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  1. samuel tuccillo
    samuel tuccillo kayoticlaudia
    hi claudia

    i recently saw from an old post on here that you have or know of a good quality clothing manufacturer. If you still run this business i would like to talk privately if thats ok

    kind regards

  2. harryopal
    harryopal davita
    Selamat pagi Davita,
    Regarding your American friend with the villa at Pantai Keramas, I wonder if he might be interested in a long term lease? And if that is a possibility perhaps you could send me the advt if it has pics. My email is
    Thanks. Harryopal
  3. ValiancyYBM
    Looking for Garment Manufacture? Contact me!
  4. Margriet Raintung
    Margriet Raintung
    Learn Bahasa Indonesia in Paradise language school Bali..
  5. Te Ao Marama
    Te Ao Marama
    Resort Owner
  6. joji gulapetis
    joji gulapetis
    Pain is a sign of life ... I'm still alive ....
  7. joji gulapetis
    joji gulapetis
    I am still alive
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  8. MikeG
    I have been bottling my home-made mango wine. It's really rather nice
  9. Aquaak
    I'm trying to find a good quality swimwear manufacturer in Bali, one that can produce high quality constructed swimwear. help? Suggestions?
  10. Anna Elba
    Anna Elba admin
    I am looking for a roommate to share a room with me in Kerobokan. It's a comfortable room with a bathroom and air conditioner inside. Available only for single lady. Interested please call 081270632743 (Anna)
    1. admin
      Feb 20, 2017
  11. Jilly Maguire
    Jilly Maguire
    New to forum wanting some advise on organizing a wedding in Bali without hiring a $2000 "Wedding planner"
  12. Jilly Maguire
  13. jiker69
  14. Billt4SF
    Currently on land
    Hi all, we are a family of four. One kid 4 years and the other 6 years. We are planning to make our move to Bali. We would like to know about schools (not to expensive). We would be near the jimbaran área. Already know about the Tama Rama school and the Asian International school. did someone know the difference between them? Because it looks like they are in the same location... how much are the fees? Thank you... have a lovely day/night.
  16. wdr
    wdr rosie-posey
    Hallo, hat sich irgend etwas wegen eines Stammtisch in sanur aufgetan?
    Gruss, Dieter
  17. Ben_jammin40
    Ben_jammin40 Blondie
    Hi Blondie,
    I just read your post regarding a reputable wine wholesaler. I'm in Bali at the moment organising my wedding for August and would love their info. I've looked at zerospirits but would like to compare.
    I have a few wine snobs in the family so need some half decent wine.
    Would be much appreciated.
    Cheers Ben.
  18. cordenuijl
    who can give me some names of registered "notarissen" in Singaraja or Lovina (Bali) for transporting the ownwership of an existing house??
    thanks in advance!!!!
  19. PhantomGTS
    Hi, I would like to introduce myself to the BaliExpat members. My name is Ian, I'm 50 years old and currently living in Melbourne with a strong desire to live in Bali with my Balinese girlfriend. I'm very interested to learn what I can from experienced people who live in Bali. I have found many of the posts very interesting that raise issues and concerns I have not considered. It would be a huge step for me to move to Bali but I don't want to disturb the close family ties of my girlfriend and her extensive family. I would prefer to integrate into her life and learn the culture. I guess that's it for now. Thanks
  20. Frou Frou
    Frou Frou
    Hi everyone, I'm new so be gentle.
    Just wondering if anyone has used Jetta to move things from Melbourne to Bali, if so what type of things did you send??. They sound great at this end, was wondering how easy it will be at that end as I have a lot of thing I would like to bring, kitchen things, clothes, paintings etc.
    Thanks for any advice