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  1. Kiki NSR
    Kiki NSR
    I'm as marketing at Adhi Fashion Garment Manufacture. We are One stop garment production in Bali Indonesia - From concept to reality
  2. Bagus Kusuma
    Bagus Kusuma
    Feel free to contact me if you have a question about water in Bali.
  3. Andy Stevens
    Andy Stevens
    Looking for Sarongs wholesale
  4. Sally1
    Hello, I own a business in Sidemen and am looking for a bookkeeper who is familiar with Xero to register the monthly accounts.
    1. Bagus Kusuma
      Bagus Kusuma
      Did you already have someone who is handle e-commerce? I am from Karangasem and experienced in e-commerce job. Text me if you are interested with a freelance worker.
      Jul 4, 2017
  5. harryopal
    harryopal Spicy
    Good morning Spicy,
    Don, user name Mugwump, suggested I might contact you for information about Buleleng. These posts have to be short so if you woud be kind enough to email me I can go into more detail.
    Thanks in anticipation of a response.
    Harry Harryopal
  6. harryopal
    harryopal SamD
    I only just came across your post to Scottishartisan. I have had a longtime involvement with lapidary and making jewellery. Are you involved with lapidary yourself. I would be interested in finding local suppliers of uncut rough material.
    You can email me if you would prefer.
    I am presently living in Jimbaran.
    Thanks in anticipation of a response.
  7. harryopal
    harryopal mugwump
    Good evening Mugwump, I only just picked up an earlier post of yours. I have had an active interest in lapidary for many years. Are you engaged in any way with stones?
    Hope you have a chance to respond.You might prefer to contact me by email.
    I am presently living in Jimbaran.
    Thanks in anticipation of a response.
    Yours tropically, Harry
  8. edykarman
    Avoid main road Gilimanuk-DPS (inter province route) due to mudik season from 21 June to 30 june, high trafic, sometime crowded
  9. katherine52
    hello i am new here , please be nice :)
  10. wombat
    Should not have left Bali but now I'm back now but like me the place has changed but like me some good bits stay the same got to love Bali
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  11. wombat
    First come to Bali in 1979 accomodation at Kuta was bamboo huts with 2 bricks and a hole for a toilet and a 44 gallon drum for a shower.
  12. Bagus Kusuma
    Bagus Kusuma
    Text me for set-up a simple web, nice rate :)
  13. IanaShev
    I was in Bali in winter, absolutely charming. First it was hard to get used to a cultural differences after 3 years of living in Thailand
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  14. Ziggy2
    I'm an Aussie aged pensioner, settle in Bali. Either Ubud and Canggu. Info on agents, rents and realestate agents, would very appreciated.
    1. edykarman
      call Ms Yuli 08123867870 well experince property agent
      Jun 21, 2017
  15. Alexandra lopes
  16. Alexandra lopes
    Alexandra lopes
    I'm trying to find a good quality swimwear manufacturer in Bali, one that can produce high quality constructed swimwear. help? Suggestions?
  17. roxta
    roxta ValiancyYBM
    Hi YBM. I am trying to find a manufacturer in Bali to make me a sample jacket (men's denim style) from some fabric I have. Can you help? What do you think it would cost me? Thank you.
  18. Fran
    Spiritual life of Bali. Make lots of new friends, too!
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  19. Fran
    next chapter in my life. With curiosity, paintbrush in hand ,blank canvas, I am excited to explore the vibrant
  20. Fran
    continue exploring the