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  1. Metter

    Housekeeper / Domestic helper salary

    My current helper has moved to a full time position and I need to replace :-( I am increasing the house and duties for the new person (including sweeping outside, more ironing, maybe some meal preparation at time and general things as well as cleaning). I always am uncertain regarding salary...
  2. Metter

    Don't judge me - Thermomix

    I have a Thermomix ( no.comments please ) TM5. It is playing up / broken and I think a contact on the bowl is to blame. Before I pay for a new one to be shipped from Australia it would be good to try another bowl. Does anyone on this forum have a TM5 and would be willing for me to bring my...
  3. Metter

    Independent building supervisor

    Ok, have taken the plunge and hired a contractor. Advice I have been given from multiple sources is to hire an independent person to keep an eye on the build. I will also be doing this but I am no building Technician who can check foundation prep or other things. I have someone in mind who...
  4. Metter

    Eye test for Prism lenses

    My wife has a prism in her glasses. She needs a new test as she has double vision even when sober!!! Our usual opticians here does not have the equipment for prism prescribing. I am guessing one of you wonderful people may have a prism prescribed here. If there are any recommendations that...
  5. Metter

    Biznet issues - Switch to MTM Bali?

    I have been with Biznet for the last year and a half. I am now finding quiet a few outages or slow internet which prevents streaming. Has anyone with MTM had similar issues? I am considering switching from Biznet but as streaming is important to me I don't know if these outages are just Bali...
  6. Metter

    Wages for part time gardener

    Despite not working I never seem to have enough time - or motivation. To keep on top of the garden. I am looking at getting a part time gardener and once the garden is back in shape may only need 2 hours a fortnight. I live in Sanur and hopefully would get someone who lives locally. What would...
  7. Metter

    Vaccine passport / evidence of vaccines

    There is an Indonesian contact tracing app which also has a record of your vaccination status. This however needs a KTP number and for those of us who just use a passport this is not accepted. Has anyone without a KPT managed to get this app working to evidence vaccine status? I have the paper...
  8. Metter

    Deep well water testing.

    Can anyone advise where to take deep well water for testing. I have found a local laboratory and they want 2.7jt which seems excessive. Any advice if where to go ( politely ) would be welcome
  9. Metter

    Healthcare in Bali - Travel Insurance

    When we returned to Bali in September we took out travel insurance till the date we were due to go back to Australia. We are now staying for the rest of the year. The " already left" travel insurance options are more limited now, and would cost about $3,000 Australian for us both till the end...
  10. Metter

    STLD - Where do I report and can I?

    Having read regarding the the vaccination programme in Sanur it mentions that all "non residents" who now live in Sanur must self report and get STLD certificate. I am unable to find information regarding this. I can report to the police and get an ASLI certificate but I know nothing of the...
  11. Metter

    Architect recommendations / floor plan design ideas

    I have been speaking to a couple of architects regarding the plans for a new 3 bedroom villa / house. The design concept that has come come back so far is almost 100 sq meters larger than we requested and this is has resulted in rooms larger than we anticipated and wasted space. I would be...
  12. Metter

    Full time maid, live in or out?

    Mrs Metter and I are looking at floor plan designs for what may be our home into older person years. The need for a maid will likely increase and I think full time will be realistic at some point. If we go the pathway of live in then now, when planning the build, is a sensible time to plan a...
  13. Metter

    Can anyone Recommend a notary for Sanur land lease

    I am leasing 3 are land in Sanur and need a reliable notary for purchase and due diligence. Any recommendations would be great. I have Rainy Hendriany contact details. Cheers
  14. Metter

    Leasing land in Sanur

    I am thinking of leasing land and building a villa rather than renting longer term. It seems that for 10-15 years renting we could build something which meets are needs better. To the main point. We live on the west side of the Bypass now ( not the beach side ) - Batur Sari Land is being...
  15. Metter

    Transit time through Jakarta

    I hope to be coming home soon. All flights I have looked at come through Jakarta - land at 6pm. Has anyone arrived internationally in these covid times? How long should I leave between arrival and domestic departure or should I overnight at the airport?
  16. Metter

    Insurance advice amid Covid-19

    We had come to Australia for 2 weeks and seem to be stuck here. Our cat is in a Cattery in Sanur. Travel insurance invalid if we travel against government advice I have looked into expat insurance ( will be going on a social visa) but I am being told that would become void once the CDC in the...
  17. Metter

    Do I need to be concerned?

    I have been living most of the last 14 months in Bali. The first 6 on a social visa then a tourist ( paid) visa which I extended and then since then on the visa free entry. I have left to either go on a weeks holiday abroad or back to Australia to work for a month. I am finding I am getting...
  18. Metter

    Beer bottle

    I am brewing some beer and need large Bintang ( or other similar ) bottles to use. I don't know how much resturants are paid on the return of bottles in order to offer a fair price. Does any one know? I will want maybe 50-75 bottles.
  19. Metter

    Any Scuba divers on here?

    I have just got back into diving after many years - although have done 20 dives in the last 3 months. Have been to a few dive sites with organised companies but wondering if anyonce just hires tanks and goes with a buddy? I can't seem to find any scuba clubs which aren't just really for selling...
  20. Metter

    Plumber in Sanur

    Can anyone recommend a good plumber in Sanur? We have a very unpleasant blockage!!!