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  1. JackStraw

    New member - lots of questions ...

    Welcome to Bali mate and this forum. When I first came to this island, a wise sage gave me one word of advice - and one word only. Patience Patience is the key to living here. Patience with the unruly tourists. Patience with the traffic. Patients with the government (or lack thereof)...
  2. JackStraw

    Traffic in Bali

    Cars are considered massive status symbols in Indonesia. They would rather look cool and rich in their Toyota Fortuner then get to their final destination faster on a motorbike. In my opinion, unless that aspect of culture changes, the traffic problem in Indonesia will never get solved. Same...
  3. JackStraw

    Staying for a while, glad to get to know new people

    If your Romanian sisters and or female friend ever pay you a visit in Bali, please let me know and I'll be happy to act as a tour guide
  4. JackStraw

    Some places are not quite 'magic'.

    As Mark Twain once famously said, "the only two certainties in life are death and frustration living in Bali"
  5. JackStraw

    Some places are not quite 'magic'.

    In terms of permanent living, I'd take modern Bali any day over what you just described in 1979. Sure, that does sound ideal for the holiday-goer but imagine raising a family in Bali back then? Not possible. I love that Bali has seen rapid development. We have better schools, hospitals, and...
  6. JackStraw

    Nice to meet you! Trying the whole digital nomad thing. I need friends lol!

    Come on mate, relax. We're all just partaking in a little newbie hazing. It's all in good fun. Have a Bintang, laugh a bit and enjoy life for a change.
  7. JackStraw

    Nice to meet you! Trying the whole digital nomad thing. I need friends lol!

    Just having a little laugh and tough love. Something these younger generations wouldn't understand. Good luck Clay and welcome to Bali. Keep your wits about you and you'll be alright.
  8. JackStraw

    Airport North Bali

    Now that the North Bali Airport is scrapped, that should free up some extra capital for the new railway up the west coast from the airport to Canggu. Locals are already calling it "the Digital Gonad Express"
  9. JackStraw

    Road From Mengwi To Singaraja?

    Shortcut is a misnomer, the existing road is being straightened. It's not a toll road and remains two lanes, though the upgraded sections aren't congested with warungs, etc. 6 hours from where? I find that hard to believe. I drive from Tabanan to Sanur regularly both in a car and a motorbike. I...
  10. JackStraw

    Question... what's a homestay?

    A homestay is not a resort. It's not typically someone's home either (but it can be that depending on the situation). Typically in Bali, a homestay is a cheap hotel room on someone's property. Depending on the size of their operation, they will build several basic rooms on their property and...
  11. JackStraw

    Nice to meet you! Trying the whole digital nomad thing. I need friends lol!

    How long before this guy comes on here talking about his taxi driver "friend" Wayan and asking us for land buying advice using a nominee agreement? I give it 2 more months.
  12. JackStraw

    Could Indonesia offer a digital nomad type of visa?

    This guy gets it. Not many like you I'm afraid but welcome nonetheless. you will flourish here.
  13. JackStraw

    Meanwhile in Thailand

    I think you are giving far too much credit to the majority of parents out there. Most of them are retards! They can't even take care of themselves never mind be a good role model for their kids! You are the exception to the rule in this case but I certainly think schools should be responsible...
  14. JackStraw

    Meanwhile in Thailand

    They have these things called schools. It's for teaching. You could teach people about responsible use there.
  15. JackStraw

    Meanwhile in Thailand

    Some of the darkest days of my life were when I was smoking weed every day. I think it's a horrible drug and should not be advertised in such a way. If it has medicinal purposes, then great. Let's explore that. But I think creating a culture in which drug use is normalized is not the way to go...
  16. JackStraw

    Serial Rapist to Open Studio in Ubud

    I don't see Indonesia on this list.....
  17. JackStraw

    Serial Rapist to Open Studio in Ubud

    Normally I would agree with you on this but Russel Simmons fled the US when these accusations came out and he hasn't returned back. Indonesian legally can't turn him over either since they don't have that kind of relationship with the US so I think he's hiding out here and guilty.
  18. JackStraw

    Serial Rapist to Open Studio in Ubud

    Ever heard of the famous American record producer Russel Simmons? Well, he fled the US due to numerous rape accusations and ended up where? You guessed it. Right here on our beloved island. Now he is opening some scam yoga studio in Ubud where he is heralded as a "Yoga guru and international...
  19. JackStraw

    Bali popular with crypto investors

    While I do agree with you that hundreds, if not thousands of crypto projects are ponzi schemes, rug pulls or out right scams, I think Bitcoin and a few other notable blockchains are 100% legit and offer real benefits for society. I think we might have even discussed this in the past Markit.
  20. JackStraw

    Please help ...

    Happy things worked out for you mate but that's hardly been my experience renting several properties on this island nor have I heard anything close to your story from any of my foreign acquaintances either. For example, my friend paid 3 years up front for a villa in Jimbaran. Over the rainy...