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    Transfer of STNK and Rego on a Used Motorcycle

    The same for me with my scooter- I have a copy of the original owner's NIK - I take that when I pay my annual tax. No problem at all.
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    Please, what is the cheapest way to transfer 10.000 Australian dollars to Indonesia from Australia

    I use WISE on a regular basis. The rate is always better than the local money changes and way better than a bank. If I use PayID as the transfer method the money can leave my Commbank account and hit Maybank already converted in 5 minutes during banking hours.
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    First Melbourne Bali flight in two years

    I don't disagree that tourists pay a higher price and as you say that's the world over. It the mafia approach I disagree with who attack all attempts to a fair competitive platform.
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    First Melbourne Bali flight in two years

    I disagree with Sam, A rip off is a rip off regardless of the final price in Australian dollars. The good news is that GoCar and Grab as well as private hire cars will pick up in the airport (in the car park at a higher level to avoid problems). I have no problem paying a little extra for...
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    Huge spike in Omricon cases

    LOL, I remember being sent to the kid's next door to catch chicken pox - How bad would a parent be to do this today :-)
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    First Melbourne Bali flight in two years

    Repetitive PCR tests will go first, just not necessary. Travel insurance is necessary, but $50,000 minimum covid cover seems excessive now. I normally travel with only my free credit card insurance. I have ANZ credit card insurance - This does not exclude pandemics or covid provided you...
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    Plan for 5 year tourist visa comes at a price

    I have come twice on the B211A "business" visa. The business element is lose and includes meetings and exploring future opportunities. It's an E Visa now and only copies of documents sent email / WhatsApp are needed. Depending on what agent your friend uses affects what documents are required...
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    Huge spike in Omricon cases

    I hope you recover quickly and the free booster is worth the symptoms.
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    Housekeeper / Domestic helper salary

    We have build good relationships with many local people but ultimately, when I am first hiring someone I don't know, the employment conditions come first. Over time we then hopefully build a relationship. Not sure I am an intimacy person but I have friends I would drop things to help and visa vera.
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    Housekeeper / Domestic helper salary

    My current helper has moved to a full time position and I need to replace :-( I am increasing the house and duties for the new person (including sweeping outside, more ironing, maybe some meal preparation at time and general things as well as cleaning). I always am uncertain regarding salary...
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    Transfering money from the sale of my property out of Bali, Indonesia

    Are you sure on this because I can't see a limit that low mentioned.
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    Need some help with medication

    Halodoc has it at 570k - 780k for 30 capsules. Does not mean its available though