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    I need medical insurance for my KITAS- now can''t get 12 months travel Insurance- any ideas? Indo medical Insurance?

    Any ideas for a reasonable priced medical insurance? I am 69 years old and best quote I can get is $6,500 AUD for 12 months. Is Indo medical insurance available for expats?
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    Good auto workshop with good mechanic

    Can anyone recommend a good auto workshop for modern car servicing and repairs. I don’t want to take my car to the dealer in Denpasar again- useless
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    Which hospital/ clinic for a colorectal examination

    I have had regular colorectal screenings in Australia and want to know if anyone has had one here and would they like to comment on the quality of service and the cost?
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    Good agent for my KITAS

    I asked if anyone would like to recommend their agent to do my KITAS as my previous agent was not reliable. I received one recommendation whom I contacted but have not yet received a reply, almost two weeks since. So I’m back again, asking if anyone would like to recommend their agent, did a...
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    Reliable immigration agent for KITAS

    Hi everyone, I’m looking for a new agent for my KITAS, my last one tried to rip me off. Can anyone recommend an agent (from their experience) who is honest, reliable, dependable. Please only recommendations from your personal experience. Thanks everyone.
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    Best swimming pool supplies shop?

    What’s the bedt pool shop in Bali, for experienced staff, range of equipment and prices.
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    Aluminium windows supplier in Bali

    I want to use aluminium windows in my new build in Bali. can anyone recommend the name of a reliable, good quality aluminium window company? I'm also interested in seeing if double glazing is available and at what price. Thanks
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    Local (Indonesian) health insurance

    I need health insurance for my retirement visa. Has anyone managed to get local health insurance and if so how much are you paying a year? Who is it with? Thanks
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    Where to buy a gas barbeque

    Has anyone bought a gas bbq here? I like the Weber style is it is available. Cheers
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    Typical time frame to take ownership of land

    I have bought some land and am putting it in a Balinese friend’s name and having a mortgage loan agreement drawn up from him to me. I spoke to the notaris yesterday as to how long it will take until all the legal transactions are completed and I can hold the loan documents in my name. He told me...
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    Balinese Architect

    Would anyone recommend a local architect? I only want a recommendation for a qualified architect that you have actually used not a second hand opinion. Most architects I have had experience with in Australia don’t understand the concept of designing to the client’s stated budget. Therefore I am...
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    Land survey/ topographical survey

    Can anyone recommend a surveying company they have used? I want to do a topographical survey on a small (5 are) plot West Bali. How much did they charge per are? Thanks