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    Looking for Good International Tax Advice...

    Thank you for your response ferdie. I am interested as an individual, not as a company or corporation (unless of course it becomes necessary to incorporate). Being a duel national from two countries with wildly different tax laws for foreign residents (I only pay taxes in one), and married to an...
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    Looking for Good International Tax Advice...

    Hi all, I am looking for any recommendations for a good professional international tax adviser here in Bali. I need someone well versed in international as well as Indonesian tax laws. Any recommendations or info would be greatly appreciated. thanks, Py
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    Alfred Russell Wallace Vs. the time-share salesmen.

    I live off a small and very quiet road in a large secluded house overlooking about 200 degrees of ocean off the south coast of the Bukit. My work is here so I only drive for the surf that is all around and easily accessible on uncontested roads of the extreme south. Why the gloom then? Not...
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    Alfred Russell Wallace Vs. the time-share salesmen.

    Well, 10 years on, and not only did my worst predictions come true, but it's a hell of a lot worse than that. Goodbye beautiful island, we hardly know ya!
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    Art exhibitions

    Oy Roy, do let me know when Jason has his show, will trudge up there. Love the crazy old bastard. Ash
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    Earliest Bali Painting by Arie Smit Sold

    That's all? Old Mr Smits should be worth a lot more than that. ...And what's all this rubbish about guilt and sales and profit? Why should artists not make money? They should, and lots of it. Look at all the real estate vultures and sundry finance grease balls raking it in. There is also...
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    Indo enactment regarding Porn

    I personally believe that one should have faith in the Indonesian temprament. Wahhabism was born and took root in the harsh desert climates of the Arabian Penninsula, its footing has no real purchase with the elastic temprment of this tropical 'rakyat'. Plain and simple, this is political...
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    Indo enactment regarding Porn

    Here is the issue more or less laid out. I consider this potential law to be of profoundly great importance to continued living here in R.I. Balinese Make A Stand Against Controversial Law I Wayan Juniartha Denpasar, Bali It wasn’t the kind of crowd that usually frequented the...
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    Going to Bali

    I hold my position. You want it, you live it. You cannot just buy it! This is not e-bay.
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    Moving to Bali

    Sharing development info! Pongken, I am so dead set against giving out that sort of information, I just cannot tell you. Think it through!
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    Marriage, Alu, The offer of a Girl

    Robert, shouldn't this be on the other thread, "Money, money, money"? This thread after all concerns a wedding announcement! Just a thought.
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    Marriage, Alu, The offer of a Girl

    Congrats!!! Yeah, those alu have hysterical pitched battles with the neighborhood cats on my roof. I wish you and Dewi the very best. Time for the pendulum to swing!
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    Money Money Money

    S.N.A.F.U. Situation normal all fucked up! Or... kehidupan yang biasa di Bali! Better cover your Belander butt my friend, heard these horror tales too many times before, like the half hourly thunder and crash of the overhead manhattan bound 'L' train as it picks up the sweat shop hordes...
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    Why tomorrow Bert? Why tomorrow? I just get back on the same plane an hour later. Nobody gives a poop, all above board, so to speak. A.
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    hard times

    Holy shi*t Thorsten! SH*T, SH*T, SH*T !!! So sad and horrific! God Thorsten, if you loved your old man in anything similar to the way I love mine I can only empathise with you loss a thousand tiimes over and in a thousand different ways. Death waits unexpectedly for all I know, but only...
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    Books in Bali; humidity, book shops, Amazon etc

    Methods of Goods infiltration. I personally have no surefire method so cannot glibly order the odd book, CD or vitamin bottle on a whim. I do however have friends with fully accredited and registered P.T.'s (Indonesian registered companies). These are friends who have as part of their job, to...
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    Merry Xmas Everyone...

    Gone... See ya'll in th '03. Gone to visit the family and do a little work in Hawai'i for X-mass and New Years. Seasons greetings to you all. xxxPy
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    Most Embarrassing Moments on Bali

    Being a little dramatic here maybe... A little more time on the www. than is wise would probably be a more prudent way of putting it. After all, I spent two days this past weekend surfing flawless waves alone with two friends in the unspoiled wilds of west Bali. Wednesday we went up to The...
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    Most Embarrassing Moments on Bali

    Only this... That I moved mountains and braved fiasco to live on an exotic tropical isle outside the tides of contemporary simultaneous and consumptive culture... and what do I do? Live on the Damned computer! Bloody shrinking sacrilege!
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    the dental floss mystery

    By the Bushel... 10yards, 50 yards, 100 yards, menthol or plain. Coming from your specialized toothbrush or coming from a small plastic box. How you like it, this place got it. Up to speed with the rest of the world until February when the general consensus is if things don't get better, well...