure he has original spare parts > there is Apple store along Kuta Beach close to McDonalds ... and there in front in middle of atrium they sell all "white variants" of Apple products at a fraction of the price ...
  10. villabalipassion

    Introducing my blog on building in Bali

    is blog still running? I get Blogger Blog tidak ditemukan Maaf, blog yang Anda cari tidak ada. Namun nama buildingonbali tersedia untuk didaftarkan!
  11. villabalipassion

    Introducing my blog on building in Bali

    - maybe update 2013 land prices sky rocking building material average 30% higher salaries workers depending companies but I paid my workers (they told me how much they wanted, not me told them how much) ... 2010 was 55.000 rupiah pro person pro day, in 2011 I gave them than 80.000 as...
  12. villabalipassion

    Villa Rental License and Taxation Issues- Help Needed!

    - As foreigner on Bali WITHOUT kitas, one can NOT WORK and having a rental villa is considered as business. Me too have build property on leasehold land and first was accepted Hotel Melati which can be on a foreigners name but while in Europe I was advised no more such a license anymore...
  13. villabalipassion

    An Idiot’s Guide to the One Day Visa Run (to Singapore)

    i did the social visa run for little more than 3 years, so guess had 7 social visas with 6 Singapore trips, few times in one day through agent help and few times just by myself staying 3 nights in Singapore NEVER had any question NOW "vitas/kitas" based on marriage so good for 1 year and as I...
  14. villabalipassion

    Bali to earn revenue from foreign worker permits

    1 juta > 900.000 in pockets and than see what can be done with the other 100.000 !!!! - - - why not control ALL ILLEGAL WORKERS and they get to pay a 1 year salary - so when 500 illegal foreigners earning each 18.000$/year easy extra 100 local administration personnel controlling - - - and...
  15. villabalipassion

    Villa Puri Bali-Passion

    selamat pagi all i have finished recently my large bedroom villa accommodation situated along the rice fields of Umalas / Bumbak, quietly located good price - quality, ideal for larger families or group of friends as 4 -5 -6 or even 8 bedrooms or in low season room by room for 3-4 days...
  16. villabalipassion

    Hallo everyone... thanks admin. I'm new member :)

    selamat pagi to all i am already member quiet long time but see i still can not post ... why is that please? i live now little more than 3 years on Bali and married to an Indonesian beauty have a nice day Daniel
  17. villabalipassion

    Looking for cheap accomodation for a one month stay in Legian/Kuta/Denpasar Area

    Megasari Bungalows on Padma, someone advertise now for rent 5juta/month and 60juta/year which or too expensive yearly when paid in front or when the yearly is correct the monthly too low will go see this afternoon a "kos" for local people very difficult to find under the...
  18. villabalipassion

    need a 2-3 bedrooms villa/appartment in seminyak or around from now

    Hi Valerie, i just rented out mine yesterday for 5 months but please give my wife Betty a call, she knows maybe 1 or 2, just a lot already booked with NewYear 081381777257 Daniel
  19. villabalipassion

    Wanted to rent, house kerobokan/canggu

    Hi how long they need? upfront payment? pool? wifi? cleaning staff? starting when? i have a 2+1 coming free now 8th but yes depend on how long rental and should be upfront or 50% upfront and than monthly till half term Daniel
  20. villabalipassion

    Villa Canggu 2 bedrooms Pool and garden overcontract for 8 months

    bonjour Karim, pourriez-vous donner addresse exact svp? je suis pas si loin avec possibilite de venir assez vite possibilite d'aller au delas des 8 mois de location? Daniel