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    Kids full face helmet?

    Can anyone tell me where I could find a full helmet to fit about 3 years old, not the ones that just clip under the neck. I remember driving past some but can not remember where it was...
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    Who knows where to get Bali Cider

    Bali Jaya. 380 000 ish a carton and 20 000 discount on your next carton if you return the bottles
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    retractable clothes line?

    Has anyone ever seen one of these in Bali?
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    extending my passport

    My passport is going to expire early next year is it easy or possible to renew in in Bali? Should I just do it now while I am in Australia?
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    sunshade awnings

    If you don't mind I would love the contact details too please.
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    Three months with Two Kids... what will they need?

    I saw Ace had the kids bike trailer for around $100. You could re sell when you leave
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    dogs still not allowed to and from Bali right?

    No not me, a friend of a friend wanted to bring her dog on a 10 day holiday to Bali... And I'm not joking!
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    dogs still not allowed to and from Bali right?

    Thanks so much, I thought that was the case. But always someone's auntys, friends cousin knows someone that did it.. :)
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    dogs still not allowed to and from Bali right?

    A friend of a friend says you are able to take your dogs in and out of Bali now. Did I miss something? Did they change that law? As far as I know, Australia won't let dogs from Bali here.
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    That Hooker's My WIFE!!!

    Usually people ask if he's my nanny, gardener etc... Makes me laugh so hard! Some builders next to us asked how much he was getting paid to build our house! Haha
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    That Hooker's My WIFE!!!

    I'm as white as they come and my husband is super black. Twice I've been asked if I'm his mum... Sigh... He's 3 years older than me.
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    letter to leave Indonesia?

    Haha not my husband! I read it on an indo expat web page. I had never heard of such a thing, that's why I was checking :)
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    letter to leave Indonesia?

    If I (Australian) live in Bali with my Indonesian husband, is it true he nees to write me a letter of permission if I want to leave Indonesia without him?
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    Nursery/Pre-School Recommendations?

    Not yet :) still undecided, what is nursery though? Is it 3 year old?
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    Nursery/Pre-School Recommendations?

    I always ask if you know the price of these schools? some people in Australia put there kids in private schools so the fees are not a problem. I got a major shock :) AIS and Green school are over $10, 000 AUD per year for fees alone. Sorry cant help anymore than that. But good luck finding a...
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    the neighbours kids are driving me insane!

    Does anyone else share this problem? All the kids on my street are constantly coming over and inside my house. Even when the gate is shut and locked from the inside, they just come in. I have a baby and toddler so I don't mind a couple coming to play every now and then, but they come when the...
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    Moving to Bali with family renting against buying

    Mine are still little so haven't decided yet :) I have thought about distance ed from WA if all else fails. Then I'm not the teacher lol
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    Moving to Bali with family renting against buying

    Hi The thing with 'buying' is you won't own it. No foreigners can own property in Indonesia. Even me with an indo husband our house is in his name only. So technically, he can sell it and keep the money! Also something you may not have looked into which is my main money concern is schooling...
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    plastic power point covers?

    Does anyone know if you can buy these in Bali? The type to stop kids sticking things in them.
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    where to buy baby stuff (cot etc) and washing machines?

    ace hardware You can get high chairs and portacots from Ace but they are very expensive. Few hundred bux for fisher price porta cot. Sometimes people sell 2nd hand in Bali Advertiser.