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  • Hi Blondie,
    I just read your post regarding a reputable wine wholesaler. I'm in Bali at the moment organising my wedding for August and would love their info. I've looked at zerospirits but would like to compare.
    I have a few wine snobs in the family so need some half decent wine.
    Would be much appreciated.
    Cheers Ben.

    Im saying goodbye to this forum & without a hint of regret

    Ive been hoping some behaviour would improve

    Now I read posts & just log off in disgust at the same few smug arses who think they know it all

    Theyre mostly a bunch of blunt ignorant old men incapable of participating in an intelligent conversation. "Lets just dominate shall we... i can piss farther than he can! Yes I can!"

    The old farts have made this an unpleasant forum

    But know this. We're leaving because the party sucks not because they're strong or special..far from it.

    They were powerless men in their home countries who seem to think that they have gained a good measure of power by coming to Bali & throwing their otherwise tiny "wallets" around.

    Don't you get it? They don't love you.. you're not hot..you're just a big white old Bulee like all the others, climbing on top of someone young enough to be your granddaughter & looking like fools.

    Ignorant Arrogant Fools
    Hello there, I have been reading this site today as I am thinking of relocating to Bali, amongst other places. I came across the 'why is Bali a paradise' thread, which I read all the way through. I registered on this site just so I could send you my regards and best wishes for the future. You sound like a strong, resilient and observant woman. I am the wrong side of 40, living in Bulgaria at present but from UK. I came here alone and have gone through many good and bad experiences but on the whole, I feel stronger for them. I can totally empathise with your comments and see similarities with what I have experienced too. I wish you all the best and hope your dear dogs settle quickly in Spain after their journey. How I wish I could have a dog again!


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